Gift Ideas for Special People

Mary and I discovered these neat gift ideas that will be thoroughly enjoyed by porch lovers and anyone who relishes the outdoors. All of these gift ideas are from our favorite online place to shop: Amazon (affiliate link).

We find it occasionally difficult to find just the right gift for a loved one, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone who needs a special touch. So we've selected items we believe will be great finds and make your shopping so much easier.

For Porch Lovers

Look at This Wagon

vintage wheel barrow and garden planter from amazon

Wow, we were surprised to find this adorable decorative Amish wagon at a nice value.

Absolutely perfect for your porch or in the garden in front of your porch. Well, anywhere you put it, it would be so charming for showcasing flowers and plants.

Length of the wagon is 21.75" without the handle.

Do you know someone who would love this two-tier garden cart? Just imagine the pretty plants you can keep on it.

Two tier garden cart
Adorable two tier garden cart - Amazon affiliate link

Porch wall art, like the examples below, makes a perfect gift idea. It adds appeal and creates a focal point on any porch.
rustic barn quilt
Artistic porch outdoor wall art - Amazon affiliate link

For the Gardener

To be enjoyed by anyone who likes to garden, these pinwheel stakes add color and appeal to your yard, porch landscaping, flower bed, or containers. Clamps are included so you can easily attach them to your porch railings.

set of colorful garden stakes
Set of 3 colorful pinwheel garden stakes - Amazon affiliate link
Super gift for kids to give to their mom, grandmother, neighbor, or teacher.

These breathable nylon nitrile coated garden gloves offer comfort and dexterity to protect hands from water and scratches. Knitted cuffs prevent dirt and debris from entering and ensure a tight fit. One size fits most women's hands.

6 pair of  colorful garden gloves
6 Colorful women's garden gloves - Amazon affiliate link
Make garden chores so much easier with this combination folding seat and tool set! Included are seven assorted gardening tools, detachable storage tote with side pockets (and a special pocket for your mobile device) and a lightweight folding seat. Perfect gift idea for the avid gardener.

Garden While Sitting Down

gardeners took kit with folding seat
Gardener's tool set and folding seat combo - Amazon affiliate link
Durable and comfortable for easier gardening, this is a combination stool and tool holder. The bag can detach from the stool if you like. Comes with 5 sturdy tools with wooden handles to make gardening easier.

garden tool set with seat
Garden tool set configurations - Amazon affiliate link
seven piece garden tool set
Individual garden set pieces with wooden handles - Amazon affiliate link

This ratchet pruning shears cuts the most delicate flowers up to 1 inch diameter branches with ease. Especially designed for those with weak hands, these shears will be welcomed by anyone who needs to prune.

gardeners pruning shears
Gardener's ratchet pruning shears - Amazon affiliate link

Porch Mugs

Who doesn't love a special mug for starting their day? We designed both of these mugs with porch lovers in mind. Get your Home Sweet Porch mug or your Super Cute Bumble Bee mug.

Home Sweet Porch mug Cute bumblebee mug for porch lovers

Visit our Zazzle Store.

For Pet Lovers

Pets love porches! Here are a few gift ideas for those who love pets.

This unique leash holder is made in the USA and has a bronze color. At 14 inches wide, this holder will make it easy to find Fido's leash each and every time! Makes an ideal gift for the pet lover in your family.

dog leash holder with love, laugh, bark insignia
Love, laugh, bark leash holder - Amazon affiliate link

Maybe not for the porch exactly, but we saw this and knew you might enjoy hanging an ornament for your pet on the tree. Personalize with your pet's name or that of a friend's pet! It's a heartfelt gift and one that will be appreciated for a long while.

pet paw ornament for christmas
Delightful pet ornament - Amazon affiliate link

For our lovely cat fans, here's a mug we thought could be appreciated by many. Not only humorous, but also a self-stirring coffee mug. Perfect for hot chocolate, energy drinks, and more, it's a thoughtful and fun gift idea. Use it on the porch of course.

self-strring cat coffee mug
Self-stirring mug - Amazon affiliate link
cat coffee mug
What an adorable face!- Amazon affiliate link

Auto stir your coffee or hot chocolate- Amazon affiliate link

Put a Few of These Under the Tree

You can't beat the internet for lots of information on how-to's, but having a reference book at hand can be priceless in the wood shop. I use these books often and recommend them for the woodworker or remodeler in your family.

Even if they are experienced craftsman, there are always new ways to build things. If new to woodworking, they'll appreciate the information offered.

More than 10 years after its original publication, "Woodworking with the Router" remains the most highly regarded - and best-selling - router manual available. A must have for any woodworker.

Working With The Router book
Woodworking with the Router- Amazon affiliate link

This is our recommendation for anyone contemplating or planning to build a porch - great information and easy to use.

porch construction book
The Ultimate Guide to Porches - Amazon affiliate link

Here's an inspiring and helpful book that conveys the beauty and essence of adding a porch to various styles of homes

The Porch Book by Better Homes and Gardens
The Porch Book

The Woodworkers's Essential makes for a super reference book. It has lots of facts, formulas and most notably - shortcuts. Figure it out without all the math.

cover of the woodworkers essential book
Woodworkers' Essential - Amazon affiliate link

The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery is a must have for all woodworkers - your recipient will love it!

cover of the joint book
The Joint Book - Amazon affiliate link

Learn how the experts work alone, a must for anyone who often needs an extra pair of hands. Lot of great tips.

cover of working alone book
Working Alone - Amazon affiliate link
A neat reference for homeowners who want to add or remodel a porch or sunroom. Included are some excellent real-life examples with beautiful photographs.

porches and sunrooms book
Porches and Sunrooms - Amazon affiliate link

Great guide for designing and building a deck; quite useful for building porches too.

ultimate deck design and build book
Ultimate Deck Building Book - Amazon affiliate link

The go-to book when building a porch, shed, or other structure with a roof.

roof framing cover book
Roof Framing - Amazon affiliate link

Whether novice or pro, this frame construction graphic guide is full of tips and processes for framing almost any structure.

framing book cover
Frame Construction Graphic Guide - Amazon affiliate link

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small rocking chair
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