Specialty Porch and Deck Tools

Whether building a new porch or deck, remodeling an existing one, or doing repairs, having the right tools or products not only makes the job easier, but also in getting professional results.

I've selected several tools, devices, and products to do just that. Many of these make great gift ideas too. As an affiliate, we may receive compensation for products purchased through our links similar to commercial establishments.

drawing of woodshop tools

BoWrench Decking Tool

Use this decking tool to straighten warped boards. This makes for a fast, one-person way to straighten decking boards. Almost every type of wood warps especially if using 12, 14, or 16 foot lengths. Makes a great gift too!

BoWrench Decking Tool
BoWrench decking tool - Amazon.com affiliate link

Jig-A-Deck Spacer for Porches and Decks

This innovative jig assists in creating a straight line of screws; space and fasten deck boards quickly with professional results.

jig a deck spacer tool
JIG-A-DECK deck spacer & fastener alignment guide - Amazon.com affiliate link

Hang Em Fast Easy Joist Hanging Tool

This tool allows for a more accurate way of installing joist hangers. Slide it onto your tool, align with the ledger board, and nail - it's that easy.

joist hanging tool
Hang Em Fast easy joist hanging tool - Amazon.com affiliate link

Smart-Bit Screw Depth Tool

This adjustable depth tool has a built in stop mechanism that disengages the the bit and prevents it from damaging your surface. It standardizes the look of your deck or porch flooring for greater appeal and professional looking results.

Smart-Bit Screw Depth Setting Tool W/Bits
Smart-Bit screw depth setting tool w/bits - Amazon.com affiliate link

Porch Post Anchor Kits

Increase the longevity of your porch or deck posts by using these state-of-the-art post anchor kits. Kits include materials for four posts - no longer need to notch posts or decking. Install, insert your posts, and enjoy a job well done!

Titan Building Products 4x4 Deck Porch Post Anchor Kit Hardware
Porch and deck post anchor kit - Amazon.com affiliate link

3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler

Save expensive construction costs by fixing rotting porch columns, balustrades, or decking with this fabulous product. Use it for windows and doors too.

3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler
3M Bondo Home Solutions wood filler - Amazon.com affiliate link

Must Have Workshop and Construction Site Tools

Most woodworkers and contractors will tell you, that as a minimum, you need the following tools. From making simple shelving units to more complex furniture, these tools should do the job. After many years and owning a variety of tools, I firmly believe that you should invest in really good quality tools, not only will they last longer, but also perform much better than ones of lesser cost.


You'll use this all the time so invest in a good one. I prefer Makita because of its all metal gear construction (vice plastic gears typical on many others). Makita's will last a long time and are well worth the investment.

I own and use a Makita electric drill that is at least a decade old and it still performs exceedingly well.

Makita drill with battery and charger
Makita cordless drill - Amazon.com affiliate link


I've had several of these over the years. I finally realized that purchasing a high-quality jigsaw was well worth the cost. You can find these in any price range but now that I have my DeWalt jigsaw, I don't regret the extra cost - it is well worth it to me.

This baby will perform - it's a serious jigsaw.

DeWalt Jigsaw
DeWalt jigsaw - Amazon.com affiliate link

Orbital Sander

Worth its weight in gold- you'll use this often too. Vibrating sanders may cost less but you won't get the same results as with using a good orbital sander. I use a DeWalt sander that I've had for many years and use it all time.

DeWalt orbital sander
DeWalt orbital sander - Amazon.com affiliate link

Dave's Sanding Tip

Sandpaper comes in different grits, from coarse to very fine and are numbered accordingly. 60 being a very coarse sandpaper to 400/600 being very fine. For most projects start with 80 grit. Then gradually move through the grits to you reach 400. Use 120 to remove the marks left by 80; use 200 to remove the 120 marks, and so on until you reach 400/600 grit. You'll be amazed at the results.

Table Saw

The mainstay of any shop, a table saw is a must. Mine's in almost constant use as it's a extremely versatile tool. I've made several jigs so I can use mine in different ways, from cutting to dado's to box joints.

You can easily invest lots of money in a table saw. Select one that best suits your needs. I have a semi-cabinet Craftsman saw that has served me well for quite a few years. Being cabinet-style, I can't take it outside so I purchased a small contractor saw for those kinds of jobs.

If only purchasing one table saw, you might want to consider a high quality job-site saw like this DeWalt.

DeWalt job site table saw
DeWalt job-site saw - Amazon.com affiliate link

Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt compound miter saw Best tool in my shop; I love my compound sliding miter saw. I even built a special table upon which it is mounted. I fell in love with a DeWalt compound miter saw in the '80s when using one at the base I was stationed. Couldn't wait to own one.

Mine is heavy duty and built to last. Job sites require mobility and durability. Tools need to withstand heavy use and weather. Here's a saw you should consider for both on site jobs or in your shop:

DeWalt compound miter saw
DeWalt compound miter saw - Amazon.com affiliate link


Nothing quite beats a good router. Recommend a high quality stationary base model that can also be mounted in a router table. A minimum 2-HP with electronic variable speed control router with an easy-change bit mechanism for both 1/4 and 1/2 inch shanks is ideal.

Porter Cable router
Porter Cable Router - Amazon.com affiliate link

Router Bit Sets

Start with a router bit set that will satisfy your initial needs and then add specialty bits as needed.

router bit set
Router bit set - Amazon.com affiliate link

Circular Saw

A must for on the job site and in your shop for cutting large pieces of sheet goods that won't fit on the table saw.

Whether you prefer electric or battery, purchasing a high quality circular saw should last for ages. You'll have a choice between a 6-1/2 inch and 7-1/4 inch saw.

The majority of cuts can be made with a 6-1/2 inch saw (it has a max cut of 2 inches). It also weighs less and is smaller in size making it easier to handle. I prefer my Milwaukee 7-1/4 inch saw which gives me a little more capability to cut larger pieces of wood with ease.

Milwaukee 7 1/4 inch Circular Saw
Milwaukee 7-1/4 inch circular saw - Amazon.com affiliate link

Shop and Job Site Sanders

I use my belt sander (a gift from my dad many years ago) in lots of ways; it's a mainstay of my shop. It can eat a lot of wood quickly so you have to be careful but if using reclaimed lumber, needing to take off a lot in a short amount of time, or just need to create weathered looks, you can't beat the belt sander.

I use a belt sander and a table model that converts to a spindle sander when needed.

Belt Sander

Hitachi Belt Sander
Hitachi belt sander - Amazon.com affiliate link


Never realized just how handy a nailer was until I got mine. Choose a nailer for the type of work you'll be doing; a larger capacity tank may be required for framing; whereas the nailer show is excellent for trim to medium nailing needs.

It is really handy if working alone as I use mine as extra set of hands. I can tack one end of a long board in place and then secure the opposite end. Square the board and nail in where needed.

Porter Cable Combo Nailer Set
Porter Cable nailer set - Amazon.com affiliate link

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