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Pacific Grove, CA

Wooden Cottage Front Porches with
Ocean Views In Pacific Grove California

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Pacific Grove California is a treasure chest full of beautiful scenery and front porch ideas. Often called Butterfly Town USA, Pacific Grove is also known for its ornate wooden cottages, many of which have been restored to their original design.

Mary and I spent several days in Pacific Grove to bring you some really ideal small front porch designs and ideas, many of which you will be able to replicate for your own home.

Pacific Grove California front porch
Quaint Pacific Grove Front Porch

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Small Porches of Pacific Grove

Small Porch Colors

We found so many things to share with you, the first being how color is used to create both curb appeal and lots of charm. This works especially well on small porches as you will see from our photos below.

The right color combination can put a lot of pizzazz in a small porch as evidenced by our photos of Pacific Grove California front porches.

Pacific Grove California colorful small front porch
Quaint Pacific Grove Front Porch

Wanting to change the color of your porch? Start by finding a little inspiration. Do you like complementary colors (contrasting) like me or monochromatic colors that are one or more shades of the same color? Often times working with various shades of the same color can produce beautiful results.

colorful small front porch
Front Porch with Contrasting Colors

Next, determine what type of visual impact you would like to create. Is it bold like some of the colors on porches pictured here or would you rather opt for a more subtle impression? A useful decorating tip for those who like muted colors is to strategically place more colorful outdoor art or pillows on your porch.

Green Front Porch with spandrel
Beautiful Combination of Green and Soft Pink

Green colors, like on the porch above, are used on small homes or bungalows. It blends in pretty nicely in natural settings.

small porch with Victorian appeal
Victorian Appeal

Victorian-style homes often use what is called triadic colors (or three color combinations). It is said that a red/violet, yellow/orange, or blue/green combination are perfect examples of triadic colors.

pink porch and house
Pretty In Pink

For small porches, consider using combinations of white, pastels, neutral, and beige colors which will make your porch appear larger. A darker trim color helps also. You might consider these possible combinations: pale yellow or white with dark green or yellow with dark brown trim.

stucco blue front porch
Beautifully Blue Tiled Front Porch

Check to see if your subdivision or area has restrictions on exterior color combinations. If not, you are free to get creative. Experiment a little to find just the right shade or shades of color that you will like the most.

Pacific Grove front porch with spandrel
The softer side of blue

bright pink porch For more exterior color ideas for your porch be sure to see our porch paint section.

Front Porch Door Designs and Colors

Exterior front doors, especially on small porches, can create massive appeal. We were excited to find so many great examples in Pacific Grove to share with you.

I like the side light design for this front door. The orange color is striking against the white trim and makes this small porch pop!

Orange front door and privacy partition on front porch
Dramatic Orange

The different shades on this door and trim make it pleasing to the eye for sure. Often times, using bolder colors makes all the difference.

purple front door on porch
Purple Passion

Color is not my forte, but these colors work really well. It makes for in inviting front porch.

stained glass door on front porch
Stained Glass Gem

The exterior door color is carried over to the house trim creating a very cohesive look. This is a beautifully unique home with lots of windows and arches.

Stucco Beauty with glass front door
Beautiful Glass Front Door

Whoever chose this door and paint scheme definitely has an eye for color. Needless to say, we did stop and admire this porch for a few minutes; it is striking to say the least.

Exquisite front door in true Victorian style
Exquisite Front Door

I like rounded doors and this one is pretty cool. The colors have a soft and calming effect and the roof is pretty unique too.

rounded roof style over front porch
Love the Door Design

california map We have tons more photos of fabulous porches from Pacific Grove California and have used them throughout our site to illustrate different front porch ideas.

We really enjoyed our time in Pacific Grove California. It is home to the monarch butterfly migration, movie set for Turner and Hooch (love that dog), and Point Pinos Lighthouse which is said to be the oldest operating lighthouse on the western coast of the U.S.

During our stay in Pacific Grove, we stayed at the Seven Gables Inn, a most wonderful and beautiful bed and breakfast located on the ocean's edge!

The Seven Gables Inn Bed & Breakfast
Where we stayed - The Seven Gables Inn Bed & Breakfast

For another look at community front porches, check out our trip to Abingdon, Virginia.

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Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

If you'd like to know how we travel around to such picturesque places like Pacific Grove California and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.

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Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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