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Front Porch Appeal
Porches Love Spring

Issue #66 May 2015
May days are here! Mary and I have been busy with porch projects and finding time to enjoy our porch too. Our days are getting longer and lots warmer which is ideal for spending more time enjoying the outdoors.

We'd like to pass along a few of our porch and landscaping projects in addition to some other features you might like.

spring blossoms in front of porch
Blossoms And Porches - A Great Mix
Photo courtesy of tickled pink

Picturesque Porch

Mary and I saw this picture of a wonderful porch and couldn't resist sharing it with our readers.

beautiful porch with summer flowers and birdhouse on column
Photo courtesy of Dani Foster Herring

Can you tell what's unusual about this photo? If so, drop us a line!

South Pasadena California Porches

Mary and I just returned from a wonderful porch hunting trip to California and wanted to share a few ideas we found. If you get a chance and are vacationing in the Los Angeles area this summer, be sure to check out this wonderful community.

south pasadena home with beautiful front porch and landscaping
Classic South Pasadena home

white round tapered porch columns with blue trim and stone balustrade
Beautiful stone balustrade

Be sure to check out our South Pasadena porch gallery for some more wonderful porches!

It's a really a tough job traveling the country looking for wonderful porches to share with you but... we are grateful we get to do it!

Porch Projects

Mary and I have been busy. Here's a few of our recent projects we thought might interest you.

Garden Hose Projects

We solve two common and annoying issues with garden hoses. See what we did!

garden hose storage box on concrete base
Stay-Put Garden Hose Storage Box

Front Porch Landscaping Project

Mary and I show you how we re-landscaped our front porch and identify the plants we chose. Check it out.

cottage garden landscaping in front of porch
Our new cottage-style front porch landscaping

Classic Curb Appeal

cottage garden landscaping in front of porch
Contemporary Front Porch With Craftsman Columns And Open Gable Roof

Summer Porch Product Ideas

Just like the home supply store signature line, now's the perfect time to fix-up, add-on, change out, update, or paint to create an outdoor space you'll enjoy all season long. We appreciate our sponsors and know you will too. They all have excellent customer service and fantastic products we believe you should investigate further to make your outdoor space awesome!

Curb Appeal Your Porch

Yes, we know "Curb appeal" is not a verb but if you want to add lots of pizzazz to your porch, Vintage Woodworks is the place to look. From the ordinary to the elaborate, you'll find porch parts like brackets, running trim, and more to give your porch a new look!

Gingerbread Victorian home with trim
Trimmed Out Porch By Vintage has a myriad of porch parts you just have to see to believe. Start planning your porch project today.

Porch Comfort

The Porch Company offers a wide variety of porch products that will definitely enhance the time you spend on your porch. From swing beds like no others (example below) to railings, arbors, screen doors, and more, check out The Porch Company.

custom swing bed by The Porch Company
Swing Bed by The Porch Company

You must check out The Porch Company's Porch Store which contains so many neat porch products!

Upgrade Your Screen Door

I like things that last as so most people and that's why we like these aluminum screen doors from PCA Products. Mary and I have actually toured their manufacturing facility and can attest to the quality of these doors. What's even more fun is that you can customize your door right on their website to ensure you get the right look for your home.

If looking to upgrade your screen door this year you owe it to yourself to check out your options at PCA Products.

custom screen doors by pca products
High Quality Aluminum Screen Doors From PCA Products

Screen Porch For The Seasons

Why settle for just a screen porch when you can have a screened room with windows to extend your outdoor time. If you haven't considered screen porch windows now may be the time.

Easy to install, you get the benefit of screen windows plus the advantage of closing them to keep out the wind, rain, and pollen. How neat is that?!

4-track porch windows by

Paint You Need To See

There's paint and then there is paint. Modern Masters has developed a unique paint for front doors and apply named it Front Door Paint. It comes in a variety of colors specially formuated to make your front door, home, and porch the envy of all.

blue front door paint by Modern Masters
Blue Front Door By Modern Masters

Painting your front door is one of the easiest things you can do to add curb appeal. But you want it to last and not fade. Modern Masters has solved that problem and can show you how to paint your door for professional results.

Visit Modern Masters and choose your color! And while you are perusing their color chart check out all of the other specialty paints they offer.

Ideas For Creating Porch Curb Appeal

Mary and I created a complementary eBook you can see with over 40 pages of ideas for creating curb appeal on or around your porch.

Download the free eBook and/or send the link to someone you know; we are sure they'd appreciate it.

Summer Front Porch To Enjoy

beautifully decorated porch for summer

Interviews with Porch Experts

Porch Ideas Network podcast logo We bring experts to you each week through our Porch Ideas Network who share their love of porches and their expertise in such areas as building, designing, planning and decorating porches. Each show lasts approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

Screen Porch Design Ideas

Porch Ideas Network podcast Nancy Moore, owner of The Porch Company, has practical suggestions for designing your screen porch. If you are considering building a screen porch, you will benefit from Nancy's helpful ideas.

Listen here:

Versatile Porch Windows

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our guest Sean Laker of the Rekal Company discusses the features and benefits of installing porch screen windows on your porch or deck.

Listen here:

Use Your Porch to Help Sell Your Home

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our guest, Jeannie Timmons, professional realtor, explains what you can do to maximize your front porch and home to help sell your home. metal roof on your home and porch.

Listen here:

We'd really appreciate your assistance in launching our audio program. In order to give it more visibility on the internet, please subscribe to our audios (use buttons below) and if you enjoyed it, please give us a favorable rating. That will help others to find our future audio segments.

Listen to Stitcher

In addition to our audio programs, we also feature selected porch builders and landscapers - must see if you want more ideas from experts in their fields.

Gift Idea: A House Portrait

We have a fantastic gift suggestion - perhaps for your spouse or even yourself: a custom painting of your home or of your childhood home.

We found a wonderful artist, Leisa Collins, who will draw your home from photographs and then she paints it with watercolors creating a special piece of artwork.

original watercolor of home by leisa collins

Leisa Collins, Bruce Goodman, and Mary and Dave We recently visited Leisa and Bruce in her studio. She is an amazing artist who is dedicated to historical preservation efforts across the country. It was fun getting to know them. (Pictured L to R: Dave, Mary, Leisa Collins and Bruce Goodman)

See more examples of Leisa's paintings along with her contact information.

Join Our Porch Community on Facebook

You're invited to be part of our Facebook community. We share ideas with one another for decorating and using our porches. We have over 6,800 members and would love to count you among them.

Mary and Dave

Happy porch sitting from your friends,

Mary & Dave

Life is short. Enjoy your porch.

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