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Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas
for Your Porch

If you choose to use scary Halloween decorations for your porch, be creative and create an eerie, spooky Halloween scene that's sure to be a big hit in the neighborhood.

Mary and I enjoy seeing front porches and yards decorated to not only instill just a little fright but also be a whole lot of fun for young and old alike.

Sometimes just adding one or more scary outdoor Halloween decorations to an autumn display will work perfectly.

Or, if you prefer, go all out and create a really frightening scene for the trick-or-treaters.

Scary Halloween Porch Decorations

scary halloween decorations collage

Just a few of the ideas we have gathered for you. Come along and see...

spooky dead wedding Halloween theme on this porch

These homeowners created a spooky dead wedding Halloween theme on their home. Compelling! Especially at night with the lighting.

scary halloween decorations - entire porch decorated

Want ideas for eerie outdoor halloween decorations? We have gathered some from porches we've seen.

The homeowners created an amazing Halloween scene on their front porch and in their yard, too. At night, the scene comes alive with sounds that you can hear in our ff below.

Video: Watch This Scary Halloween Porch

scary halloween decorations on large home

This house is a great color and architecture for grand Halloween decor - especially scary Halloween decorations. Look in the two windows above. Do you see the scary faces looking out?

scary halloween decorations - giant person peeking out of window above and huge fuzzy spider

They have window decorations that are back lighted and a creepy spider crawling up the wall.

outdoor halloween decorations - the witch's clothes are hanging outside

Above the witch's clothes, that furry spider moves and twitches and makes noise. A bit scary but perhaps more enchanting than anything.

scary halloween decorations - big green bug atop this house

The green bug would probably scare a few little ones away.

scary halloween decorations - an entire scene of skeletons and dracula-like figures

This home created an entire scene of skeletons, gravestones and dracula-like figures.

scary halloween decorations - closer view of the skeletons and dracula-like figures

A little closer view.

scary halloween decorations - skeletons sitting on bales of hay and wearing baseball caps

Notice how they personalized the skeletons with baseball hats and used bales of hay for seating. Cool!

scary halloween decorations - a cute yellow home all decorated for Halloween

This home is the perfect backdrop for Halloween and autumn decorations. Their decorations are whimsical and enchanting. The big black cat could be a little frightening for younger trick-or-treaters because it's so giant!

scary halloween decorations - lightweight monsters hanging from porch ceiling

Simple to do. Hang lightweight black draping and a ghoulish monster to blow in the wind on your porch.

scary halloween decorations - spooky porch

Use your entire porch to create a scene of witch Halloween decorations, spiders, goblins and such. You will delight those passing by and trick-or-treaters brave enough to knock on your front door.

scary halloween decorations - two monsters will greet you on the porch

Hang lightweight monster figures from your porch ceiling to greet trick-or-treaters.

scary halloween decorations - furry spiders and spider webs on the porch

Big furry spiders are popular. Create spider webs with bags of webbing material that you stretch over shrubs, chairs or in trees. It's easy and gives a very awesome effect.

scary halloween decorations - haunted porch

Paint a scene, so to speak, on your porch to give the feeling of being in a haunted Halloween land.

More Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas

Use the ideas on our Halloween decorating section to help you create a little magic!

Some neighborhoods actually have haunted house block parties.

But not all porches have to be scary for Halloween; we have other great ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations and even vintage Halloween decorations you can use too!

Scary halloween decorations from carved pumpkins

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.
- - - Shakespeare "Macbeth"

Cool Video: Go From Autumn to Halloween on Your Porch

Very fun to watch and neat music, too!

Very fun to watch and neat music, too!

For those that really get into the "Halloween of things" we found a neat online store that is all-out Halloween:: Here are some Halloween decorations that could give your porch real "ghoulish appeal.

cemetery entrance

Combine animation with your static displays to make your outdoor Halloween decorations come alive! For a graveyard scene,include a zombie that moans and groans and appears to be coming out of the ground.

You will want to have massive spider webs spilling out from the corners of your porch. Be sure to include some larger than life spiders-you can even find glow in the dark ones that look realistic.

Ghosts Are Easy to Make

Use white garbage bags or even old white sheets and make effective scary Halloween decorations.

By using a cross type frame made of broomsticks, you can add dimension to your ghost and even have him standing along the walk way to your front door.

Smaller ghosts could be hung from the ceiling to sway in the breeze.

Watch Our Video of Spooky Halloween Scenes

A bit of spooky scenes and Halloween Porches

Watch Our Video of Spooky Halloween Scenes

A bit of spooky scenes and Halloween Porches

Some of the most scary Halloween decorations are created around a specific theme as shown in the photo above. Imagine the effect this scene, if lighted properly, could have on kids of all ages.

Although this scene is comprised by a large cast of characters, it is cohesive and very interesting. The more you look upon it the more things you see!

Scary 6 Foot Reaper

Just before your trick or treaters climb your porch steps have them met by a six-foot reaper that is sound activated. You can find scary Halloween masks and oodles of other scary Halloween items at

Halloween skeleton

Conjure more than any spooky scene with an amazing special effects fog machine!

Relatively inexpensive, you can create the nostalgic mists of the Black Lagoon, Jack the Ripper's London, or the fog that looms over cemeteries.

Often times just a little well placed decorating can create the effect you want as depicted below.

spooky Victorian halloween scene
Spooky Victorian Halloween Scene (photo courtesy of Davey)

Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas from Plow&Hearth icon

Click on the pictures to see more details on Plow&Hearth icon
As these are seasonal items, then may not alwasy be available.

Looking for Massive Fright?

Create massive fright by using a myriad of scary outdoor Halloween decorations as shown in the photo below. This yard, especially at night, might just create some fright!

It's downright scary, we think.

multiple scary halloween decorations
Massive Scary Halloween decorations (photo courtesy of lehcar1477)

Fog machines create an sense of mystery and suspense just like in the old horror movies.

As an extra bonus you can use the fog machine on dance floors, at wedding receptions, and other events.

Halloween music To create a haunted house look on your porch opt for a LED skull candelabra prop. Combine this with animated haunted books placed beside the trick or treat candy bucket!

Add to that some great haunted Halloween music. We found 98 Haunted Halloween Sounds that you can play to add a few chills to the night!

Make a crypt look like it has been opened and strategically place a Mummy on your porch, making it look like he has risen from the dead! Scary Halloween decorations can be SO fun for your family!

Scary Pumpkins - Ooooh!

Who ever thought pumpkins can't be a little scary should check out the photo below.

A few of these strategically placed on your front porch might just do the trick.

one scary carved pumpkin
One very scary carved pumpkin(photo courtesy of RDJP Cakes)

Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
- - -William Shakespeare (a quote from "Macbeth")

Even a Pirate Ship

Use outdoor Halloween decorations to create a theme like the pirate ship below. Or, go for traditional ghosts, goblins, and spiderwebs to make an interesting and fun scary scene.

pirate halloween display

scary halloween decorations with ghosts and goblins

We are always searching for scary Halloween decorations so please send us pictures of yours. We may display them here for others to see. It is easy.

Just take photo(s) and send them to:
info[at] Replace [at] with @

Spooky porch view

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