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Scenic Naples California

A Long Beach Neighborhood
With Porches And Patios

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Naples California is a neighborhood of Long Beach built on three islands connected with picturesque canals. Build in 1922, it was planned as the "Dreamland of Southern California". The feature we like the most however, is its beautiful porches and patios!

Mary and I had the pleasure of visiting Naples and enjoyed strolling along the canals and seeing not only the majestic boats but also its quaint porches.

From Victorian to contemporary, Naples residents can boast of their time spent on their relaxing porches and patios.

view of Long Beach Naples neighborhood canal and homes

Canals, boats, porches, and patios of Naples

The best part is the front porch ideas you can get from these beautiful structures. Come along as we show you the special features of these wonderful porches and patios.

Take Our Picture Tour of Naples

Mary and I love Victorian homes and their porches. This charming Victorian definitely stood out from the others on this neat waterway in Naples, California. Note how the landscaping adds to the overall charm of this inviting porch. The extended patio area makes for easy entertaining.

beautiful Victorian front porch in Naples of Long Beach CA

Charming Victorian Porch

Brick patios and walkways always add lot of curb appeal. Select a color or colors that complement your home to maximize the overall affect. The walkway and steps below are like an invitation to see what is just around the corner. The containers filled with beautiful flowers break up the straight lines of the brick giving it a warm feel.

inviting patio leading to front porch

Brick patio to welcome visitors

The right container gardening design can add immense appeal to any patio or porch. Shown below are two examples. In the first, large containers hold more massive plants in addition to providing a bit more privacy. Containers make it easier to maintain plants and allow for different configurations.

easy to maintain container landscaping with beautiful flowers
Easy maintenance container landscaping

This array of smaller containers gives the area a totally different look from the one above. You can have more variety and add a bit of whimsy too. Either configuration works depending on the overall affect you want to achieve. We saw many of these along the canals in our walk around Naples, California.

lot of container gardening pots
Small container gardening

The white roses in the photo below contrast with the dark shingles of the home, giving it an awesome look. They complement the house and porch trim, while simultaneously making a bold statement. What a great look!

white roses in front of porch
White roses to complement the front porch

This little corner of the yard speaks volumes. The beautiful colors of the flowers against the black wrought iron and white picket fence are eye-catching to say the least. Consider doing something similar near your porch if you have black wrought iron railings. You could easily extend a small picket fence from a corner and recreate this same look.

wrought iron backdrop for beautiful southern california plants
Beautiful foliage against wrought iron backdrop

Porches and patios are all about entertaining and we thought this was a gorgeous setting. The blue place settings and cushions were definitely inviting. No, we were not invited to dinner and the dog was friendly!

blue tablesetting on porch and patio
Entertaining in blue tonight

Residents of Naples California and southern California as a whole love to landscape with succulents. Succulents are also very popular across the U.S. as well.

Here is a good example of integrating succulents with other perennials, this one in front of a porch. Succulent gardens are easy to maintain and many have flowers that are quite beautiful.

beautiful southern california porch landscaping
Integrate succulents into your porch landscaping

Another good example of succulent gardening ideas is pictured below. Many succulents do not have spines which makes it easier to use them around or near traffic areas.
succulents next to front porch
Front porch succulents

I like gates and thought this one leading to the front porch was very aesthetically pleasing. Most are used for privacy purposes but none the less, they can add appeal to your home, walkway, and porch.

wrought iron gate leading to front porch
Elegant wrought iron gate to front porch

As the song goes, it doesn't rain in southern California. That makes Naples California a place where outdoor entertaining is king. Adding an outdoor gas fireplace for those cool evenings is an ideal addition to any patio. Integrating it into your railing system is rather unique.

gas firepit for outdoor entertaining
Nice gas fire pit on patio

We really enjoyed visiting Naples California and we are sure that those who live there enjoy every minute, too!

boating on the canals in naples california
Nice way to see the porches!

Like small town porches? We found some in this little Ohio town.

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On the road with

Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

If you'd like to know how we travel around to charming places like Naples and Long Beach California and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.


Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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