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Front Porch Appeal - November the Grateful Month & My Etsy Store Is Open
November 03, 2023

Hello, Porch Friend,

Welcome to Front Porch Appeal! November is here but we are in some denial about that. They say, "time flies," but this is ridiculous. We were just running our air conditioner last week and now it's thoughts of Thanksgiving and the holidays.

But one thing is for absolute sure. We are very thankful for you. We appreciate you so! We don't always know the faces that are reading our newsletters, but we've come to know some of you and it's so heartwarming.

We call November the grateful month. And we are grateful for you!

November is the month that reminds us to cherish all the good and positive things in our lives! And there are many. Do you agree?

Our New Cedar Porch Swing

What's a porch without a nice porch swing?

Well, while not all porches have swings, we are doubly blessed that we not only have room for a swing, but also that Dave designed and built this one for us.

One of the sweet details Dave included is the oak leaf motif on the swing back. I know we will thoroughly enjoy our time on the porch swing, even yet this fall.

May you have a porch swing in your life!

Veterans Day is November 11th

We are grateful to the Veterans who have served or are now serving our country. Your service is a beacon of hope for our nation. Happy Veterans Day!

patriotic porch

Let Freedom Ring!

We have a long line of veterans in our family representing several branches of the service: fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and now even grandchildren. One is in the Space Force and now our grandson is graduating from Marine boot camp on November 9th.

Thank you, dear Veterans, for protecting the land we love.

May you appreciate our Veterans Day page. Thank you!

My Etsy Shop Is Open

mary sparkle silver etsy shop logo

My shop has been over 60 years in the making! I've been making greeting cards and creating art since I was a kid.

I would love your help to launch and promote my new shop by visiting, liking and sharing my shop with others.

As a nice thank you for helping me, everything is discounted 25% this month.

My shop features printable greeting cards with my paintings and some fun watercolor pages of pretty images you can cut out and use in journals or cards.

Here, take a look at a couple of my cards...

Printable Veterans Day card

Celebrate your favorite Veteran in a special way with my printable Veterans Day greeting card. You can instantly download it!

The fantastic thing is that you can download my cards instantly and print them as many times as you want.

Special bonus for purchasing my Veterans Day card

You'll receive this bonus sheet of printable patriotic images when you purchase our Veterans Day card. You can print onto sticker paper or plain paper. Either way is super cute.

They can be cutout to decorate the inside of your card or the envelope. Or if you're like me, decorate both!

My printable Thanksgiving card

We hope you like this vivid, colorful Thanksgiving card I painted for you in gouache.

Printable cards are so nice because when you purchase them, you get them instantly and you can print as many as you like!

Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop. I appreciate you!

Gratefulness for Thanksgiving

One of my most fun painting projects was this turkey. You can learn how to make this turkey right here.

autumn decorations on the front porch

Dave and I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving. Do you too?

What do you notice this time of the year where you live? At our house, since we live near the woods, we know it's getting close to Thanksgiving when bunches of turkeys show up in our yard.

Perhaps they are seeking refuge here - they love to nibble on the bird feed we put out.

So, do you enjoy Thanksgiving? Dave and I appreciate this holiday because it's focused on family instead of all the busy activities we associate with the holidays.

We appreciate the traditions and food that go along with Thanksgiving: homemade noodles, roasted cranberries and pumpkin pie.

Every other year our family gets together for Thanksgiving in cabins at a State Park and we all love the memories we make there.

When we have Thanksgiving in the cabins, one of the traditions is our son bringing this huge inflatable airplane. We have plenty of space in the adjoining back yards of our cabins to allow it float among us. Really great fun for all of us.

Our Thanksgiving table isn't fancy, but we all manage to sit here together and enjoy a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Most of the meal we cook in our cabins, although every year we say we are going to make it more simple, less work.

Each cabin has a good-sized, accommodating screened porch on the back with a view of the lake - and even includes a squeaky screen door.

simple bouquet idea with pumpkin pie tin can

Here's a simple bouquet idea for your Thanksgiving table

We made this Thankful banner

And finally, just a reminder that we are thankful for you. Thank you for being part of our porch family.

We made this Thankful banner when we first moved into our house ten years ago. We show you how right here.

From Our Treasured Sponsors

Oh to sit here and enjoy a porch like this!
Look at the railing panels - branches!
Perfect for this setting

Our friends at The Porch Store offer beautiful railing panels for your porch, walkways, widows walks, and more. Isn't the black railing panel above just perfect for this porch? "Wow" is all we can say.

Please visit our fine sponsor, The Porch Store, to see their railing panels and a bunch more.

Just to show you another wonderful way that
The Porch Store railing panels can be used

They ship nationwide!

Instant Charm with This...

Beautiful photo courtesy of

Use exterior house trim to add immense charm to your porch this fall. It is a relatively inexpensive way to add curb appeal and give your porch and home a new, beautiful and polished look.

We are super proud of our sponsor, Vintage Woodworks, a leader in handcrafted house trim since 1978. They can assist you in choosing just the right design options for your home.

Autumn is Perfect for Screen Doors

There's nothing quite like having a screen door in the autumn, allowing those crisp cool breezes to pour into our homes.

As a kid, I remember running out of the house to play and hearing the 'slap' of our ole screen door against the frame. Screen doors allow you to open your house to the outdoors extending your home, if only visually.

Fast forward to today, where screen doors, especially these high quality aluminum screen doors, have come so far. All those little irritants like sagging screens and corrosion have all been figured out by our fine sponsor, PCA Products.

Whether you are replacing an existing screen door or installing a new one on your home or screened porch, selecting a high-quality door that lasts a very long time is well worth the investment.

It's worth your time to see the quality of a PCA Products aluminum screen door today and open your home to fall.

Till Next Time...

Can you imagine yourself here?

Thank you for joining us this month.
We appreciate you.

We all live busy lives, so thank you for being in our porch family! We appreciate you.

May you enjoy this grateful month of November and notice the beauty that Mother Nature imparts.

See you on the porch.

Our best always,

Mary and Dave

Mary and Dave

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