Decorative Front Door Wreaths

Inviting for All Seasons

Decorative front door wreaths are perhaps the easiest way to add instant charm to your front porch.

Perfect any time of year, front door wreaths add color, welcome visitors, and make for nice conversation pieces. After all, who doesn't notice a beautiful front door arrangement as they approach your home?

spring wreath on front door
Kimberly's beautiful spring wreath welcomes family and friends
Our friend Kimberly Raynes Bias shares these pics of her gorgeous spring front door. She found her decorative spring wreath on Etsy via Carolina Front Door. It's simply yet showy and wonderful!

decorated front porch with spring wreath
We love Kimberly's inviting front door
What a classy front door for spring. Many thanks to Kimberly for sharing with us.

Front door wreath collage
Do you enjoy decorating with wreaths on your front door?

Front Door Wreath Designs

Mary and I are always searching for new decorative front door wreaths. It is fun to see how ingenuous folks are when decorating their homes with wreaths.

We've tried to find a few wreath ideas a bit outside the norm for you here.

wooden wreath for front porch
What a unique and striking wooden wreath

Sweet and Captivating

Pink front door wreath on a gorgeous green door
Dave and I came across this lovely door in Washington DC

Floral front door wreath on a gorgeous blue door
And yet another beauty
Isn't it wonderful what a pretty front door wreath can do for curb appeal?

Decorative front door wreath for summer with retro red bike
photo courtesy of Front Porches, Sweet Tea & Old Aprons
The vintage bicycle makes this wreath special!
Imagine painting your door a brand spankin' fresh color and then hanging a wonderful wreath on it.

That's one way to get a lot of compliments on your home and your porch. Simple yet decorative front door wreaths like those you will see below, along with complementary porch decorating ideas, make for a very inviting porch.

You will find pictures of decorative front door wreath ideas, DIY wreaths, wreaths you can purchase, and instructions for caring for your front door wreath below.

Decorative front door wreath on green door

Springtime Deco Mesh Wreaths

We are delighted to share with you some gorgeous decorative wreaths created by Taneka of T's Kustom Kreationz. She and her son have been making wreaths for a couple years but recently launched their business.

So please enjoy these cute wreaths she brought over to our home. They are wonderfully made.

Decorative St. Patrick wreath
photo courtesy of T's Kustom Kreationz
A lovely way to show off Irish pride with this gorgeous St. Patrick's Day wreath

Decorative front door wreath in lovely yellow spells welcome
photo courtesy of T's Kustom Kreationz
What a pretty welcome wreath. So inviting for spring or summer and we think it looks quite dandy on our blue front door.

Decorative front door wreath in a cool blue looks quite dandy on our blue front door
photo courtesy of T's Kustom Kreationz
Simple yet so pretty blue wreath on our front door

A country style bunny wreath is a favorite of ours
photo courtesy of T's Kustom Kreationz
Our favorite of all - an adorable jute bunny wreath perfect for March or April - just in time for Easter

A cute green bunny wreath with carrots
photo courtesy of T's Kustom Kreationz
Another sweet bunny wreath with miniature carrots

About T's Kustom Kreationz

We had the opportunity to meet a young entrepreneur, Taneka of T's Kustom Kreationz, who has started a business creating delightful artistic wreaths you see above. She makes them for just about every season and holiday, plus sports themes.

She brought some of her wreaths over to our home so that we could show them off to you. Taneka, along with her son, do beautiful work. You can tell they love what they do.

We wish them well on their new business. At the time of this writing, their website is not available.

Natural Fall Wreaths

natural fall wreath on beautiful front door

Dried autumn flowers are tucked into this grapevine wreath. And notice how "Welcome" is painted on this front door. The natural fall garland on either side of the front door makes for a gorgeous entrance.

natural fall wreath uses leaf garland and plaid bow
Fall leaf garland and pretty plaid bow make a nice statement

natural fall wreaths with mini pumpkins, dried leaves and light tan ribbons

Double doors, double wreaths: Dried leaves and mini pumpkins create a natural autumn wreath.

colorful fall wreath and garland to frame this front door

Leaf garland frames this front door and the colorful autumn wreath with oak leaves, berries and hydrangeas is inviting.

natural fall wreath

A predominately orange wreath with lots of colorful straw flowers and mini pumpkin garland frame the front door.

natural wreath with pretty pink flowers

This sweet wreath could be displayed any season of the year. Do you like decorations that surpass the seasons?

natural fall wreath
Gorgeous hydrangea wreath adorns this beautiful red front door

natural fall wreath is a circle of autumn flowers

Circle of autumn flowers on this pretty wreath. We like how it's hung lower on the front door. Just a little twist to the ordinary.

Halloween Wreath Ideas

halloween wreath is simple gravevine with orange and black ribbons
DIY Halloween wreath idea: grapevine wreath adorned with orange and black ribbons

Halloween witch wreath

Very cute Halloween witch wreath. Notice how the homeowner added black and white ribbons. So much fun!

decomesh Halloween wreath
Decomesh Halloween wreath with green creepy crawly

Halloween owl wreath

Full ribbon wreath with adorable family of owls
Notice the different colors of ribbon and how they add to the fun of this wreath

Halloween witch wreath

Another Halloween witch wreath. Decomesh garland surrounding the front door is quite striking!

Wreaths for Other Times of the Year

wreath display for St Patricks Day
Fun and lively St Patrick's Day wreath
photo courtesy of antydiluvian

ingenious use of yard tools for wreath

Turn ordinary yard tools into a patriotic wreath-type display on your front porch. Be mindful of flag etiquette.

hershey kisses wreath

Christmas candy wreath - a circle of chocolate candy kisses. Only for cool climates, of course.

See more Christmas wreath ideas and here, too.

Front Doors in Annapolis

Dave and I visited Annapolis MD one hot day in August and came across these charming front doors.

A colorful and cheerful front door wreath on a pretty blue door

The colors in this whimsical arrangement are what caught my eye. Striking and inviting.

A gorgeous wreath is a beautiful way to grace your front door and lovingly welcome your guests.

Wreaths come in all sizes, shapes, colors, textures, styles and prices. You can really have fun with wreaths to make them uniquely yours.

Decorative front door wreath with sunflowers

This basket stuffed with golden sunflowers and purple blooms adds a ton of charm to this front door. Love it.

floral front door wreath

This floral wreath sure does complement this red front door. We've seen this many times; coordinating your wreath's colors with that of your front door or home dramatically increases its appeal.

Wreath decorating ideas come in all sizes and shapes.

Americana front door wreath
Very Americana!

colorful candy wrapper front door wreath

Do you suppose this wreath is made of ribbons or candy wrappers?

Make Decorative Front Door Wreaths

Why not make a front door wreath?

Depending on the wreath design, most are relatively easy to make and can be lots of fun. We can help get you started.

We will show you how to make two different types of front door wreaths that you can modify for any holiday or season.

Ribbon Mesh Wreath by Liz

Liz, author of the blog Savvy Seasons, shows us how to make this creative ribbon mesh wreath as shown above. Although this one is designed for fall, you could easily create a similar one for Christmas or any other holiday or season as well.

Not all wreaths have to be round. Here is a wreath we made for autumn from an existing picture frame.

We purchased a few items from a local craft store and assembled the frame wreath. We plan to use the same frame and create a Christmas wreath too.

owl frame wreath for autumn
See how you can make this wreath

Purchase Decorative Front Door Wreaths

You can find beautiful and unique decorative front door wreaths for any occasion online. Looking for something really special to create lots of curb appeal?

Whether shopping for one to use on your front porch or even inside your home, there are lots of options from which to choose.

Here are a few to get you started - click on any photo to see more along with links to Plow and Hearth.

berry wreath pumpkin wreath for thanksgiving

maple leaf wreath seashore front door wreath


Caring for Wreaths

You want to keep your decorative front door wreaths looking new and fresh so they last a long time. Here are some tips.
  • Keep wreaths away from direct sunlight as much as possible.
  • Clean your wreaths with a feather or micro fiber duster.
  • For really dusty wreaths there are products on the market that clean silk and flower wreaths.
  • In general, silk wreaths can withstand harsher conditions (heat, humidity, light) than their dried flower or eucalyptus counterparts. However, over time, sunlight will dull the colors.
  • Eucalyptus wreaths are not intended for outdoors. They are preserved with glycerin which might bleed if it becomes wet or exposed to humidity. This in turn can stain the surface.
  • Dried floral arrangements like cool, dark and dry. To prevent rapid deterioration, keep them inside.
  • Keep decorative front door wreaths away from heat sources and flames.

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