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classic wrap around country style front porch

Mary and I have chosen porch items that we believe you'll enjoy either for your home as a gift to yourself or to someone special.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our market.

We may earn a commission if you purchase a product through a link to a merchant's site here.

Popular Porch Products

porch curtain and shade collage

Porch curtains

Porch curtains are awesome for giving your porch shade, privacy and a lovely type of ambiance

building porches book cover

Helpful books for construction and remodeling

Whether you are building, remodeling or working in your shop

No hole hook for vinyl siding

Vinyl siding hangers - just clip on

Mary and I use these no hole hooks (affiliate link) on our porch and they work well. No making holes in our siding.

sliding vinyl siding hooks

Sliding vinyl hangers - just clip on

See these amazing hooks (affiliate link) you can use for wreaths and other outdoor art work. We like ours very much.

porch swing hanging hardware kit

Porch swing hanging hardware

Hang your porch swing safely with this high-strength chrome steel and coiled spring assembly. Coated to stand up to weather and smooth motion for up to 600 lbs.

Mary and I use these on our swing and they've worked wonderfully for years now. If you like this, order yours now (affiliate link).

screen door push bar being operated by a male

Screen door push bars

Save your screen door screening and minimize the wear and tear on your screen door. A push bar prevents pushing directly on your screening material so you don't loosen it.

One of our most popular items, order your push bar today (affiliate link).

stair connectors 74817 by UFPI Deckorators

Stair connectors by Deckorators

A wide variety of Deckorator products for assembling your porch or deck railings - from pickets to connectors, find just the right parts you need to create a beautiful balustrade. (affiliate link)

oil rubbed outdoor fan

Oil rubbed bronze outdoor fan
(affiliate link)

We love our outdoor fans on the porch to help stay cool on hot summer days. We have two on our front porch and one on our back porch.

Be sure to see fan ideas for your porch.

charming outdoor table lamp

Outdoor table lamp
- affiliate link

Our table lamp is on every evening; we use a timer. A lamp makes our porch friendly and inviting even in the evening hours. We love the ambiance it provides.

See a wide selection of both table lamps and floor lamps (affiliate links).

Acurio Lattice Vinyl Panel
Acurio lattice privacy and decorative panels
These vinyl privacy and decorative panels come in a wide variety of styles and colors - including black. Install on your porch, deck, yard, or even inside your home. They make wonderful deck and porch skirting too.

Porch Swings

Amish mission style heavy duty porch swing
Amish heavy duty mission style pine wood swing - affiliate link
See this popular swing, along with other styles, in our porch swing section.

black front porch mailbox on stand
Retro mailbox for your porch - affiliate link

Games to Enjoy on the Porch

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boneyard dominoes porch game

Play Boneyard Dominoes

Unplug and enjoy some family entertainment on the porch. 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Nice gift idea. It's dominoes (affiliate link).

crazy like a fox porch game

Crazy Like a Fox porch game

The "fox" steals points and turns the game around in his/her favor. Ages 8 and up. Fun for the family (affiliate link).

boneyard dominoes porch game

Circa Baseball on the porch

Swing the bat for the fence and enjoy a little old fashioned baseball. Great game (affiliate link) for grandparents to play with the kids.

tic tak toe for the porch

Old Century Classics Tic Tac Toe game

You'll will love the antique look and your kids will like the airplane and car playing pieces.

Surprise young and old with a traditional game and take a respite from technology for a short spell.

shut the box game with dice
Shut the Box game - affiliate link
This is a tabletop version of a popular English pub game; roll the dice and try to cover all the numbers in order to "shut the box" and win the game.

Available at Amazon (affiliate link)

deer in headlights game

Deer in the Headlights

Everyone will have fun playing the Deer in the Headlights Game; race around the board until you roll "Deer in the headlights".

Available at Amazon (affiliate link)

Introducing Our Molly Jo Daisy Book Series

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A dream of Mary's has been to publish children's books that inspire kids to think well of themselves and look for the best in life. Here are her first 3 books - perfect for reading on the porch to your kids or grandchildren.

Molly Jo Daisy is a 9-year-old girl who lives with her Mom, Dad, Grandma, brother John and sister Grace. Like any other 9-year-old girl who loves her family and her house, Molly Jo gets worried about school assignments and teased by her brother.

In this series, Molly Jo learns a lot about herself, about not giving up even when things seem impossible, about looking for good things even when nothing looks good. She has a special relationship with her supportive Grandma which shines through in her books.

Molly Jo Daisy Not Giving Up cover Molly Jo Daisy We Have to Move cover Molly Jo Daisy Prayers from My Heart cover

Each of Mary's books is written in verse and perfect to read on the porch with your children / grands. Sometimes they will laugh out loud at what Molly Jo says and sometimes they will feel Molly Jo's pain. Molly Jo's prayer book is from her heart; funny, sincere and so typical of a 9-year-old.

In her upcoming book in the series, Molly Jo and her family will be settling into their Maine home. Molly Jo wasn't so sure that moving was for her (Book 2) but after coming to terms with it, she's ready for new adventures in the beautiful state of Maine.

Molly Jo Daisy: Not Giving Up on Amazon (affiliate link)

Molly Jo Daisy: We Have to Move on Amazon (affiliate link)

Molly Jo Daisy: Prayers from My Heart on Amazon (affiliate link)

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small rocking chair

small rocking chair
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