Consider a Self Watering Planter

and Other Attractive Planters for Your Porch

A self watering planter is handy not only because it will take the work out of watering but also add lots of appeal to any porch, deck, patio, or balcony. Add water and go on vacation without losing your plant investment when you get back.



And saves from finding someone to water your plants while you are gone.

These planters are ideal for your porch, deck, patio, or balcony. While some are quite expandable, others are are small enough to accommodate the smallest of porches or porticos.

Earth Tower Vertical Garden available at
Stackable Vertical 5-Tier Self-Watering Garden Planter from Amazon (affiliate)
Good news if you travel in the summer or just don't want to be bothered with watering every day.

Self Watering Planter Ideas You've Got To See!

Dave and I found a great assortment of self watering devices on Amazon (affiliate) in a variety of styles.

Vertical Self Watering Planters

Vertical gardening is all the rage and works really well on porches, decks, and patio areas. You can elect to grow flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables - or a combination of all four.

This is an amazing vertical planter that is easily expandable and is self watering. Grow a myriad of herbs and other wonderful foliage indoors or out.

SavvyGrow BloomWall Vertical Planter with Savvy Edge Technology available at
SavvyGrow BloomWall Vertical Planter from Amazon (affiliate)

Worth Self Watering Vertical Garden Planter available at
Worth Self Watering Vertical Garden Planter from Amazon (affiliate)

Nature's Distributing Stacking Planters available at
Earth Tower Vertical Garden Planter from Amazon (affiliate)
Made of durable Cyprus, this self-watering vertical planter is 4 feet high, has 4-sides with 46 feet of garden but fits in a small 2 x 2 foot space.

It is also on wheels making is super easy to position to catch the right amount of light.

blue bathtub used as outdoor flower planter
Obviously not self watering but definitely colorful! Perhaps not for your porch though.



More Self-Watering Planter Options

We found other solutions to your watering problems by finding several different planter designs.

Made from recycled materials, this Glopear planter is perfect for vegetables, herbs, and even flowers if you so desire.

glopear urban self watering planter from
Glopear Urban Garden Self Watering Planter - Amazon (affiliate link)
This planter has a unique urban design that fits any decor. Whether you use this indoors or out on the porch, it offers both great style and functionality.

SavvyGrow Ergo Planter self watering planter from
SavvyGrow Ergo Planter Planter (affiliate link)
Need to water for several weeks? This may be your answer. The Oasesbox self-watering planter can maintain your plants for up to 4 weeks.

Oasesbox Garden Flower Plant Planter from
Oasesbox self-watering porch planter - Amazon (affiliate link)

Raised Bed Self Watering Planters

Raised bed gardening makes it easy on the back and by selecting the right planter, can also add lots of appeal to your porch, deck, patio, or balcony.

This raised planter is made from rot-resistant cedar and will contain almost six cubic feet of mix. At four feet in length, it will fit nicely on almost any porch and provide ample growing space.

Garden Supply Raised Planter from
Gardener's Supply self watering porch planter - Amazon (affiliate link)
A little bit hungry? Try this 8 foot long raised bed made from insect resistant cedar. Plenty of space to grow an assortment of veggies or flowers.

Garden Supply 8 foot long Raised Planter from
Gardener's Supply 8 Foot Raised Bed - Amazon (affiliate link)
Our favorite raised bed planter that is definitely ideal for a porch - front or back! Small in size but packs a mighty plant holder into which you can add beautiful flowers or herbs. Has caster wheels and shelf for pots, soils, etc.

Algreen 32102 Ergogarden Elevated Garden Bed System  from
Algreen's Ergogarden Elevated Garden Bed System - (affiliate link)

Trellis Style Self Watering Porch Planters

Trellis planters are perfect for growing vine type plants and can also act as a privacy screen making it ideal for porches and other areas around your home. And because they are self watering, you can vacation without concern.

This trellis planter makes it easy to grow a variety of plants, whether they be flowering or vegetable, and is easily moved via its caster wheels.

Exaco Trading 1.416Green Calypso Planter from
Exaco Trading Calypso Planter with Wheels - Amazon (affiliate link)
Combination cedar butcher block and trellis combine to create an aesthetically pleasing planter suitable for any outdoor living space. Although compact, it provides 12 square feet of growing space.

Self-Watering Apex Trellis Planter from
Apex Trellis Planter - Amazon (affiliate link)
Self watering planters are awesome. Dave and I love the idea of planters on porches.

But when it's really hot or you go away for a few days, what is the biggest problem you have? Your plants dry out very quickly.

There are multiple solutions to keeping your plants watered, some of them being true self-watering pots and others being probes, spikes, troughs and even systems with mason-type jars. We found some good self-watering ideas on Amazon.


Consider a self-watering planter on your porch or deck if you:
  • Love to decorate your porch with live flowers and plants
  • Love flowers
  • Like to garden
  • Like fresh herbs or vegetables
  • Work lots of hours or travel often
  • Oops! Not one to conscientiously care for plants

Planters work in small or large spaces. We like the idea of gardening right on the porch - it's so handy to tend to herbs and tomato plants when they are right out your front door.

Whether you have a small porch or a spacious space, an outdoor planter is perfect for climbing vines, potted plants, gorgeous greens and colorful blooms.



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