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Sunroom Window Treatments

Sunroom Decor Made Easy

Sunroom window treatments should enhance the natural sunlight in your sunroom. Select window treatments to complement your sunroom decor and block harmful UV rays that cause furniture and floor coverings to fade.

You can choose between sunroom curtains, sunroom blinds, plantation blinds, and many other sunroom window coverings. Mary and I've highlighted some of our favorite options below; select ones that will work perfectly for your sunroom.

Many of these options are perfect for front porches too!

Sunroom Window Treatments Ideas

Here's an excellent video on choosing the right window treatment!

Plantation Shutters

These are also known as interior window shutters and usually hinge on either side of your window frame and swing inwards. Plantation Shutters can be opened to allow maximum light into your sunroom or closed for privacy and they are designed to complement all sunroom decors.

plantation shutters on sunroom skylights
Note the shutters on the skylights!

For a more traditional appeal nothing beats wood; however, wood shutters usually tend to be more expensive. If cost is an issue, consider fauxwood shutters (almost 40% less expensive). They are also resistant to moisture and mildew.

One of the nice features of plantation shutters is that you won't need a valance or draperies!

Find your plantation shutters today at - you'll be pleasantly surprised at both the value, selection, and their customers' five-star reviews!

Sunroom Blinds

Choose window blinds with either light blocking or light filtering functionality.

Sunroom Curtains

Curtains are excellent decorating tools. You can use sunroom curtains iconwith blinds, drapes, or by themselves to create a very romantic look. Thick curtains can help reduce drafts while thin ones draped over curtain rods create a somewhat carefree and whimsical look.

Consider using outdoor curtains as sunroom window treatments. They come in variety of fun colors and patterns that will brighten any sunroom.

Sunroom Shades

  • Coolaroo Sun Shades

    Always popular, these coolaroo shades iconcome in a fine woven fabric and are energy efficient. They block 90% of harmful UV rays yet breath to allow air flow and reduce inside temperatures. What's also nice is they receive glowing recommendations from purchasers!

  • Roman Solar Shades

    Sophisticated and elegant, these roman solar shades use high quality materials to create shades that are sleek and functional. But that's not all. Because of their their distinct tight weave, these shades also function as solar screens to control glare and UV penetration - ideal qualities for sunroom window treatments.

  • We found superb roman shades at both and Plow and Hearth

  • Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shades:

    Really take a look at these top-down bottom-up cellular shades for your sunroom. The unique design allows you to raise or lower from the bottom or from the top. This gives you the option of privacy when desired without losing sunlight or your view. On top of that they are cordless which makes them ideal for anyone with children or pets or those who want a clean unfettered look.

    Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shades
    Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shades by

    See the operation and learn the advantages of these unique blinds:

  • Silhouette Window Shades

    Fabric vanes are suspended between two sheers to create beautiful lighting effects in your sunroom. They come in a myriad of colors.

    Silhouette Window Shades
    Silhouette Window Shades by HunterDouglas

    Stained Glass

    Sunroom window treatments have to include stained glass panelsstained glass panel. The panels allow sunlight to spread a warm array of colors throughout your room. You can either have them made or find them at antique stores or online at

    Stained Glass Appliqués : Stained glass Appliqués are ideal alternatives to stained glass panels as sunroom window treatments. They are easy to install window treatments that add beauty to any window. They have a definite texture and “bevels” appear as they do in leaded glass. They have UV inhibitors to help prevent fading and discoloration of your flooring and furniture and can help to reduce summer heat while retaining warmth of the winter sun.


Although somewhat unique, Drapes iconcan be a wise choice among sunroom window treatments. Choose unpleated drapes for a relaxed appeal and that will create a casual, yet contemporary room. Pleated draperies are popular and offer a more traditional look. Perfect for any decor, you can find pleated drapes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

icon Woven Wood Drapes
I really like woven wood drapes icon and believe they would be ideal in the right sunroom setting.

Using the natural textures and colors of bamboo, jute, and grasses, the woven wood is perfect for wide window expanses.

Window Quilts

Of all the sunroom window treatments, window quilts may well have the best insulative qualities that can cover large expanses of glass. Because the quilts are sealed, there is almost no cold air infiltration.

Usually made of layers of polyester and mylar, the quilts easily roll on a track and can be spring or cord operated. They also work well on sloped windows and skylights.

Skylight Shades

Anyone who has skylights knows how much heat and how harmful UV rays affect your furniture. Skylight Shades will keep your room cooler and look great too. Skylight shades permit light diffusion meaning you will have minimal glare on video appliances like televisions and computer screens. For larger expanses you may be able to mount them side-by-side for more coverage.

More Window Treatment Options

Here are three other window treatments we found that we think you might like too.

Zebra Wall Blinds

These are exclusive to; however, we thought these are worth checking out as an alternative to regular sunroom blinds. They have alternating solid and screened panels in each blind to give them a very unique designer appeal. Choose all solid panels for privacy or easily choose the solid and screen option. They advertise blocking 95% of UV rays. Zebra Blinds Zebra Wall Blinds

Skylight Shades: Also exclusive to, their skylight shades block 100% of UV rays, adjusts easily to fully open, fully closed, or anywhere in between. Skylight Shades Skylight Shades

Glare and Solar Control Nanotechnology Window Films: Although we've not used this product we do believe it would be ideal for sunrooms, especially for those who are looking for not only comfort but also appeal, safety, and security. The non reflective film supposedly reduces 99.9% of harmful UV rays which is admirable at best. Two other advantages are their low reflectivity at night so as not to obscure the view and their ability to bind glass fragments together in case of breakage. You can learn more about them at Hüper

If you've discovered other great sunroom window treatments, don't be bashful! Please use our easy form and share them with us and if possible, send us a picture or two!

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