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Cute and Funny Dog Pictures

On the Front Porch, of Course!

We hope you enjoy our collection of cute and funny dog pictures. Nothing better than a sleepy big dog nestled by the front door or sitting proudly watching over its domain. Whether you have a dog or just love 'em like we do, you'll enjoy these dog pictures.

Who doesn't love big dogs, little dogs, and lazy canines? And what better place to showcase our canine friends than on the front porch. In fact, most of pets will tell you the front porch was made just for them!

Gerri's two pups enjoy being on the porch when she is outside working
Photo courtesy of Gerri Wilson

We love these two adorable pups and appreciate our reader Gerri for sharing this photograph with us of her Christmas porch.

Samson loves his porch
(photo courtesy of An Oregon Cottage)

Samson is a member of Brian and Jami's family. He really loves his porch.

"A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life." Bob Barker

sleepy dog on porch, ol kirby, photo by erin neese
(photo courtesy of Erin Neese)

'Ol Kirby All Tuckered Out

"My goal in life is to be as good a person my dog already thinks I am." Author unknown

Our grand dog Cisco golden lab, photographer Tom Morris
Tom Morris Photography
Our proud grand dog Cisco

"One reason a dog can be of such a comfort when you are feeling blue is that he does not try to find out why." Author unknown

two beautiful ridgebacks on porch
photo courtesy of Mike McCallum

Beautiful Ridgebacks Posing On The Porch

lazy dog stretching on front porch
photo courtesy of redeyesatdawn

Break Time's Over - Back To Work!

My Dog and His Secrets on the Porch

Reprinted as Received

Like many I had dreams of an image of a sunset that goes down over my house and on the porch there's me with my wife and a tired dog that's sleeping. When things actually turned out the way I wanted to understood why that dog sits on the porch.

I have a Golden Retriever that is interested about virtually everything. He sniffs and investigates everything that seems exciting to him. Which is a good thing, it's good to learn more about your environment, especially if you're a dog. But when I see him in the evening lying down on the porch tired after a hard day's work I’m thinking that this animal must have a really exciting life.

As you probably know, this type of dog can gather a lot of energy. And when that energy gets unleashed you better be careful and be prepared.

From his perspective everything moves so much faster. It's impossible for me to understand all the elements he sees and affects him. A dog can sense very tiny changes in his environment and possibly tiny changes in you.

Going from this I started being as observant of the way he sits as I am. And that's when I noticed something remarkable. He would come closer to me when I would stand with my hands crossed, he would sit farther when I was tired and he would distract my attention when I would gaze at the sky a little too much.

It has been two years since my wife has passed away and only now I understood that this dog was there all along comforting me. He has shown me that a dog on a porch can be so much more than just another lazy canine. - Freddie Bradshaw

"Whoever says you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."Gene Hill

Desi, Baba, and Willy, three cute dogs on a porch
photo courtesy of PJ Taylor Photography

Desi, Baba, and Willy - a cute trio indeed!

sleeping dog's nose up close on front porch
photo courtesy of flattop341

Samson is a lab who l-o-v-e-s his porch!

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'" - Dave Barry

Dozer On The Lookout

This is my dog, Dozer. He sits on the porch waiting for something interesting to wander into our yard. Our front yard consists of about 8 acres, and it contains a very large pond, so there's always an interesting duck, deer, or turkey passing by! - Kriston Haag

dozer the dog on front porch

large black dog on porch swing
Watching the World Go By from the Ole Porch Swing
photo courtesy of Rebecca in CT

daschund on the front porch with pumpkins
Rusty enjoying autumn on the porch
photo courtesy of Donna of Coral Springs, FL

Phil, our good friend from the wonderful state of Alaska, sent us this photo of his porch pooch, Sobaka. Sobaka really looks at home in the crisp, crunchy snow.

sobaka enjoying the cold alaskan snow on porch
photo courtesy of Phil, Coopers Landing, AK

A Dog Wannabe

My husband Peter is a true blue farmer at heart. All the animals love him. Buttercup, our cow, saw him go into the house and followed him unto the porch! When Peter went down, so did Buttercup....True Love. - Anita from Ontario

cow walking down steps of front porch
photo courtesy of Anita from Ontario

Porch cat sitting pretty Cats love porches too so be sure to see feline porch pictures!

More Porch Pooch Pictures from Our Readers

Dina enjoys her dog on the porch
photo courtesy of Dina Courdi Anderson

Dina's dog feels at home on the porch.

Cute little Gidget Girl on the porch
photo courtesy of Rhonda Wing

Gidget Girl enjoys the porch - but dreams of going into the yard!

Paisley Anne and Gidget are friends on the porch
photo courtesy of Rhonda Wing

Paisley Anne and Gidget Girl snuggle together on the porch cushions.

Cute little Maya on the porch
photo courtesy of Vicki Sleek Lee

Vicki's dog Maya love posing for the camera.

Adorable Meisha on the porch
photo courtesy of Rebecca Cobb Wilcox

Rebecca's back porch overlooks their pool and backyard. It is a calming oasis at their house that their little Meisha loves, too! The footstool is the perfect size for her lounging spot.

This cute dog is right at home on the front porch
photo courtesy of Maya Cantimbuhan

Maya's adorable dog is right at home on the front porch!

Yes, porch dogs are best friends! We surely agree.

Would you like to share your dog's photo and story with our site visitors? Just send us a photo of your dog on the porch along with a short description if you'd like.

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