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Make 2017 Amazing!

Issue #85 January 2017
January - the inspirational month of new beginnings with unlimited possibilities. Whether setting personal goals or perhaps anticipating that new front porch or screen porch to enjoy, Mary and I wish you much happiness, good health, and prosperity.

One of our goals, which we started last year, is to update the look and feel of our site. We have been so fortunate to have so many visitors over the years like yourself that have made such a wonderful place to enjoy everything about porches. We hope you'll continue to enjoy the information and ideas we offer in our new format in the months ahead.

If you didn't receive a 2017 for Christmas, be sure to check out our wonderful porch calendar; it's a beauty and one to be enjoyed each month in 2017. Check it out below.

front porch in a blizzard
Photo courtesy of bilbo4711

A Winter Porch - a refuge for boots, snow covered sleds, and skates!

We think January, being the inspirational month that it is, would be the ideal time to start a new year's wish list (why should December get all the fun)!

Here's a few ideas you might jot down on your wish list for the coming months. Enjoy our winter porch pictures too!

Meet Molly Jo

Cozy Up With A New House Plan

Dreaming of building a new home or just remodeling your existing one this year? Take a look at these house plans to either find the home of your dreams or just to get ideas for remodeling. You'll find the latest in designs (most with porches too) and access to all types of styles and architecture. Enjoy!

ranch home plan with nice front porch
Both porches, front and rear, have beamed ceilings with bead board coverings.
Family Home Plan 76917

This 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath home has many energy saving features that cost minimize costs and will save energy over its lifetime.

Review our section on home plans. Not only is it useful to those contemplating building a home but also to those who are remodeling or who want creative front porch designs and as you can see, landscaping ideas too!

Listen to our podcast with Jarret Magbee, CEO and President of Family Home Plans, who offers insight into purchasing home plans online!

Best January Porch Ideas

Birdbath De-Icer

Mary and I enjoy our wild birds and feed them year-round. They love our birdbath as much as the seed we provide, especially in winter. If you or someone you know loves to care for our feathered friends, we highly recommend a bird bath de-icer like the one shown below.

We've had several over the years but none have worked better than our Farm Innovators de-icer. It is thermostatically controlled and will keep your bird bath free from ice during the winter months.

Watch Our Video About Keeping Birds Happy in the Winter

We like that this birdbath heater (affiliate) is reliable and has a 3-year warranty. It doesn't seem to bother the birds at all with the only downside is the water evaporates a little more quickly.

Order yours today!

Ever Popular Fatwood Kindling

We love our fireplace in winter - we even cook in it!

Fatwood kindling with organic resins ignite instantly and burns with extremely high heat to get your fire started fast (they even light when wet)! It is harvested from naturally felled trees and is a natural, environmentally friendly fire starter.

Perfect for fireplaces, firepits, wood stoves, and more.

Check out your Fatwood options!

Dreaming Of A New Front Porch For 2017!

Even if you have a porch design in mind (or not), we encourage you to investigate our design and build options. We have extensive information from selecting the right location and architecture, to what is involved in building a new porch.

Listen to our podcast with Gregory Tatsch, owner of Vintage Woodworks, who shares what you need to know before you build or remodel your porch.

2017 Porch Style Recommendations

Update your porch and add lots of charm to your home. Whether it's a new metal porch roof (we like red) or changing out your porch balustrade, increase the value and aesthetics of your home this year.

Install A New Balustrade (porch railings)

sophisticated vinyl porch railings from The Porch Company

Craftsman-style custom vinyl railings available from The Porch Company

Add Charming Trim

Create a charming front porch like this one using exterior house trim parts from Vintage Woodworks

Winter Decorating Idea

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We truly value our sponsors and the products and services they provide.

Shop for Porch Parts at Vintage Woodworks.
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Porch Store
Custom porch products

Aluminum screen doors from PCA Products
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Mary and Dave

Happy porch sitting from your friends,

Mary & Dave

Life is short. Enjoy your porch.

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small rocking chair

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