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Vinyl Lattice Panels Ideas

Perfect for Porch Skirting, Privacy, Concealment, House Trim and Much More

Vinyl lattice panels are extremely versatile and can be used for many different artistic and functional uses, from porch skirting to designing Hollywood movie sets. We explore different types of lattice panels, their uses, installation methods, and design ideas. Learn about the characteristics, patterns, and how lattice panels can be used for various projects such as privacy screens, garden trellises, and even interior decorations.

Our friends at Acurio Latticeworks, located in Washington, Georgia, specialize in custom vinyl lattice for both exterior and interior use. We appreciate them allowing us to show you the many ways their vinyl panels have been used.

railing with lattice panelings

Vinyl Lattice Panel Patterns and Colors

A Multitude of Lattice Patterns

Deciding the right pattern (you can even create your own!) and color of lattice panel for your project is easy because you have a wide variety from which to choose.

railing with lattice panelings
Intricately Cut Black Vinyl Lattice Panel
Traditionally, lattice panels, especially those made from wood, typically had a diamond pattern, required regular maintenance, and did not wear very well. However, vinyl lattice panels can be cut to almost any design (with limitations) as you can see below from our friends at Acurio Latticeworks.

Acurio Latticeworks vinyl panel patterns

Acurio LatticeWorks has a vast array of patterns from which to choose. Our viewer below shows you a sample of patterns in closer detail that are available to inspire you. And remember, you may also have the option of creating your own custom design.

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Lattice patterns
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Other patterns may be available through other manufacturers.

Vinyl Lattice Panel Color Options

You'll find most vinyl lattice panels in black or white which are typically the most popular colors; however, we have found them in shades of tan, cedar, brown, and gray.

The color of vinyl lattice from Acurio Latticeworks is saturated through the entire piece meaning if it is cut or scratched, the color remains the same.

Acurio Latticeworks black vinyl panel pattern

Acurio Latticeworks white vinyl panel pattern

Ideas for Using Vinyl Lattice Panels

Vinyl panels are the ideal solution for porch skirting, railings, privacy, gardens, concealment, screen doors, gates, fences, and so much more. Uae our handy directory below to explore lots of options and ideas for using lattice panels:

Use Your Imagination: How to Use Vinyl Lattice Panels

attractive black vinyl lattice panels for privacy beneath deck
We appreciate the black lattice panels beneath our deck
Vinyl panels are indeed versatile. Check out this quick list of ideas.
  • Privacy Screens: Create attractive privacy screens around your patio, deck, or pool area. You'll still get airflow and natural light.
  • Garden Trellis: Add a refreshing vertical element to your garden for your climbing vines and roses. Even jasmine. The plants will eventually weave through the openings. Secure the panel well against a wall or fence so it doesn't fall.
  • Outdoor Dividers: Create distinct outdoor spaces with vinyl panels. For example, separate your eating area from your lounging area or create a separate potting area by hanging a panel.
  • Create a Decorative Wall Accent: Attach to an exterior wall to create a design, texture and visual interest. You can also include outdoor lighting for evening ambiance.
  • Air Conditioner or Garbage Bin Enclosure: Hide your a/c or garbage bins with lattice panels. Be sure to leave enough space for proper ventilation and ease of use.
  • Outdoor Backdrop: Have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or photo shoot? Decorate the lattice with fairy lights, vines, flowers or anything that extends the theme of your occasion.

Porch Skirting

Porch skirting is used frequently on front porches and decks to hide the floor joists and posts visible underneath the structures. Vinyl panels also make for perfect mobile home skirting ideas. But it doesn't have to be boring and it can be maintenance free unlike typical wood lattice. Here are a few examples of custom vinyl lattice porch skirting.

porch skirting maple leaf pattern
Black lattice panels dress up this deck

Popular black vinyl lattice panels
Another attractive application of black vinyl lattice panels

black vinyl lattice panels square pattern
Black lattice is classy and popular

red porch skirting with pineapple pattern

white porch skirting with nautical theme and submarine emblem

porch skirting with leaf pattern

Custom vinyl lattice panels with star design on porch skirting

See more ways to use vinyl porch skirting!
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Vinyl Porch Railings

Vinyl porch railings, also called lattice deck railings, are a very good option for those seeking either low maintenance, high durability, or a unique design. Custom vinyl railings can be cut to almost any pattern as long as they meet your local building code specifications.

vinyl lattice deck railings
Choose from a variety of colors to create a special look

lattice vinyl deck railings on front porch
Painting Vinyl Panels is an Option

A Note About Painting Vinyl or PVC

Vinyl or PVC can be painted; however, it may require additional preparation and/or special paint (like Fusion for PlasticĀ® from Krylon) to ensure proper results. We recommend you research "How To Paint PVC or Vinyl" on the internet prior to purchase if your goal is to repaint the PVC.

lattice deck railings on balcony
Decorative designs afford maximum appeal

custom designed lattice deck railings
Choose from a variety of patterns or design your own

lattice used as privacy screen on deck
Lattice deck railings offer privacy as well

For Front Porches and More -
See These Innovative Vinyl Lattice Ideas

Mary and I know you will be inspired by watching our short video showing you a few ideas for using these lattice panels. Then use our convenient directory below to find your favorite use for this product.

Exterior House Trim

Vinyl lattice trim can be custom designed and painted any color to complement your home's colors.

Whether used on residential homes or businesses, vinyl lattice offers so many more options than wood and does not require any maintenance.

Use vinyl panels to create lots of curb appeal as running trim between columns. You can also use it as brackets and as other trim pieces too. We really like the idea you can create intricate patterns without having to sand and paint every year.

vinyl exterior house trim on porch columns
Create your own running trim or bracket designs with vinyl lattice panels

Lattice Privacy Screen

Vinyl lattice is perfect for creating treasured privacy, whether on your front porch, deck, or yard. Lattice privacy fence and decking lattice are very popular, not only because you can choose from standard panels but you can also create intricate designs for both privacy and appeal.

we will especially enjoy our privacy panels when dining on our back porch
See how we created these privacy panels for our back porch

black lattice privacy screen on back deck
Lattice privacy screen is perfect atop your existing balustrade (railings)

red lattice privacy screen on front porch
Color coordinate your vinyl panels, so they look appealing from either side

white lattice privacy screen with unique design
Choose or create a design that is both decorative and functional

lattice privacy screen panels on front porch
Turn your porch into a semi-enclosure

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Lattice Fence Design

This isn't your grandparents' fence - this is a custom designed vinyl panel cut to your specifications. How neat is that!

See our complete designs of lattice fences section for a myriad of options.

lattice fence design


Another use for lattice panels is to conceal air conditioning units, pool pumps, meters, storage areas under stairs, or even compost piles.

custom designed lattice for concealment
Finding the right pattern is easy - almost endless designs

vinyl lattice used for concealing a/c unit
Perfect for hiding air conditioning units

lattice used as skirting under staircase
Transform unsightly spaces into appealing storage areas

Porch Enclosures and Lattice Patio Cover Kits

Have a porch, deck, or patio you would like to cover or enclose for either privacy, shade, or to block the weather? Open lattice patio covers may be just right for you.

open vinyl lattice patio covers
Create immediate shade on your patio or deck

vinyl lattice used to make porch enclosure
Turn your patio into a porch enclosure

lattice used to partition deck
Add a level of privacy to your deck or patio

deck partitioned with vinyl lattice panels
Use vinyl panels to partition off part or all of your deck or patio area

lattice used for gable roof venting
Use as venting for your gable front porch roof
Looking for enclosure ideas? Be sure to see our extensive enclosed porches section.

Garden Lattice Ideas

Use vinyl lattice panels to create your own garden or landscaping masterpiece. Custom vinyl lattice panels enhance the look of any garden and can be used as trellises, garden arbors, garden fences, and more. Here are just a few ideas.

vinyl fence with palm tree design
Choose or create a design that complements your garden

Lattice as backdrop for flower garden
A decorative garden fence makes a nice backdrop for flowering plants

lattice panels used as planters in yard
Use vinyl lattice to make decorative planters

intricately cut lattice panels in garden
This is one of my favorites; delicate, decorative, and very appealing

lattice arbors and vinyl lattice screen trellis
Use as a garden arbor or vinyl lattice screen trellis

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Ideas for Interesting Window Treatments and
DIY Interior Decorating Ideas

Use vinyl lattice panels for easy window treatments like those shown below. Interior designers have used vinyl lattice in a variety of ways, from window treatment ideas to wainscoting, ceilings, and much more.

Because it is so easy to install, you too can create an appealing decor in your home without a lot of expense.

window treatment idea using vinyl lattice
Turn the ordinary bedroom into something extraordinary

easy window treatment using vinyl lattice panels
Vinyl panels allow light to enter but also offer a level of privacy, too

lattice panels used as wainscoting
Vinyl panels makes for excellent wainscoting - designs are almost limitless

lattice panels used as interior wall decorations
Have a wall that needs something special?

lattice panels as cabinet doors
Use as inserts for cabinets

panels used to cover transom light panels
Also perfect for transoms or light panels

panels on interior wall
Create your own design to go perfectly with your decor

Commercial Applications and TV Show Sets

There are as many, if not more, applications for vinyl lattice panels commercially as there are for residential homes. Our photos will give you just a few ideas of how to boost your brand name, create innovative displays, and more.

Vinyl lattice also was used on the set of the TV show Smash!

lattice railing on the set of smash

Neiman Marcus window lattice display
Perfect for creating just the right artistic window display

vinyl lattice window display
Use at trade shows; lightweight, artistic, and very portable

chamber of commerce logo
Use custom designed panels to promote your brand or business

vinyl lattice restaurant dividers
Ideal for almost any type of business setting

Scottsdale mall dining facility
Add a level of sophistication

lattice vinyl trim

If you have a business, use it to brand and advertise your company by using a company logo on your building.

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Don't Get Confused Between Vinyl Lattice and Plastic Lattice

In general, vinyl lattice can last for many years with little to no maintenance. It doesn't degrade easily, nor does it peel or decay like wood. It is mold, mildew and insect resistant. Many vinyl lattice products have either extended warranties or carry a lifetime warranty.

Another nice feature is you don't have to paint or seal it and vinyl is stable meaning it won't warp, crack, or splinter when nailing or screwing into frames. You can easily use it for horizontal applications like covering gazebos as it does not sag when supported properly. When cut, exposed edges remain color fast.

Plastic (or HDPE) lattice has some of the same features as vinyl; however, plastic can collect mold and mildew due to its textured appearance and thus will require regular maintenance.

When attaching plastic lattice, pre-drill holes for either nails or screws to prevent cracking. When attaching plastic lattice be sure to leave room for expansion as it can contract or expand depending on environmental factors. Unlike vinyl lattice, raw edges may expose an interior color that is different than the exterior color

How to Hang or Install Vinyl Lattice

Vinyl lattice panels are easy to install. For our privacy panels I made my own wooden frames. However, you can use either u-channels or h-channels easily found at your local home supply store.

You an also screw it directly to framing or drill holes and hang it in desire locations. See our link to our concealment project below for an example of how to install lattice panels.

Product Review

Summary of Our Vinyl Lattice Panel Product Review

After seeing and working with these vinyl lattice panels from Acurio Latticeworks, we share these thoughts:
  • The product is very attractive and surprisingly sturdy
  • Easy to work with
  • Although we prefer wood in most of our projects, the easy maintenance of vinyl is hard to beat (no painting or staining needed)
  • Suggestion: Put some thought into the color you choose. Acurio offers 10 colors. Even black - which we hear is very hard to find. We were quick to choose white, but medium gray or beige would have been great for our project, too.
  • We really like this product especially for its nice patterns, colors and sturdiness. You will also appreciate that you can work with their staff to design your own custom pattern.
  • We were not paid to review their product; however, Acurio Latticeworks sent us some courtesy vinyl panels to try. Our findings are our own honest opinion.

Podcast with Marc

Audio Program: Using Custom Vinyl Lattice Panels for Your Porch, Deck and Interior Applications, too

Marc was a guest on our audio program. Learn more about our conversatio with Marc right here.

Acurio Latticeworks logo To order these lattice panels, contact the folks at Acurio Latticeworks.

The founder of Acurio Latticeworks, Marcus McAvoy, searched but could not find unique decorative vinyl lattice panels for his deck. So he made his own and soon realized it would be an excellent alternative to traditional lattice skirting.

After several years of product development Acurio Latticeworks emerged.

Acurio Latticeworks' products range from lattice panels for skirting to railings, privacy screens, fencing, gates, wainscoting, and more. They offer an expansive library of pattern styles and more importantly, you can create your own unique design and choose from a selection of premium colors.

Their innovative, durable, high-quality, and visually appealing products are sure to complement and add value to your home or project.

Acurio Latticeworks' custom design staff will help you create your own unique look - how many companies will do that for you? And vinyl lattice will last forever and look great with minimal maintenance.

Contact Acurio Latticeworks directly to discuss your project to see what they can do for you!
Acurio Latticeworks is recognized as one of Georgia's Elite Entrepreneur Businesses

So many uses for vinyl lattice panels - from your porch and deck to interior updates. You have to see to appreciate the different ways.

Please stay with us. We have more lattice panel ideas in the links below for you to enjoy.

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We, Front Porch Ideas and More, confirm, as stated on our privacy policy, that we do not sell personal information.

All content here is solely for presenting ideas. We recommend consulting with a licensed, experienced contractor before you begin your project.
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