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Front Porch Appeal
Finding Love For Your Porch

Issue #64 February 2015
February means spring is not too far away. Mary and I know it cannot come too soon for those of you who have been hammered with snow and ice recently.

Cold toes, wet gloves and hats laid out to dry with snow shovels propped next to your front door all signify that winter still has a grip on a lot of the nation. For those of us who don't live in snow country, our porches may be ready for some loving attention.

Whether covered in snow or basking in some warmer weather, now's the perfect time to add a little color to your porch along with continuing to embrace the winter's grasp that doesn't seem to be letting up for some.

winter porch scene with snow covered berries on bush
Photo courtesy of BlondieYooper
Enjoy the beauty of a winter porch scene.

In this issue Mary and I will share a neat idea - actually a treasure - you can acquire for yourself, a family member, or a friend. We'll also cover a porch building technique as we know many of you are planning to either remodel or build a new porch this year.

For color, we'll share an easy Valentine porch project you can make and use for weeks to come.

We also give you a short synopsis of our latest podcasts which continue to be popular!

Bungalow Front Porch Designs

Mary and I really like Arts and Crafts Bungalow homes - they have amazing porches, of course. Popular in the early 20th century, Arts and Crafts homes were built for their simplicity and used many local natural resources in their construction.

What may be surprising to some is the many different styles of bungalows; a few of which are shown below.

Bungalow porches are know for their overhanging eaves, exposed rafters, exterior house trim, stone pedestals and tapered columns. Interiors include built-ins and lots of woodwork. In fact, present day breakfast nooks and countertops were derived from the Arts and Craft home styles.

Capture Your Home - and Porch!

Mary and I discovered Leisa Collins, a wonderful artist who can capture the true essence of your home (and porch) in a watercolor painting. Leisa's custom portraits of your home or a place that holds a special place in your heart will make an excellent gift.

original watercolor of home by leisa collins

See more examples of Leisa's paintings along with her contact information.

Valentine's Day

Make these easy porch decorations that are ideal to celebrate Valentine's Day or use until spring. Mary shows you how easy it is to do by using her tutorial.

valentine day's front door with red basket and flowers

See our easy porch decorating tutorials for Valentine Day. These decorations will be great till spring!

Porch Before and Afters

before and afters on pinterest

Have you seen our Porch Before and After pinterest board? We've gathered 75 ideas to get you inspired! Take a look and please follow our Pinterest boards.

Interviews with Porch Experts

Porch Ideas Network podcast logo We bring experts to you each week through our Porch Ideas Network who share their love of porches and their expertise in such areas as building, designing, planning and decorating porches. Each show lasts approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

Creative Vinyl Lattice Ideas

Porch Ideas Network podcast Marc McAvoy tells the inspirational story of how his lattice panels became a business and how you can use these decorative PVC panels as skirting for your porch or deck - as well as create privacy in an attractive way.

Listen here:

Features of a Great Screen Door

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our guest Steve Pfeffer of PCA Products shares how he has solved everyday problems in the way his company designed their custom aluminum screen doors.

Listen here:

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our guest, Bill Hippard of the Metal Roofing Alliance, talks about the many advantages of putting a metal roof on your home and porch. We were surprised at how far metal roofs have come!

Listen here:

We'd really appreciate your assistance in launching our audio program. In order to give it more visibility on the internet, please subscribe to our audios (use buttons below) and if you enjoyed it, please give us a favorable rating. That will help others to find our future audio segments.

Listen to Stitcher

In addition to our audio programs, we also feature selected porch builders and landscapers - must see if you want more ideas from experts in their fields.

Porch Building Technique

Ledger board flashing extends the life of your ledger board and helps ensure it remains decay-free, thus ensuring the safety of your porch or deck as well. Local building codes normally dictate your ledger board and flashing requirements. In some jurisdictions, flashing is not required if your porch (or deck) has a roof. Therefore, it is important to check with your local building codes department before construction begins.

If you have vinyl siding, flashing will extend up and behind your siding in addition to covering the ledger board itself. If installing on brick, you will need to cut a groove into which the flashing will be installed and caulked in place.

ledger flashing installed on brick wall
Photo courtesy of Anne Rossley

Beautiful winter porch reminds us of childhood days!

Join Our Porch Community on Facebook

You're invited to be part of our Facebook community. We share ideas with one another for decorating and using our porches. We have over 6,800 members and would love to count you among them.

Mary and Dave

Happy porch sitting from your friends,

Mary & Dave

Life is short. Enjoy your porch.

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