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Porch Survey

Short & Sweet - Only 5 Questions

30 Second Porch Survey
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
1: When buying a home, how important is it that your home has a front porch?*
A: I would not buy a home without a front porch.
B: I would plan to build a porch if none is there.
C: I like a porch but it is not on my must-have list.
D: Other (you can comment below)
2: What is your #1 reason for wanting a porch?*
A: Curb appeal and decorating
B: A place to relax
C: Resell of my home
D: Family time
E: Shade for the front of my home
F: Other (you can comment below)
3: What size porch do you prefer?*
A: The larger the porch, the better
B: I prefer a medium sized porch.
C: A small porch is fine for me.
D: Size does not matter. I just want a porch.
E: Other (you can comment below)
4: What piece of furniture is a must on your porch?*
A: Rocking chair
B: Porch swing
C: Porch glider
D: Table and chairs
E: Other (you can comment below)
5: Your location
Additional comments?

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small rocking chair

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