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Looking for porch parts to give your porch a vintage look? Then you are in for a delightful treat. Mary and I encourage you to visit Vintage Woodworks.



Vintage Woodworks specializes in thousands of parts for porches from railing systems and floor boards to decorative brackets, balusters, spandrels and posts.

Creating a truly inviting porch takes time, careful planning and designing, but you will enjoy the outcome for years to come. Vintage Woodworks has been helping porch lovers for over 30 years to create that perfect porch.

Beautiful trimwork for your porch from Vintage Woodworks, one of our fine sponsors
Just think how beautiful your porch could look!
Photos courtesy of Vintage Woodworks

Take Your Porch from Simple...

Before vintage porch parts - view 1
Photo courtesy of Vintage Woodworks
Before remodel - view 1

Before vintage porch parts - view 2
Photo courtesy of Vintage Woodworks Before remodel - view 2

To Beautiful "Vintage"

After vintage porch parts - view 1
Photo courtesy of Vintage Woodworks
After remodel - view 1 - WOW!

After vintage porch parts - view 2
Photo courtesy of Vintage Woodworks
After remodel - view 2 - such a transformation!

Whether you are building a brand new porch or updating the look of your existing porch, Mary and I appreciate the old-fashioned handcrafted porch products that Vintage Woodworks offers.

Vintage Woodworks is one of our fine sponsors and you can learn more about them below.



Video: Before and After Porches
with Vintage Porch Parts

Vintage Woodworks Featured in HGTV Magazine

porch posts with American flag
Their screen/storm door #7110 was chosen by HGTV as an "idea to steal" - June issue, p. 129

Vintage Porch Parts Overview

When choosing parts for your porch, take into consideration
  • your budget
  • your style
  • your home's architecture
  • the sizes you need
  • your preferences for long-term maintenance and upkeep

Vintage Porch Posts or Porch Columns

porch posts with American flag You will find that Vintage Woodworks supplies porch posts in not only hemlock and cedar but also synthetic materials like PVC and Polyethylene.

Decorative posts and railings will flatter porches of various styles - country, colonial, Victorian, craftsman and contemporary.

Porch posts, like their round porch columns, are structural and can be used on either new construction or for remodeling.

Their turned porch posts (pictured at right) are available with various amounts of unturned area at their tops and bases.

This allows proper installation of your choice of other Vintage Woodworks decorative porch parts.

Vintage Porch Balustrades

balusters Porch balustrades (or railings) usually consist of a top rail, spindles (balusters or pickets), and a bottom rail. Made from wood or synthetics, railing systems are available as turned, squared, or sawn. Use them for your front porch, deck, or balconies.

Vintage Woodworks is one of our fine sponsors and we are proud to share their handcrafted porch parts with you.

Decorative Brackets and Spandrels


vintage spandrels Create instant romanticism with decorative spandrels.

Prominent during the Victorian architectural period, spandrels were used both on porches and in the interior of homes. Handcrafted and made from either wood or PVC, these are sure to enhance any porch.

They are easy to install and create instant curb appeal.

Vintage Exterior House Trim

Use decorative exterior house trim like running trim and brackets as another easy way to add a decorative flair to your porch.

Running Trim

Runing trim adds vintage beauty

Running trim can be used between porch posts, along your house eaves, and even in interior rooms as mouldings. Trim can be purchased in pre-determined lengths or in custom lengths depending on the specific style.

As with other Vintage Woodworks products, trim is available in wood or PVC.


decorative brackets added to either side of porch columns

When choosing brackets make sure they don't look too small on your porch. A rule of thumb is that the length and width added together should be a minimum of 20 inches.

This is just a very small sampling of the many porch parts available at Vintage Woodworks. Mary and I believe you will appreciate not only their wide selection of porch products but also their warm and friendly approach to helping you create your perfect porch.

You will be amazed at their selection and will surely find both structural and decorative features for your porch.

Mary and I had the pleasure of visiting Gregory and Holly Tatsch of Vintage Woodworks and got to see first-hand their amazing exterior trims - we also took lots of porch pictures with vintage trim.

Vintage Woodworks logo
Vintage Woodworks was founded in 1978 to reproduce old-fashioned, solid wood, handcrafted mill work. They are located at
9195 Hwy 345,
PO Box 39,
Quinlan TX 75474.
Their phone number is 903-356-2158.

"Our small town and rural lifestyles led to this endeavor... reflecting our commitment to the gracious and peaceful surroundings of another time and place."

"Bringing Back Yesterday in Quality and Service", is the Vintage Woodworks slogan and one that exemplifies commitment to their customers.

Vintage Woodworks is unparalleled in both the variety and quality of porch products. We appreciate their old-fashioned values very much and are honored to have them as one of our fine sponsors!
Visit Vintage Woodworks to see how they can help you create the perfect porch!

Another Before...

before: Older home in need of TLC

And After "a la Vintage"

After: Home updated with Vintage Woodworks porch parts

Looking for some more front porch ideas?

Then visit some of our many front porch pictures.

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