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Holdrege, NE

Holdrege Nebraska - A Midwest Porch Bonanza

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Holdrege Nebraska boasts it has some of the region's finest amenities like a performing arts center, a modern hospital, a wonderful YMCA, great schools, and "houses with inviting porches". Mary and I couldn't agree more! Holdrege is definitely a porch town in the middle of America (it is actually located only 98 miles from the geographical center of the U.S.)

You'll find wide streets with quaint homes, bricked intersections, friendly folks, and plenty of front porches to adore.

Mary and I had a great time on an autumn day finding some pretty neat porches which we want to share with you.

We found a wide variety of porch designs from which you can get plenty of ideas for your own porch.

open front porch on home in holdrege nebraska

We really enjoyed our visit to Holdrege!

Iconic Front Porches of Holdrege, Nebraska

We'll not only show you some beautiful porches in Holdrege Nebraska but also offer information about porch designs and options you can use for your porch. These porches offer many ideas you can use to enhance, design, and decorate to create an amazing porch on your home.

Take a look at this pretty porch decorated for autumn. How welcoming!

open front porch on home in holdrege nebraska

Pumpkins line the porch steps

Sawn balusters like those in the photo below are ideal for adding charm to most porches. Ideally, they work best on Victorian style homes; however, you can use them quite easily on country, farmhouse, and other similar porches. If you like the look of sawn balusters, be sure to see our entire section and photos.

decorative balusters on quaint front porch

Decorative Sawn Front Porch Balusters

Speaking of Victorian porches, this porch has traditional column brackets and running trim. Combined with turned balusters (railings) and aesthetically pleasing paint, this front porch is truly charming.

Victorian front porch in Holdrege NE

The paint makes this a Victorian-style front porch (below). Although it doesn't have all the ginger-bread trim, the colorful turned front porch columns are typical on Victorian homes. If you love Victorian homes and porches, be sure to see our portfolio for more ideas.

The mansard porch roof, in lieu of a shed roof, is ideal for expanding the depth of a porch (although this one is fairly shallow). It is commonly used when the slope of a shed roof is limited by the second story window above the porch.

Victorian style front porch columns
Painted Turned Front Porch Columns

This is somewhat unique, a mansard roof extended from a hip roof to form the front porch roof. It is about the only porch roof you can choose when faced with this issue. I can imagine how much fun it wood be to grow up on this porch!

mansard porch roof extended from a hip roof
Mansard Porch Roof Extension Over Front Porch

Mary and I really like this porch roof. All too often, a simple shed roof (or no roof at all) is built to cover the front door. This roof allows the owners to extend the front porch and equally important, it adds lots of charm and appeal.

bay-type porch roof
Bay-Type Porch Roof

We are often asked what type of roof works best on L-shaped homes. The front door is usually located in the corner of the L, making it difficult to match two different roof lines. This is a great option (below). In lieu of a gable roof, this gable/mansard roof combination works perfectly.

porch roof design for l-shaped homes
Perfect Porch Roof For L-Shaped Home

We often tell people that once you have the porch roof design determined, building the rest of the porch is relatively easy. See our porch roof design ideas section for more innovative ideas.

Many people have porticos or very small porches but would like more area with which to entertain. This is one of our favorite options - a patio porch. The metal awning (below) provides protection from the weather and the patio area is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. All dressed in white, this combination is a real charmer!

metal awning portico with an adjacent patio area

Metal Portico With Patio Extension

We love the porch outdoor wall art!

white wicker chair, white shutters, and white railings on front porch
All Dressed In White

Holdrege Nebraska Porch Decorating Ideas

We love sharing decorating ideas we find on our porch trips and thought you might like these.

Porches love rocking chairs but we especially liked the door with the wreath; it adds a special touch. You could also use an old screen door as well.

two rocking chairs and an old door decorated for autumn on front porch
Comfy rocker and an old door with autumn wreath

Although Nebraskan's love their Cornhuskers, we really like the unique "twisted" brick porch columns!

nebraska football flag flying from front porch with brick twisted columns
It Wouldn't Be Nebraska Without Cornhusker Pride!

Clever idea for any time of year.

an old pallet decorated as an American flag
American Flag Pallet

Visit Holdrege Nebraska

If you ever get the opportunity, please visit Holdrege, Nebraska. It is a wonderful small town with fantastic porches!

holdrege nebraska performing arts building
Holdrege Nebraska Performing Arts Building

water tower in holdrege nebraska

map of middle nebraska

On the road logo

On the road with

Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

Be sure to check out Rancho Palos Verdes too, a picturesque southern California community loaded with fine front porches or South Pasadena, a tree-lined porch bonanza.

If you'd like to know how we travel around to charming places like Holdrege, Nebraska and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.

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