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Lovely Wall Art Ideas for Your Porch

Porch decorating never got easier than with these outdoor wall art ideas. Turn your porch from ordinary into extraordinary with outdoor wall art that is both beautiful and fun.

We almost guarantee that whoever comes to your front door will see and comment favorably if you have outdoor artwork. You'll be a creative genius.

Use several art pieces together or separately on large porches. Try these wall art ideas on small porches and porticos.

Wall art comes in every imaginable genre and materials like outdoor metal wall art - so it is easy to find something you love.

Outdoor artwork on this porch is lovely
Barb's beautifully decorated porch with outdoor wall art.
Photo by The Everyday Home - formerly Grits and Glamour

More Wall Art Ideas to Inspire You

Outdoor artwork on front porch in Maryville TN
Aesthetically pleasing outdoor wall art on porch

Outdoor artwork on front porch is a focal point
The wall art is the center of focus on this wonderful porch.
Courtesy of the "Pretty Up Your Porch Contest" in Fairfield IL

contemporary outdoor artwork on front porch in Maryville TN
Contemporary painting on front porch

beautiful butterfly sculpture as outdoor metal wall art
Whimsical outdoor metal wall art

Lovely porch in Leipers Fork TN includes beautiful butterfly metal wall art
Here you can see the butterfly's home!

Outdoor artwork on front door
This homeowner hung outdoor wall art on their front door.

what is the meaning of a star on the porch
A star decorates this home
Do you know the background behind stars like this?

Pretty wall art on a St. Augustine porch
The wall art is a main focal point of this porch space

Mary Anne's Creative Wall Art Story

Mary Anne outdoor wall art on patio porch
Stylish outdoor wall art gallery by Mary Anne B.
We were delighted when we heard from one of our readers, Mary Anne. We love her creative wall art ideas and how she shares her fabulous art on the brick wall leading to her front door.
    Mary Ann shares, "I started drawing and painting classes 3 years ago as a retirement project and discovered that not only do I love it, but I actually have a bit of talent. I had never taken art classes before, and I am having a lot of fun learning.

    In drawing, we mostly use graphite, although occasionally a piece is calling out for pen & ink, charcoal or coloured pencil. I love graphite the best!

    My first painting was a watercolour with a hint of gouache - a beautiful old house covered in roses. Once I saw how well it turned out, I was hooked, and kept on with my classes! I tried Acrylics next, and liked it too, although not as much (Songbird). I then tried oils, and fell in love with them. We have also done some digital painting which is a lot of fun too. The cat was my first attempt - another success.

    The 4' X 6' Hydrangea panel is plywood. I put on a primer, a coat of Gesso and then used outdoor acrylic house paint followed by 2 coats of UV protecting varnish.

    The 4' X 8' panel is marine grade plywood as I thought it might be a better choice for the winter. I just spent the morning doing the drawing on paper and the afternoon applying the gesso to the panel. I hope to get the projector out over the weekend to transfer the drawing to the panel and then get started on painting the Cardinal.

    ...and yes I use brick hooks!"
Please take a moment to see more of Mary Anne's porch and how she expanded it.

And speaking of brick hooks....please keep reading.

How to Hang Wall Art

To hang art on your walls, you need some way to fasten them to your porch. If you have wood siding, then it's pretty easy. But if you have brick or vinyl siding, it takes more care.

Hang Wall Art Using Brick Hangers

If you wish to hang your art on a brick wall, there are brick hangers to come to the rescue.

Have you tried Brick Hook Clips? - Our Amazon affiliate link
These hangers are the kind that Mary Anne uses for her outdoor art gallery in the story directly above.

Wall Art Ideas - No Hole Siding Hangers for Vinyl

Mary and I have found these hangers work well; we use them all the time for our porch wall art, wreaths, chimes, and other projects.

No-Hole Hooks Vinyl Siding Hangers - Our Amazon affiliate link

Another Type of Vinyl Siding Hangers

These hangers slide up and underneath your vinyl siding; no drilling required. They make it easy - no muss, no fuss.
Vinyl Siding Hook for Outdoor Decorations - Our Amazon affiliate link

Look at These Wall Art Ideas
and Conversation Pieces

Leisa Collins beautiful Florida porch

We appreciate the wall art idea from our friend Leisa Collins. Notice the "mask" wall art on her pretty porch!

Leisa told us, "I have a collection of different masks throughout our home from different parts of the world. This one is cool as it has a Polynesian influence, and reminds me of Maori (native race of NZ) art, which we have as well.

I actually picked it up in a consignment store for $20, believe it or not, right where we live. I added more gold and blue paint so it would match the door."

And did you notice Homer on the porch, too?

Leisa told us, "That is a sculpture made of recycled metal parts. One of my clients created it and it is a portrait of Homer from the Simpsons. Note the pipe, then I added an air plant for the smoke."

The base is actually a metal garbage can. I had the sculpture sitting there without it but Homer tended to disappear so I propped him up on that."

Leisa Collins beautiful Florida porch

Here you can see more of Leisa's beautiful Florida porch. She hasn't lived there long and she surely impressed us with her speed and creativity in beautifying her porch. The stone columns are amazing!

Please notice how the striped area rug pulls everything together and how Leisa groups the chairs and potted plants. She is a very talented artist. Take a look at her lovely house portraits.

large outdoor thermometer clock on our front porch column
Get instructions for hanging an outdoor thermometer clock
We love our outdoor clock. It reminds us of a clock in a train station and is the source of good conversation. Fun, artsy things that you don't see everywhere make your porch unique and special.


innovative bracket with American Flag We also have a nifty idea for hanging flags on your porch columns or railings without screws or nails!

Now you easily hang all types of flags and banners from your porch railings or columns - think of the possibilities.

Wall Art Ideas - How to Make Freestanding Decorating Hangers (DIY)

We have another way to hang outdoor art work on your porch without making holes or drilling through brick or siding.

This simple and inexpensive solution works great almost anywhere - all you need is a floor and ceiling. We've used it indoors and out and it works like a charm.

Although it is not meant for heavy objects, it is perfect for hanging artwork, lights, holiday decorations, wreaths, holiday lights and a host of your favorite items. And it only takes a few minutes.

Here's how to create you own freestanding hanger:

  • Measure the distance from your ceiling to the floor and subtract 1 inch.
  • Purchase inexpensive 1x2 lumber (cut to length), 3/8 inch t-nuts, and 3/8 inch by 2 inch carriage bolts at your local home supply store.
  • Drill a 3/8 inch hole 2 1/4 inches deep in the bottom of the 1x2(s).
  • Tap the t-nut(s) into the holes.
  • Insert the bolts in the t-nuts leaving about 3/4 inch exposed.
  • Paint the 1x2s if so desired. Let dry.
  • Place felt on the top of the 1x2s to protect the ceiling.
  • Position the 1x2s flat against the wall. With the top of the 1x2 against the ceiling, unscrew the bolt at the bottom until the 1x2 is securely lodged between the ceiling and floor (place felt under bolt head to protect floor). Make snug; do not over tighten.
  • Attach your favorite artwork, wreath, pictures, lights, or holiday decorations to the 1x2s with small nails, screws, or hooks, etc.
  • Use as many 1x2s as you need. You can paint the 1x2 sides different colors for different holidays. Attach two or more and hang lattice over them. Now you have a perfect trellis for climbing plants or hang additional artwork or memorabilia.
They work really well in kids rooms for posters and other fun decorations - no more tape on your walls! You can even use them under cabinets or in closets to hang handy items.

This method is ideal for porches as you don't have to make holes in siding or drill into brick. They are easy to remove or to relocate to another area of your porch which makes them ideal for porch decorating.

Drilling Method

Although I recommend any of the above options over drilling into the side of your home, sometimes drilling is the best solution. For example, if you want to hang something that is heavy and needs to be secured, then drilling is probably the way to go.

Drilling in brick or concrete requires the use of a drill, concrete bit, and concrete screw. I really recommend using a hammer drill rather than an ordinary drill but it can be done with either.

I also recommend using Tapcon screws. You can find these at your local home building supply store.

If drilling into wood, a regular drill and drill bit will work fine.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have about hanging outdoor wall art on your porch; we are happy to offer suggestions.

Imagine an Artist Painting a Portrait of Your Home

Leisa Collins beautiful Florida porch

Craftsman style house portrait painting

Imagine an artist who can beautifully draw and paint a portrait of your home! We found Leisa and she paints these lovely works of art. What an amazing treasure for yourself or someone you love.

Take a look at more of Leisa's watercolor works. Maybe you would like to speak with Leisa about your own home portrait.

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