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9 Mobile Home Improvement Ideas

Mary and I selected 9 mobile home improvement ideas that not only add value, quality, and comfort to your home but also increase pride in your manufactured home!

We believe that by adding just one of these exterior home improvements could possibly increase the overall value and most definitely the curb appeal of your home.

Just think what you can add by doing several improvements!

9 mobile home improvement ideas you can use to bring more joy and appeal to your home! Front Porch Ideas and More

We welcome you to explore all 9 mobile home improvements we have for you. From adding just the right shutters to an outdoor screened room or front porch with a comforting outdoor ceiling fan, each home improvement option will increase the joy of living in your home.

mobile home parts
Mobile Home Parts Store

mobile home with accessible ramp to front porch

Curb-appealing home: Can't you just imagine flowers lining the picket fence in the spring and summer?

Explore Our 9 Mobile Home Improvement Ideas

front porch with gable roof addition to mobile home
Add a Porch, Deck or Addition

Add a porch, deck, screened porch, or addition for relaxing outdoor living...
faux mobile home skirting
Install Porch Skirting

See how your porch skirting options add appeal and functionality to your mobile home....

carport attached to mobile home
See These Carport Additions

Discover your carport options and other uses for these DIY roof assemblies....
bright blue window shutters on mobile home
Attach Exterior Window Shutters

Select the right window shutters for added appeal...

awnings on mobile home
Install Awnings for Shade and Appeal

Window awnings help reduce energy bills and add value to your home...
updated siding on  mobile home
Update Your Home's Siding

Discover your options from which to update your mobile home's siding...

man replacing windows on mobile home
Replace Your Home's Windows

Updating your windows will save you money and add intrinsic value....
bright red door on mobile home
Replace Your Front Door

Replace your front door for energy savings and to add beauty....

curb appealing mobile home front porch
Concentrate on Increasing Curb Appeal

Find easy ways to add immense curb appeal to your home...

#1 - Add a Porch or Outdoor Room
to Your Mobile Home

Adding a front porch or even a deck to a mobile, manufactured, or modular home not only adds immediate charm but also extends your outdoor living space. Show your mobile home pride by welcoming family, friends, and guests under a porch roof.

You also have almost as many design porch options as you would with conventional homes. When designed and built correctly, your front porch will appear as a seamless addition to your home.

gable style front porch with red door on mobile home
Photo by Ready Decks
Free-Standing Gable Style Front Porch
Adding a front porch or landing can be quite economical depending on the style and materials used. It not only adds immediate curb appeal but also can be an asset if you sell your home.

Adding a porch is definitely is one of our top mobile home improvement ideas.

flat roof front porch on mobile home
Flat Roofed Front Porch
A landing like the one below can provide sufficient space for relaxing with friends or gazing at stars; it's also the perfect place to add outdoor decorations, plants, or even container gardens!

uncovered front porch on mobile home
Welcoming Front Porch Entrance Addition
Although you cannot attach the porch or deck directly to your mobile or manufactured home like you would with a stick-built or conventional home you can still add an aesthetically pleasing front entrance to welcome your family and guests.

mobile home with accessible ramp to front porch
Mobile Home Front Porch with Accessible Wheelchair Ramp

Remodel Your Existing Porch

Already have a front porch? Adding on, updating, or just reconfiguring your front porch can add tremendous value to your home. Take a look at this "BEFORE" and "AFTER" porch remodel project.

manufactured home with old looking front porch before remodel

manufactured home with remodeled front porch

Remodeling can make a huge difference. Upgrade using composite woods and you not only minimize maintenance but also will have a porch to last a very long time.

See more mobile home remodeling projects courtesy of The Mobile Home Parts Store.

Opt for a Screen or Three Season Porch

Love to extend your outdoor time? Why not add a screened porch or three season porch and enjoy the outdoors in ultimate comfort. We love our screened porch and put it at the top of our best mobile home improvement ideas.

screen porch kits options for mobile homes There are many screen kit options that would work perfectly on a mobile or manufactured home. From walls only kits to those with roofs, you can easily install them on your deck or porch. Now you can relax or dine in the outdoors bug free!

Make It a Three Season Porch or Room Addition

Yet another option is to build a three-season porch. You can opt for traditional glass windows or consider what Mary and I love - EzeBreeze porch windows from DIY Eze Breeze.com. They are one of our fine sponsors.

Learn more about these windows in our porch window section. You get the benefit of both screens and windows without having to store glass panels. All you need is porch framing - the custom windows with screens arrive in the sizes you need and installation is a snap!

ezebreeze porch window options for mobile homes

outdoor ceiling fan on porch ceiling Now that you have your porch, screened porch, or three season room, why not add an outdoor ceiling fan!

#2 - Add Creative Mobile Home Skirting

Mary and I use custom skirting on our deck!

Mobile home skirting is almost a necessity but it doesn't have to be "ordinary". Add or update your skirting for either your mobile home, front porch, or deck to enhance the appeal of your home.

stone-style porch and mobile home skirting
Front porch and mobile home skirting for wonderful appeal
Although not required for porch or deck skirting, contact your local building codes department to determine the specific ventilation and moisture barrier requirements before choosing a specific skirting option for your home's skirting and underpinning.

Custom PVC Lattice Panels

Custom made to either a standard design (of which there are many) or be creative and design your own pattern, PVC lattice panels make superior porch skirting.

black pvc lattice panels as porch skirting under deck
Custom Black Lattice Panels with Square Design Porch Skirting
Made from high-quality PVC, these panels won't warp and because the color is ingrained, they are not apt to fade. Mary and I use these panels under our deck and can attest to their quality. Easy to cut and install, you'll be the envy of your neighborhood.

Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

More Mobile Home Skirting Options

stone porch skirting on mobile home
Stone-style mobile home skirting
brick porch skirting on mobile home
Brick-style mobile hHome skirting


vinyl panel porch skirting on mobile home
Vinyl panel mobile home skirting
mobile home parts store.com logo In the market for mobile home skirting and skirting accessories? A good place to start is the Mobile Home Parts Store! where they definitely have competitively priced products for mobile home improvements online!

For those who are concerned about heat loss, you might want to consider thermal or insulated mobile home skirting.

This unique rock-looking skirting add's to your home's curb appeal and can be used around your porch, deck, or steps.

With its R-7 insulation rating, it will definitely help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

#3 - Add a Mobile Home Carport

Carports not only provide protection from the elements but also can be used as outdoor space you can use on a variety of occasions. The are a great value for the money and are potentially good selling points when the time comes.

mobile home parts store.com attached carport Attached carports are normally available with everything you need to include roof panels, supporting columns, front and side fascias, gutters with down spouts, and all necessary hardware.

You may also have roof options like aluminum, locking panel, and galvalume to name a few.

Have space? You might also consider a stand-alone carport.

See your carport options at the MobileHomePartsStore.com; a great place to find almost everything for your mobile or manufactured home!

#4 - Dress Up Your Windows with Exterior Shutters

Adding decorative shutters to your windows is a quick and easy way to create lots of curb appeal. Shutters come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to complement your mobile or manufactured home.

brick porch skirting on mobile home
Exterior Shutters Add Curb Appeal
exterior shutters on manufactured home with front porch and ramp Shutters often add curb appeal and tend to soften the look of any home.

They also visually add symmetry, balance, and often times character to an otherwise plain looking home.

You can find decorative shutters in aluminum, wood, and vinyl which is normally the least expensive and maintenance free.

The burgundy shutters on this manufactured home definitely contribute to its charm!

Although there is no set standard for shutter height and width, it is usually best to ensure the shutters extend the length of the trim around your windows.

mobile home parts store home with red shutters
Red Shutters Are Striking!

Shutter width is determined by whether you want a decorative look only of if you want them to appear as if they would cover your entire window if closed.

Choose from a wide variety of style from louvered, panel, shaker, raised, to classic and board and batten!

Here's just a small sample of exterior shutters you'll conveniently find at The Mobile Home Parts Store:

sample of three shutter styles and colors by mobile parts store

Shutters are easy to install, they make an immediate impact, and are one of the best exterior mobile home improvements you can make.

#5 - Install Awnings Over Windows and Doors

Like shutters, window awnings are another mobile home improvement that not only adds a decorative touch but also can lower your cooling costs in summer.

yellow and white stiped awning over windows on mobile home
Mobile Home Window Awnings Can Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer
photo courtesy of Tiki Lisa
Select an awning material that best fits your budget and time. Most metallic, aluminum, and copper awnings require little maintenance but tend to be more expensive. Fabric and canvas are less durable and will have to be replaced periodically (depending on where you live).

A good source for awnings online is the Mobile Home Parts Store.

various awning choices by screen-house.com
Sample Awning Options from Screen-House.com

See the Rest of Our Mobile Home Improvement Ideas

pictures of mobile home improvement ideas
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These Porch Decorating Ideas

Kim's country porch on her mobile home
Thank you to Kim Kinney for sharing her porch with us
We gathered porch decorating ideas from mobile home owners - and how inspiring they are! Please stop by to see their mobile home porch ideas right here.

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