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Front Porch Appeal - From Our Hearts to Yours
February 05, 2024

Hello, Porch Friend,

Welcome to Front Porch Appeal! Here we are in February already.

January was a big weather month for Middle TN in that we had seven inches of snow and sub-zero temps. Now we are warming up and even seeing our mums get new leaves already. Seems too soon though, do you agree?

What are you experiencing where you live? We always love hearing from you and you can reply to this email and let us know.

February is the month of hearts and we have plenty of nice ideas for you in this month's newsletter.

What's nice about this time of the year is that it doesn't take a lot of effort to give your porch beautiful appeal. Amidst the winter background, even a single pop of red creates interest and warmth for February.

We love the angle of the sun this time of the year. The sun is lower in the sky giving the landscape a muted brightness.

February: Heart Month

Wall art is one way to brighten your porch and we enjoy making ours. You don't need to be an artist or woodworker to make some appealing art for your porch. Of course, it's wonderful to find wall art ready-made, too! Our front porch is pretty well protected from the rain (where the wall art hangs) so that is helpful as well.

Please take a look at this page on our site where we show you various, pleasing wall art ideas.

Here you see our cheerful Valentine wall art that we made by painting with acrylics onto masonite-type board.

Rather than predominately red, this wall art features pinks, greens and blues and could carry through till March easily. The most fun part about this painting is the shimmery gold edge. Adds some fun and sparkle. And for February, seeing flowers is a welcome sight indeed!

While a sweet, heart-shaped planter like this is perhaps too early to put out, you could fill it with dried flowers or other types of artificial plants or vines. This particular red planter is on our neighbor's porch (from a few years back). I'm happy we have a picture of it.

Isn't a nice little pop of red for your February porch yet requires little effort.

While not the same as the planter shown above, here's a heart-shaped planter that will transcend the seasons and make a pleasing gift for someone you love.

Take a look at these valentine porch decor ideas on Amazon.

These are our affiliate links. As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases, but the cost is the same to you.

Here's a simple heart garland we made for our porch. We show you how to make it right here.

Here's another version of a heart garland we made for indoors. And guess what, I can't find it anywhere. Sad!

A similar idea to the photo above, but instead of paint, we simply cut out felt shapes.

A fun project to do on a winter day is make these Swedish woven paper hearts. You can find instructions to them on the internet (like the instructions here).

For a while, I taught art to our grandchildren that were being home-schooled, and these are some of the hearts we made. They would be cheerful on your porch for a few days. Longer than that, they would likely curl up.

An alternative idea is to use them to decorate a small indoor plant or put them inside Valentine cards.

One year, we made these adorable pillow toppers using red and white tea towels. They are simply pinned to the pillow. We embellished them with some wide, satin red ribbon and a little scrap of denim upon which we painted a red heart and added white dots for a pretty edge.

Oops, I took a look at our instructions and the tea towels are taped to the pillows, not pinned. Friends, we like easy and we are not sad about that. Take a look right here at the instructions for the tea towel valentine pillow toppers.

What do you think of using something like a tea towel to make a pillow topper? You can see these tea towel pillows on our porch in the first photo of this newsletter. Just hit reply and tell us your thoughts or if you have other fun ideas!

We are grateful to our reader, Karen in New Hampshire, who shared this pic with us. Isn't her screened-in porch so festive? That love banner on the wall is especially endearing!

A nice blend of winter and February decor makes this porch such a cozy place to enjoy.

This is the other side of Karen's porch, so now you can see more fully how cute her Valentine porch decor it.

Take a look for more Valentine decorating ideas.

Looking for Valentine Cards?

Find this cute card here. It's digital so you print it at home or at your favorite printing place.

Find this cute card here. It's digital so you print at home or at your favorite printing place.

Happy Valentines Day to You!

Photo courtesy of Bellinon on

May you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is not just for romantic love, but also for friendship and kindness! When I was a child, I remember making paper hearts for my family that I put at the breakfast table on Valentines Day.

So many people in our lives would enjoy a bit of Valentines Day - like the cashier at the grocery store, co-workers, neighbors, and grandchildren. It's easy to bring a smile to someone's face with just a paper heart, a little treat of candy or some flowers tied with ribbon.

Do you enjoy celebrating Valentines Day?

Did You Know This?

Photo courtesy of RosZie on

We didn't know this:

Some believe that the association between love and Valentine's Day is linked to the mating season of birds, which typically begins in mid-February. This idea has been referenced in Chaucer's poetry and was popularized in the medieval period.

From Our Treasured Sponsors

Oh, these Southern Cross railings from our wonderful sponsor, The Porch Store. are very attractive. We're proud to show you their railing panels.

They have two new panels: Honeycomb and Deco which you can see right here.

Instant Charm with This...

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Till Next Time...

Photo courtesy of DG-RA on

We all live busy lives, so thank you for being in our porch family. We appreciate you.

May you enjoy February and stay cozy and warm. Sending you love for a wonderful month.

See you on the porch.

Our best always,

Mary and Dave

Mary and Dave

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