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Let's talk porch designs for mobile homes: A front porch on your mobile home will not only add curb appeal but also provide you shade and protection from the weather which means good things.

No reason you can't have the perfect place to relax, to enjoy a good book or a glass of fine wine. Front porches for mobile homes will help you extend your outdoor time. As aesthetically pleasing as a front porch on a traditional home, there are certain factors you need to know as you plan and design your porch.

Many of the photos below are provided by Ready Decks ®.

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Porch designs for mobile homes by Ready Decks ®Porch designs for mobile homes by Ready Decks ®
Mobile home front porch design by Ready Decks®Mobile home front porch design by Ready Decks®

You have almost as many design options for your mobile home as do others for their stick-built homes. We really like the stone-like porch skirting in the photo above.

That, along with other options for porch columns, railings, steps, ceilings, and more, will give you plenty to consider when planning your front porch.

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for Mobile Homes

Bonnie's comfortable porch on her mobile home

See what's involved in building a porch addition. See Bonnie's mobile home porch and learn what you need to know before building a porch addition onto your home.

To maintain the value of your home know what is required as the porch construction process can be different than for a traditional home.

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Nine easy ideas for your mobile home

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Peruse These Mobile Home Improvements

mobile home with fence in front yard

Several exterior mobile home improvements we want to share with you.

Whether adding a porch addition, or upgrading your siding, windows, or shutter, check out what exterior home improvements will be right for you.

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Kim's country porch on her mobile home - truly inviting

Get wonderful porch decorating ideas for your mobile or manufactured home. See Kim's porch and more.

Investigate These Affordable Porch Design Ideas

open gable porch on mobile home

See how you can have an affordable porch on your home using quality materials and have a wonderfully designed addition to your home.

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Read Our Response

Listen to our Podcast with Brad of Ready Decks ®

mobile home porch by Ready Decks

He has many tips and ideas. you can easily incorporate into your mobile home's porch design.

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How About These Ideas for Porch Designs on Mobile Homes?

Look at These Gable Roof Ideas

Note in the photo below the additional columns adjacent to the home. Most mobile home porches must be self supporting include holding the roof in place.

Ready Decks porch with wagon wheel design in gable roofDo you see the wagon wheel pattern on the open gable roof design?

Homeowners could easily install porch skirting to hide the porch piers in the photo below. This would give it a more finished look and possibly give you additional storage space.

mobile home porch addition

Love the placement and width of the steps in the photo below. Wider staircase gives you a more open feel and makes your porch appear larger. It also provides space for potted plants or other decorative items.

Mary and I would add custom vinyl lattice panels to hide the piers. You can choose from a wide variety of lattice panel designs or even create your own. They come in a variety of colors but we prefer black for porch skirting.

mobile home by Ready Decks

Note the exposed rafters on the gable roof below. You could opt to cover them with bead board or tongue and groove panels to give it a finished look.

Add an outdoor ceiling fan for additional comfort. When considering porch designs for mobile homes also include amenities like fans, lights, and railing and column options too.

porch addition on mobile home

Tip: Porch Designs for Mobile Homes

If you live where the wind blows leaves and debris on your porch, consider installing a bottom rail no more than 4 inches above the porch decking. Extend your balusters slightly below or even with the bottom rail.

Why? This will allow you to easily sweep the debris off your porch. Otherwise leaves and debris are stuck on your porch with nowhere to go - and hard to sweep away.

Really nice design for an accessible wheel chair ramp. If you don't have the space for a wheel chair run as depicted in the photo below, you can make it shorter by creating a turn; however, porch designs for mobile homes must meet specific building code requirements.

Accessible front porch on mobile home

This is really neat as a porch design for mobile homes - a front porch and deck combination. If you have the space you ought to consider one of these for your home. The porch skirting is also an attractive feature.

front porch and deck combination on mobile homeWe like this front porch and deck combination

Mary and I are excited to share these porch designs for mobile homes and are grateful to Ready Decks ® who are both builders and designers. Ready Decks ® is not one of our paying advertisers, but we are pleased to show off their products with you to give you ideas for your mobile home.

Need Decorating Ideas for Your Mobile Home Porch?

Lovely country porch on mobile homeThank you to Marybeth Henderson for sharing with us

Please enjoy more of these wonderful mobile home porch ideas we've gathered.

Could a Freestanding Porch Be a Solution for You?

a wonderful freestanding porchA freestanding porch could be a great idea if you have the space

Look at This Gable Roof Design on a Mobile Home

Here's one of Ready Decks ® gable style porches painted and ready for outdoor enjoyment. Add landscaping, grab a glass of iced tea, and do some porch sittin'. Note how this has a closed gable with vinyl to match the home.

Ready Decks porch design

Do You Have a Shed or Flat Roof Design?

A shed-type or flat roof design may be perfect for porch designs for mobile homes having either very low roof clearances or for those with straight roof lines. It allows for maximum use of head room yet maintains openness.

See how the flat roof gives you maximum space. Your local building codes will dictate the rise and run (steepness) of your porch roof. People living in snow country normally require a minimum rise and run.

Flat roof porch on mobile home

We like this one. It has an open feel and is large enough to accommodate comfortable furniture. Note the metal roof which is recommended for flat roofs.

This porch is a nice addition to the mobile home

Spacious and well designed, this porch will provide you with lots of outdoor time. Note the porch skirting which gives it a finished look.

Ready decks porch with skirtingReady Decks ®
Porch with accessible wheelchair rampThis Ready Decks ® porch design has an accessible wheel chair ramp AND curb appeal
Attractive Ready Decks ® porches on mobile homeWe like these attractive Ready Decks ® porches on mobile homes

Mobile Home Screen Porch and Roof Options

Consider these options to either add a screen porch kit or if you already have a porch, add screen walls to create a screened porch.

screen room kit with extended canopy mountScreen room kit with extended canopy mounted on manufactured or mobile home - courtesy of ScreenHousesUnlimited.com

You can screen either the entire porch or just a portion.  Makes your porch very versatile.

a screened porch on a portable trailerScreened porches work on portable trailers too

Look at This Inviting Florida Room

Pretty Florida roomOur friends, Linda and Jerry's Florida room

Need Railings?

Here's an easy way to add a porch or step handrail to your existing porch or deck. These DIY handrails can save you from injury; remember, it only takes one step to fall! These fit from one to five steps and are easy to install.

Instant Rail Adjustable Handrail - (Our Amazon affiliate link)

Frequently Asked Questions

Bradley Johns of Ready Decks ® addresses a few common issues for porch designs on mobile homes.

    1. What are some typical problems you encounter when building a porch for a mobile home?

    The only recurring issue we have with adding a porch to a manufactured home is when the home's roof is constructed with a sheet galvanized metal that has no overhang.

    The is usually a tiny gutter that can be flashed behind but we cannot get a proper mechanical fix so to prevent leaking we often end up relying on sealants which often fail in places.

    2.What are typical concerns of owners considering adding a porch to their mobile home?

    The biggest concern for adding a porch to a manufactured home is how the roof is attached to the home's roof. Most manufactures tell their customers that they cannot attach anything to the home. We at Ready Decks ® had already solved this concern by making our porches fully self-supporting. This takes the load off of the home and the customers mind.

    3. How is building a mobile home porch different than one for a stick-built home?

    There are actually no any noticeable differences in the building process between a site built home and a manufactured home with the exception of the sheet metal roof homes in which roof flashing is often not an option.

    4. What is a common mistake mobile home owners make when designing a porch for a mobile home?

    Placement of your porch in relation to door entrance and steps. I have notice that, in general, people tend to want to put their porch center of their door and center the steps on the front of the porch. Even on a popular 12 by 16 porch, the walking path from this layout cuts the porch in half leaving little usable room for a patio table set or other items. When it is possible, position porch to one side of the door with the steps on the same side.

    This often looks just as good as centering the door while freeing up the rest of your porch space.

Ready Decks logo

Ready Decks ® began in 2001 with the goal to build decks on site in the shortest time while giving their customers quality, service, and value for their money.

Trey Oliver, new owner of Ready Decks ®, uses the best materials along with a patent-pending building system that can actually build your deck in one day. Not only that, as you have seen from their photos above, they can build your mobile home porch too.

Not only do they build decks and porches, Ready Decks ® can also build your screen porch, ramps, pool decks, car ports, gazebos, and more - all with the same quality and service.

Want more porch designs for mobile homes? Contact Ready Decks ® to see how they can help you with your porch designs for mobile homes or other building ideas.

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