Front Porch and Wood Deck Railings

Designs Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

These wood deck railings will give you almost unlimited ideas for your deck or front porch. The porch railing designs we show you here can be used to create massive curb appeal for your front porch or to enhance your deck. From plain square wood balusters to the most ornate Victorian spindles, wood balusters are extremely versatile and perhaps the most economical too.

Whether installed vertically or in intricate patterns, wood porch railings can make any porch look aesthetically pleasing.

painted wood deck railngs on front porch

Select one of our wood railing design options below for your front porch or deck.

What a Difference Wood Deck Railings Make

IMPORTANT NOTE: See our codes for railings guide before installing any type of railing system on your porch or deck. Consult with your local building codes department to make sure you know the specific requirements for your area.

Railing examples shown may or may not comply with your local codes and should be used for informational purposes only.

Create Interest with Diagonal Wood Baluster Designs

Get creative. See how these porches look with variations of the same baluster theme.

diagonal wood railings on front porch
Love these Chippendale style wood balusters
I don't know about you but I really like the wood deck rails in the photo above. They are unique, striking, and all just based on 45 degree angles.

diagonal style balusters on front porch

This cross pattern adds appeal and interest to this charming home.

wood railing design at 45 degree angles

Not to be out done, the pattern above works equally well and adds just a little more interest at the top. Just have to watch the spacing.

combination of wood railing designs

In the photo above, the herringbone pattern is combined with vertical balusters. Combining different design elements is an easy way to create a very unique design. It only requires a little imagination and careful layout work to keep the correct spacing.

rectangular porch railing balustrade

Although placed on a custom screen porch, the same design could be applied to a porch. This would require a bit more experience and skill to construct as it would also have to meet all code requirements.

diamond pattern diagonal porch railings

Add an additional vertical baluster to create a very unique railing design as shown above.

It is important to note that subtle changes can make big differences for your overall front porch design or to your wood deck railings.

Don't hesitate to try different patterns and/or combining other baluster designs (like the vertical balusters in the photos above) to create just the right look for your home.

Do You Like Square Baluster Designs?

Square or rectangular balusters give you other options for designs as well like the one below. Increasing or decreasing the spacing between them can totally change the look so experiment to find the right look.

Creating squares (or rectangles) can be interesting as well. Instead of 45 degree angles, these are all 90 degrees. What a difference a few degrees make!

square front porch railing design

As long as you meet your local codes for wood baluster spacing, a checker-board pattern will work like the one in the photo above.

wood railings
photo by Young House Love
The rows of rectangles create a fence-type theme. The gap between the top rail and rectangles give it an open feeling.

rows of rectangles as porch railing design

This combination of squares and rectangles makes a very interesting pattern. Would work on almost any porch architecture to include a Victorian.

Remember, you are limited only by your own imagination and your local building codes. Most codes require a maximum of 4 inches between balusters (and 4 inches from the bottom rail to the deck flooring. As long as you do not exceed that almost any design is feasible.

The following photos are courtesy of The Porch Company and are very good examples of custom made balustrades.

white wood railings in a rectangular design
Customizing your balustrade offers you many choices

lattice style wood deck railings
Note the size of openings in this balustrade and compare it to the one below

lattice wood railings
Changing the size of the openings (if only slightly) can give your porch a different look
Learn more about The Porch Company here.

Wood Deck Railings - Did You Know?

Not all porches require a railing system. Railings are required if your porch is 36 inches or more from the ground (check with your local codes department for your area's specific requirements).

However, if you opt to install wood deck railings on a porch that is lower than 36 inches, your railings may still have to comply with your local building codes.

How About These Vertical Baluster Ideas

Perhaps the most popular design; I suspect its mainly because it may be easier, faster, and less expensive to construct. So, how do you make it more interesting?

vertical balusters on front porch

In the photo above, wood balusters are grouped together to create a more pleasing design.

wood porch railings

Use curved spindles. They definitely make a statement and give your home some real curb appeal.

vertical porch railing design
Combination of vertical and diagonal balusters create interesting design

See These Classic Turned Balusters

colorful turned porch balusters
Attractive turned front porch balusters
Turned balusters can be very decorative wood deck railings and can be seen on all types of porches too. Several traditional styles are usually sold at local home supply stores.

More intricate designs can be custom made or purchased through specialty retailers like Vintage Woodworks.

Check out our examples of turned baluster ideas that can be used as wood deck railings on your porch.

Turned porch balusters on Victorian round front proch
Turned balusters add interest to this already unique front porch design

Turned porch balusters
This color combination softens the look of this front porch

most curb appealing front porch with turned balusters
Note how the color of the top rail of this balustrade matches the house trim

Need Replacement Balusters?

We discovered Amazon has a wide variety of balusters from which to choose in case you are looking to replace all or even just one of your porch balusters.

Replacement porch or deck balusters options - (Amazon affiliate link for which we may receive a commission)

Wood Deck Railings Design Idea: The maximum distance between balusters is usually 4 inches - most make it 3 7/8 inches just to be sure. That doesn't mean you can't place them closer together.

If using smaller diameter balusters, consider placing them two or three inches apart.

complementary colored turned porch balusters
The added trim color on the balusters adds a pleasing look to this porch

Turned porch balusters on colorful Victorian front porch
Turned balusters give you lots of options for paint combinations

Turned porch balusters on contemporary farm house porch
The spacing of turned balusters can also provide you with different looks

Turned porch balusters on front porch with American flag
Note how the thickness of turned balusters change the overall appeal of the porch

Look at These Flat Sawn Balusters

Flat sawn balusters(or railings) are one of our favorites. Unique in design, they offer appeal no other railing design can match. Designs can range from the simple (first photo below) to the very ornate as shown.

grey sawn wood railings on front porch

wood sawn balusters (railings) on classic farmhouse front porch
A most curb appealing sawn balustrade
Sawn balusters, another wood option, are not just for Victorian porches. See our sawn balusters section containing amazing photos and ideas on how they can increase your porch's curb appeal.

See our sawn baluster section for more ideas!

That's Not All

Nothing says you have to use lumber for balusters. As long as they meet local building codes, other wooden materials can be used.

Here, mountain laurel branches form interesting balustrades:

mt laurel wood railings on porch steps

mt laurel custom design wood railings

See our Mountain Laurel porch railing section for more ideas!

Hope you enjoyed seeing how designs for wood deck railings can be used on your porch. See how Vintage Woodworks can make your dream porch a reality. They specialize in balusters and other porch parts.

Would you like to change the look of your porch railings to enhance the look of your home but need assistance? We can help. Use our handy referral form to find a local contractor.

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