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Testimonial from PCA Products

Steve Pfeffer, President and Founder of PCA Products, says this about their sponsorship on our site.

PCA has been pleased with the results received from advertising on the Front Porch Ideas and More website over the past several years. The site has generated a number of qualified leads for our aluminum screen doors.

Mary and Dave are very helpful in writing content and suggesting ads that continue to drive leads our way. It is rare to find a team so willing to go the extra mile ensuring that we get a favorable return on our advertising dollars.

Steve Pfeffer, President

PCA Products, Inc.

Testimonial from The Porch Company

Please hear what Rachael and Nancy Moore from the Porch Store say about their sponsorship experience on our site ...

"Advertising with Mary and Dave has been probably the smartest marketing move we have made for our online store "". As of today, nearly 50% of our traffic comes from the ad we have on Front Porch Ideas.

Not only that, but Mary and Dave are constantly re-tweeting, sharing, and interacting with us across our social networks. They are so much more than just a place to put up an advertisement.

They are always available, always gracious and innovative and I would recommend working with them in any capacity."

Testimonial from Vintage Woodworks

Hear what Gregory and Ellen Tatsch of Vintage Woodworks say about their sponsorship on our site...
    Dear Dave and Mary,

    We have been most pleased with the results of advertising on, and also feel we are good friends, even though we have never met in person! (Update: now we have!)

    We sincerely believe you have our best interest at heart. You continually go above and beyond to help promote Vintage Woodworks in any way you can, and that is most appreciated.

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    Thanks for all you do,

    Gregory & Ellen

    Vintage Woodworks

Why Front Porch Ideas and More?

We created this website out of our passion for porches. Our goal is to give our site visitor a multitude of porch ideas and information they need to build, decorate, and furnish a porch, screened porch, or 3 or 4 season porch.

This site is a labor of love and we are very proud of the material we present to our site visitors. What started as a means to create residual income has turned into a highly successful informational website that reaches thousands of unique visitors daily.

Many wonderful people generously give us insights into their porch experiences and allow us to showcase their porches. Many popular bloggers promote our site through their posts and weblogs.

And we are sought after and used as references to many well known sites like

  • In June 2018 we had 208,879 page views and 79,727 in December 2017 according to Google Analytics.
  • Our site ranks in the top 1% of all websites on the Internet according to
  • Worldwide readership, but our site appeals mostly to higher-income females ages 35 - 64 (according to

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates

We maintain the integrity of our site by ensuring we accept only the most reputable and sincere sponsors who believe in their product or service as much as we care about the information we provide on our website.

Because ours is not a "commercial" website, there are only a few sponsorship opportunities; we seek only a small number of high quality partners who want to create win-win-win (you, our valued readers and Front Porch Ideas and More) promotional partnerships.

Ad pricing

Ad pricing is based upon - prominence (position and size of ad layout). We will work with you.

Ad sizes

We have two ad sizes: 160 x 160 pixels or 175 x 350 pixels. You provide your customized image in either a .gif or .jpg format. We are happy to assist you with that. We review all graphics.

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So How Do I Start?

Please contact us if you believe advertising with us could be of great value to you as an FPIAM sponsor. We will work on the specifics with you. We will review your ad and product to ensure it meets the concept of our site.

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At no extra cost to you, we earn a commission by referring you to some products on merchant sites. See our disclosure policy.
We, Front Porch Ideas and More, confirm, as stated on our privacy policy, that we do not sell personal information.

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