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Front Porch Appeal - Ready for Porch Time
April 03, 2024

Hello, Porch Friend,

Welcome to Front Porch Appeal!

April is like nature's big wake-up call after a long winter nap. Everything outside is gently coming back to life. Here in Tennessee, the trees are showing their new spring-green leaves and bulbs are blooming in all sorts of springtime colors.

It's like the whole world is getting ready for a big party which means it's time to give our porches much deserved love.

By the time you see this, Easter will be past, but we wanted you to see the cute little "Easter egg tree" we made from a branch that we painted white. Then we placed it into a vase, surrounded by paper grass, and hung decorative paper eggs from the branches.

It's quite cute!

We've had too much wind lately to keep our little egg tree on the front porch, so we brought it inside.

In as much as we'd like to keep certain amenities on the porch, sometimes we have to bend to Mother Nature's will.

April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. So may we share an ode to porches?

An Ode to Porches

On porches wide where sunbeams shine,
We welcome spring just in time.
With happy hearts and cups of tea,
Let's notice nature's symphony.

From our porches, let's watch in awe,
As spring unfolds, without a flaw.
The trees show off their leafy dress,
And flowers bloom with sweet finesse.

Let's linger on this porch of ours,
Among the birds and fragrant flowers.
In this our haven of peace and grace,
Let's be glad for spring's embrace.

7 Things a Front Porch Needs

Dave and I came up with a list of the top 7 things we like having on the front porch.

The photo above hints at one of the 7 amenities we love to see on a porch. Can you guess what it is?

Tables! A dining table, side table, any kind of functional table that helps you enjoy your porch even more. Tables are great as focal points, like the wicker table with the flower bouquet.

A table for dining is also a favorite of ours; we have one on our back porch and it's the site of many family meals and visits by friends. A table is also quite handy for playing board games or creating art projects.

If you've been with us for a while, I'm sure you've seen this red bench we once had on our porch at a former home.

While not specifically a table, it serves as a very helpful little table when you come to the front door with your arms full of packages.

You can see all 7 things that we think a front porch needs right here.

Dogwood Trees in Bloom

Dave and I have always admired dogwood trees, especially the ones with the white flowers that dapple the edge of a beautiful woods in springtime.

Our dogwood tree has peachy pink blooms and it's also quite beautiful.

Did you know these simple facts about dogwood trees?

- Dogwood trees produce delicate flowers in early spring, typically in shades of white, pink, or red. The flowers are not actually petals but modified leaves called bracts, which surround the tiny, inconspicuous true flowers. (We did not realize this)

- After the flowers fade, dogwood trees produce clusters of small, round fruits that resemble berries. These fruits are often bright red or orange and provide food for birds and other wildlife.

- Dogwood trees provide habitat and food for a variety of wildlife, including birds, squirrels, and butterflies. Their flowers attract pollinators, while their fruits are enjoyed by birds and small mammals.

Be Prepared for Spring Storms

Storms and tornadoes must be taken seriously; countless lives are lost every year as a result of storms destroying homes and community places.

We found a storm shelter that incorporates into a porch and honestly, we think it's quite a novel idea. You can learn more about these storm shelters right here.

Want Some Awesome Spring Decorating Ideas?

We have more pictures and ideas for your springtime porch right here. Thank you for stopping by.

From Our Treasured Sponsors...

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Beautiful photo courtesy of

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Notice that there is no center post and you can choose whether you want the door to swing in or swing out.

Please stop by PCA Products website where you can see how their

Till Next Time...

We all live busy lives, so thank you for being in our porch family. We appreciate you.

May you enjoy the month of April and spring's glory. If you find your area still covered in snow, just know that soon you'll see bits of green and jewel-like colors peeking through the soil.

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful month.

See you on the porch.

Our best always,

Mary and Dave

Mary and Dave

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