Tornado Storm Shelters for Mobile Homes

A Porch that Also Serves as a Storm Shelter

Not just for mobile homes, tornado storm shelters are a wise investment if you are located in a tornado prone area. Whether you live in a mobile or manufactured home OR in a home without a basement or other safe space, a SafePorch might be just what you need.

a porch is the only remaining structure after this tornado
The only thing left standing is the porch
Perhaps a SafePorch could be your best tornado shelter option
Mary and I love the idea of using a porch or deck as a tornado storm shelter. But not just any porch. We found a porch - the SafePorch - that also serves as a storm shelter.

Clearly a novel idea - installing a shelter beneath or adjacent to a porch or deck. When faced with threatening weather, exit your door and step down into a structure that helps keep you and your family safe and secure.

So let's take a look.



SafePorch installed adjacent to porch

Mobile home with attractive SafePorch adjacent to back deck

Visually appealing, the SafePorch doesn't even look like a typical storm shelter. In fact, it can double as your porch, deck or patio if so desired.

Keeping You Safe - Its Primary Purpose

Designed for four adults and two children your SafePorch will be installed adjacent to your home (meaning not connected to your home) which means the destruction of your house will not adversely affect your family's safety.

The SafePorch is made from 4 1/2 inch thick steel reinforced concrete walls, floor, and roof along with a watertight door and windows designed for air circulation and natural light. They are installed partially below ground to offer you maximum protection.

We also like the fact they are tested and proven at Texas Tech University and meet FEMA & ICC standards.

construction of a safeporch storm shelter

Tornado Storm Shelters: Worthwhile Home Improvement Project

Not only will your family be safe, but the SafePorch is also a worthwhile investment. According to a study by Dr. Kevin Simmons, Professor of Economics at Austin College, tornado storm shelters rank high with consumers and can possibly increase the value of your home by 3.5 percent or an average of $4,200 (source: Federal Alliance of Safe Homes)

That's more than many other home remodeling projects - meaning it can be a wise investment.

tornado touching down with car in front
Seeking shelter is your best option
Specific storm shelter grants, rebates (Oklahoma has such a program), and special funding may also be available to you to offset your costs. As an example, we understand that FHA offers loans that may cover some or all of the costs involved.

You can also check with your state hazard mitigation office especially if in a high-prone tornado area to see if you are eligible for additional funding. You can find a listing of state mitigation offices here.

Not Just for Mobile Homes

A SafePorch is an excellent option if your home is built on a slab or only has a crawlspace. Use it as a patio area adjacent to your front or back porch as depicted below. Mary and I call these areas patio porches and they are an excellent way to extend your outdoor living space too.

SafePorch installed as a front porch on mobile home
SafePorch installed as a front porch on a mobile home
SafePorch constructed next to back deck on home
This SafePorch is constructed as a deck extension

SafePorch installed to create a patio area
SafePorch as a patio extension
SafePorch access is easy to reach
Imagine convenient and easy storm shelter access from your deck or patio
Attractive polyurea floor coating
Incorporate your SafePorch into your screened porch

Before and After - To Keep You Safe

Here's an excellent example of replacing your existing steps with an SafePorch!

Mobile home before SafePorch
Typical steps on many mobile or ranch homes
Mobile home after SafePorch
Updated with a SafePorch - Add landscaping and you have a new wonderful entrance
Mary and I love these easy DIY porch handrails that might work really well on your new SafePorch installation or on your existing porch or deck.

InstantRail 3-Step Adjustable Handrail - (Amazon affiliate link for which we may receive a commission)

Enhance The Look Of Your SafePorch

Installers can add a polyurea floor coating adding an element of aesthetics to your SafePorch. Attractive polyurea floor coating

Attractive polyurea floor coating

Storm Shelters Save Lives

Watch this short video in the aftermath of an Oklahoma tornado showing the importance of storm shelters.

Watch this video

Other Tornado Storm Shelter Considerations

When considering any type of tornado shelters for homes, it is wise to consider a few factors:

Soil conditions matter. An in-ground shelter may cost more if your soil is rocky as additional prep work will be required. Mary and I live in a very rocky area and would probably consider an above ground shelter due to increased construction costs.

Another factor to consider is if any member of your family has mobility issues. In-ground shelters may require climbing down a short ladder which could hinder quick access.

Your shelter should be large enough to accommodate the number of people who would normally occupy it.

Stock Your Tornado Storm Shelters with These Items

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

Stock your tornado storm shelter with the essentials that can prove to be invaluable during an emergency. Remember, you won't have time to gather materials as the tornado approaches. We recommend - as a minimum - the following items:

Keep a Weather Radio

Weather radios have proven to be essential in saving lives by informing you of impending storms and tornados. Whichever model you choose, make sure it is a NOAA Alert Radio and can be charged by both hand cranking and solar. Some can also be recharged by micro usb ports.

We found many such radios at (an affiliate link from which we may receive a commission). Mary and I like this one as it has all the best features:
NOAA Alert Weather Radio with Alarm (an affiliate link from which we may receive a commission)

Ideas for Survival Supplies

Survival supply kits come with a multitude of items for both survival and comfort. Kits range in price and are based on the number of people to support along with the number of days. You find a wide variety of kits at Here's an example of a 3-Day kit for four people.
Four-Person Standard Disaster & Emergency Survival Kit (an affiliate link from which we may receive a commission)

Our Special Thanks

We appreciate SafePorch Storm Shelters for sharing their images with us in order to provide you with, what we believe, is an excellent option for you and your family. Please contact Mark at SafePorch for more information about the SafePorch Storm Shelter.

SafePorch logo
SafePorch Storm Shelters, Lowell, AR

They are located at
526 N Bloomington St., Lowell AR 72745.
Their phone number is 479-659-8830.
Contact the folks at SafePorch Storm Shelters to locate a distributor near you.

Interested in becoming a distributor? Contact Mark at the number above.


At no cost to you, we receive commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in our content. Here is our full disclosure about affiliate marketing.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


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