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Outdoor Curtains

Porch Curtains Make Nice Porch Enclosures

Outdoor curtains provide instant curb appeal along with helping you create a stylish porch. Who doesn't love the look of wispy curtains blowing softly on a summer afternoon? And with so many colors, patterns, and styles, finding just the right one for your porch should be a cinch.

Porch shades and curtains have become very popular too. No matter where you live or the size of your porch, curtains can add immense appeal while protecting you from the elements too.

Wispy outdoor porch curtains blowing in the breeze!  Porch curtains provide ambiance as well as privacy - and these sure do! Lovely porch swing, too.  Front Porch Ideas and More
Photo courtesy of Siobhan Giantis

We love Siobhan's wispy porch curtains and lovely porch swing

Looking for Shades or Blinds?

If you prefer shades or blinds rather than curtains, then check out our blinds section.

wispy outdoor porch curtains blowing in the breeze

Photo courtesy of Siobhan Giantis

Another view of Siobhan's lovely porch curtains

wispy outdoor porch curtains blowing in the breeze
Photo courtesy of Robin Seidel

Maximizing Curb Appeal

Outdoor Curtains to Love

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Wonderful outdoor curtain panels

These attractive outdoor curtains
come in two lengths, 84" and 96", making them fit just about any porch.

They are easily hung by grommets and mildew-resistant - a super big plus so they are easy maintenance.

We love the privacy and allure these pretty outdoor curtains would give to a porch.

If you want a pop of color, these curtains will do just that!

These striped curtain panels also come in several lengths making them fit just about any porch. They come with tab tops making them easy to hang over a curtain rod. Love the happy feeling they give to a porch!

Amazon has other styles of outdoor curtains including wispy whites, geometric prints, and even icicle lights.

And Take a Look at These Porch Curtains!

We found these at Plow and Hearth icon. Each picture is clickable. Next time we have an open porch, guess what we're going to get? Outdoor curtains. Yes, I love the look of these.

icon icon
"When we added curtains to our porch, I was surprised at how much more cozy it feels. I love the soft feeling our porch has now."

icon icon icon icon

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Oh, the Benefits of Porch Curtains

Privacy and Shade

Hang curtains to create a privacy nook on your porch. In lieu of creating a permanent barrier, porch curtains can be used whenever you need them. For complete privacy choose a material like canvass for total seclusion. We even show you how to make them below.

In addition to giving you a bit of privacy, they also provide awesome shade (which is what our porch needs in the hot summer afternoons).
striped outdoor curtains on front porch
Porch Curtains for Privacy and Shade

Curb Appeal

Just having curtains on your porch is appealing but you can go a step further. Don't be afraid of using curtains of color. You can match the seasons or use them as part of your overall decorating scheme.

Kelly Ann's porch curtains add a delightful and whimsical dimension to her front porch
Photo courtesy of Kelly Ann Stern Azzara

Kelly Ann's porch curtains add such ambiance and delight to her front porch. Her porch is such a wonderful outdoor room, perfectly inviting.

Special Occasions - Like Porch Parties

Donna hangs porch curtains for her porch parties. She hangs them from teacup hooks.

Photo courtesy of Donna McCabe McGaughy

For special occasions, like a porch party, Donna uses sheers or bed sheets as outdoor curtains and hangs them from teacup hooks. She cuts slits in the sheets to make the holes for hanging.

Add a Punch of Color

Outdoor curtains come in so many awesome colors and prints. Look at these blue porch curtains - they are super eye-catching. We like them.

porch curtains on large front porch

We like how these blue porch curtains add vibrant color to this pretty porch

Weather and Insect Barrier

Block the wind or sun with outdoor curtains. You can even help block mosquitos with mosquito curtains (and no-see-ums too)!

Decorative Displays

You can create decorative displays by integrating outdoor curtains with other objects. The easiest perhaps, is to hang curtains on either side of an old window frame and hang it on your porch. Or, hang curtains over lattice for a different effect like Jeanie does below.

porch curtains as decoration on Jeanie's porch
Photo courtesy of Jeanie Jacobson Turner

Jeanie uses her curtains as part of a decorative display on her screened porch

Soften Your Porch

"I love the way they gently blow in the breeze".

Peg hangs sheers on her porch to allow for nice air flow
Photo courtesy of Peg Reynolds

Peg hangs sheers on her porch to allow for nice air flow. They dramatically soften the porch and provide whimsical privacy and shade, too.

Wouldn't this be a wonderful place for coffee in the morning?

wispy outdoor porch curtains blowing in the breeze
Photo courtesy of Jill Ann Siegel

These whimsical porch curtains soften the lines of the porch.

wispy outdoor porch curtains blowing in the breeze
Thanks to The Porch Company for this photo.

collage of porch curtains

Add whimsy with porch curtains

Make Your Porch Extra Special

Porch curtains and outdoor drapes are a great idea for creating a porch enclosure or just to soften the look of your porch. Drapes and silky sheer curtains add immense ambiance and elegance to your porch.

This photo was taken at Brown Woods Farm in Lexington, KY and is included in the beautiful book, Perfect Porches.

Notice the wispy curtains. I love how they make you just want to sit down and enjoy this wonderful outdoor space. The pretty summer flowers and basket of apples oh so nice.

Enjoy the Outdoor Grommet Drape Video

You can find these outdoor grommet curtains here. icon

So Why Not Curtains on the Porch?

There are so many reasons for curtains on the porch.
Sheer porch curtains on expansive front porch
photo courtesy of Decorating Den

"These curtains are light and breezy. They make me feel like I live at the beach.


  • They add a touch of soft, billowy elegance to your porch.
  • Give you lots of flexibility - you simply slide them out of the way and even remove them when not needed.
  • Less expensive than permanent porch blinds or shades.
  • Fun to decorate with them. You can even hide areas with them.
  • Create a privacy nook on your porch while leaving the rest of your porch open.
  • Filter the bright sun light and heat.

About Outdoor Fabric

"Outdoor curtains add a soft touch to my porch and
take the summer heat down a notch."

Outdoor fabrics tend to be fade resistant and mildew resistant. Also, since outdoor fabrics flap in the wind, you want fabric that is durable and resistant to tearing and fraying. So, here are some ideas for you.


  • To protect your porch furniture use all-weather knit fabric that blocks up to 90% of the sun?s UV rays yet allows air to flow through. This "breathing? effect reduces temperatures behind the shades up to 32% when compared with direct sunlight.
  • Use rip nylon - like the kind you find in outdoor banners and flags.
  • Use muslin or other sheer fabrics that dry quickly like the light and airy curtains shown here. icon

  • Use Sunbrella fabrics for durability, mildew-resistance and best of all a bunch of beautiful, vivid solid colors and patterns.

  • You can sometimes find outdoor fabric on the "cheap tables" at Walmart - for those stores that still carry fabric.
  • Another suggestion is to use bed sheets. Yes, they dry quickly and you can find pretty patterns and colors. If you need them to be longer, you can add borders from a coordinating sheet.
  • I have heard of some porches having chic shower curtains (the fabric kind). At first that might seem odd, but think about how many patterns they come in now. For example, a shower curtain with palm trees could be very attractive on a tropical porch.
  • Colors should be color fast as they will fade in the sun.

iconiconBeautiful outdoor curtain panels take your porch or outdoor room from ordinary to extraordinary. UV resistant, water repellent, porch curtains resist fading and staining.

Pair outdoor drapes with sheers for a great look. And add outdoor pillowsicon to match!

How to Hang Outdoor Porch Curtains

There are many styles and attachment methods available. You can actually affix the curtains directly to your porch, use Velcro tabs, grommets, or rods and tracks to easily move them out of the way when not needed.

Hang porch curtains and outdoor drapes quickly with versatile tension rodsicon. They snap into place between porch beams or walls with no hardware making installation a snap. These holders also come with a joiner so you can attach two or more together for longer expanses.


Porch curtains only in the corner of Denise's porch (The Painted Home)
Photo courtesy of Denise from The Painted Home

Denise hung porch curtains in the corner only of her back porch. See more of her spring porch here.

Denise used galvanized pipe to hang her porch curtains (The Painted Home)
Photo courtesy of Denise from The Painted Home

Denise cleverly used galvanized pipe to hang her corner curtains.

How to Make Your Own Porch Curtains

If you're the do-it-yourself kind of person who enjoys making your own stuff, then we think you will love this tutorial we have for you about making your own outdoor curtain panels from regular canvas drop cloths you buy at home improvement stores.

They are super easy, attractive and affordable. We learned this idea from Traci, who is the author of Beneath My Heart.

and more line

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Porch Blinds and Shades You'll enjoy your porch more in the summer heat, if you have some shade. If you need strong protection from summer heat, then shades or blinds may be more suitable than outdoor curtains.

Screen Porch Windows from DIY Eze A do-it-yourself solution that we personally love. Makes it easy to enclose your porch, deck and even your garage.

Screen Porch Awnings A simple and inexpensive way to convert an awning into a screen porch

Screened Porch Kits From standard packages to custom-made, DIY porch enclosure kits are great for adding space and prolonging your outdoor enjoyment

NanaWall® For sophisticated homes, open wall systems give you many options.

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