A Valentine Wreath Craft

And Other Outdoor Valentine Decorations for Your Porch

Dave and I have a Valentine wreath craft that is easy and you may already have everything you need to make it.



Admittedly I have a stash of fabric in my craft room from which to draw upon so I was able to find most everything right there.

Will you be putting up outdoor Valentine decorations? A touch of red and pink on your porch is a welcome sight this time of the year.

Valentine porch collage

Are you looking for Valentine decorating ideas? Then we have several here for your Valentine porch.

Try Our Valentine Wreath Craft

Valentine wreath craft - straw wreath covered with red fabric

I wanted to share a Valentine wreath craft that was simple and where I could use re-use another wreath. So I used our wreath from last 4th of July - just took all the decorations off of it except for the red fabric that covered it. That was my start.

Then I looked at my fabric stash to see what reds and pinks I already had with a Valentine-y look to them. I found quite a few, even a few pieces of fabric with hearts on them already.

valentine wreath with pink ties

Using the first fabric - which was light pink - I tore strips about 1" wide and about 22" long. I didn't measure - just eyeballed it. You could tear or cut your fabric; you might prefer pinking the edges of the fabric. Mine is kind of rag-like.

Then I just started tying the strips around the wreath. No bows, just like tying your shoes (the first part). I did that twice.

valentine wreath with more pink ties

I went around the wreath with the pink ties and almost thought I would stop there, but the wreath didn't seem full enough to me.



valentine wreath - I continued to add in different valentine fabrics

So then I started to add in this white fabric with red hearts in between the light pink ties.

Pink and red valentine wreath craft all done with little dog in the middle

Then I added red fabric with white hearts, hot pink fabric, and pink fabric with white polka dots. Before I knew it, the wreath was full.

I thought I would add a pink burlap bow, but upon trying decided it was not the look I wanted. So I dug into our grandchildren's toy box and found this sweet little dog who will sit at the bottom of the wreath when it's hung on the front door. I think he's perfect for this Valentine wreath craft.

Valentine wreath on front door
Here's how our wreath looks on our front door
Hope you enjoyed this Valentine wreath craft and now here are more ideas.

Video: Valentine Decorating Ideas from Our Porch

Bonus Idea #1: Valentine Pillow Toppers

Now we have a couple other ideas for decorating your porch for Valentine's Day: interchangeable pillow toppers and a mini heart pillow. Let's talk about the pillow toppers first.

Valentine pillows on front porch
See how we made our Valentine pillows

Let's Get Started

3 plain pillows made from painter drop cloth

First, if you remember, I made these three plain pillows from painter's drop cloths last fall.

My idea is to create seasonal pillow toppers for different seasons and holidays. That way I can use the same pillows year round and just change the toppers. I got this idea from Suzy at Worthing Court - see what she did.

The reason I used painters drop cloth fabric is because our porch gets a lot of sun and I didn't want fading to be an issue.

Three Christmas pillows that spell J-O-Y For Christmas I made pillow toppers that spell J-O-Y. They are simple letters to cut out and glue on.

pink heart in polka dot fabric

So now it's time to make some pillow toppers for February.

I cut out three hearts that are approximately 13" wide.

3 Valentine pillows

Then I stitched those hearts onto square pieces of black and white patterned fabric that I already had in my stash. If you prefer not to sew, you can just glue them onto the background fabric. The squares are about 18".

Our Valentine pillows are simple indeed. Update: I decided to cut two smaller hearts to put on top of the larger hearts and jazz the pillows up a bit. One I sewed on, the other I just glued on with tacky glue.

How the Toppers are Attached to the Pillows

I have tried 3 different methods and found the one that I like the best: I just make 1 stitch in each corner with embroidery floss and tie each corner of the square. I tried pinning the toppers to the pillow with safety pins.

This works fine but I found it cumbersome to reach inside the pillow with the safety pins.

The other way I tried is to put twine into the hem (top and bottom) of the topper and tie it on the back of the pillow. That also works but I found myself always adjusting the twine. The embroidery floss in the corner is my favorite method. When I want to change the topper, there is just 1 stitch to clip on each corner.

Suzy has another way you might want to try, too. Don't labor over it - just pick a way to see what works for you.


Valentine pillows on our porch glider
Valentine pillows on our porch glider

Bonus Idea #2: Mini Stuffed Valentine Pillow

Swatch of sparkly red valentine fabric and paper heart template

I had this small swatch of glittery red valentine fabric that I wanted to use. So I just traced a heart shape onto it and cut out two hearts.

Mini valentine pillow - red

I put the wrong sides together, sewed around them about 1/2 " from the edge and left a 3" opening. Then I stuffed it with fiberfill and closed the opening with my machine. This would be an easy piece to hand sew, too.

To add a little pizzazz to it, I pinked the edges of the heart with pinking shears.

It's very small accent pillow - maybe 10" tall. It will just sit on the stand next to the rocking chair for a little red bling.

Mini valentine pillow - red

Bonus Idea #3: Burlap Valentine Pillow

Burlap ribbon pillow as inspired by Maryann of Domestically Speaking

I had a bit of burlap and red ribbon and decided to make a burlap ribbon pillow as inspired by Maryann of Domestically Speaking. It's a super cute and a very easy project.

To make the heart shape onto the burlap pillow I used a paper heart as a template

I made the little burlap pillow - it's only about an 8 inch square. Then I cut out a paper heart about the size of the pillow and pinned it on.

I wove red ribbon onto the burlap with a large-eyed needle following the paper heart template

Then I used a large-eyed needle and wove the red ribbon in and out through the burlap around the paper heart shap - starting at the bottom of the hearte. Like Maryann, who inspired me to make this, I left a tail at each end and made bow at the bottom of the pillow.

I really like how it turned out. Are you up for making one?

Bonus Idea #4: Heart Garland

Heart garland on porch inspired by Kara from the Happy Go Lucky Blog

If you are looking for something other than a Valentine wreath craft, try this easy heart garland for your porch. I made it in less than an hour.

Heart garland materials

I cut 5 "pennants" from drop cloth material. You could also use burlap or duck cloth. The size is about 4.5" by 7.5". Then cut an upside down "V" to make the pennant.

Then I made a heart stencil by cutting a heart in a piece of card stock.

Stencil onto the pennant with red paint (or whatever color you desire!). Let dry thoroughly. You could also paint the heart with glue and then add sparkly glitter.

stenciled heart on drop cloth for porch garland

This is what it will look like after you have stencilled it.

three stenciled hearts ready for the porch garland

Keep going. Make 5 or as many as you like. The way I completed the garland is I folded over the top of the pennant and sewed it shut - leaving a channel to put my twine through. I strung 5 pennants together with twine to make this porch garland.

Our Valentine Porch is Ready

Our Valentine porch is ready

Here's our Valentine porch. We would enjoy seeing yours, too.

Valentine porch collage
Happy Valentine Day to you!

See Karen's Porch for More Valentine Ideas

Karen's screened porch is ready for Valentine's Day
Take a look at Karen's Valentine decorations and more

Do you have a Valentine wreath craft that you would like to share with us? We'd love to see it. Thank you.

Another Valentine Decorating Idea: Tea Towel Pillows

Tea towels and ribbon make for nice pillow toppers

We used simple tea towels to cover our pillows for our front porch. They make adorable Valentine pillow toppers.


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