Wood to Stone Decks

Turn Your Front Porch or Deck Flooring
From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Wood to stone deck conversions have never been easier thanks to products like Silca System® structural underlayment.

You now have the ability to construct or renovate your elevated deck or front porch using stone, brick, slate, or other non-wood flooring material.



This innovative and unique wood deck design idea is perfect for porches, walk ways, patios, stairs, sidewalks, docks, gazebos, and more. It is also ideal as an above ground pool deck idea.

Easy to install, you can convert almost any elevated deck to the stone material of your choice. It allows you to extend your patio or walk way material directly onto your porch!

Silca System® deck with stone pavers
Yes, your deck can look this beautiful!
Silca System® allows not only the DIY-Yourselfer, but also contractors, deck and porch builders, and others to create amazing outdoor structures.

Silca System®
So simple, yet so ingenious
Silca Grate™ (pictured at left) honeycombed designed platforms are sized to fit over standard deck joists and are secured with screws.

Each grid measures 1 1/2 inches and covers 2 square feet. The hexagonal design ensures maximum strength for both elevated and ground-level decks or porches and other applications as well.

See This Innovative Flooring System on a Screened Porch

Wood to Stone Decks - How Does It Work?

New Deck or Porch Construction

The photo below depicts the placement of Silca System® on a new conventionally built deck. Joists are placed on 16" centers upon which the Silca Grates™ are secured.

If adding grout between your stones, bricks, or other materials, place landscape fabric over the grates. Then add your selected flooring material.

Silca System® deck with stone pavers

Not only do you acquire a sophisticated looking deck or porch, you also minimize maintenance while potentially extending the longevity of your structure.

Silca System® grates on deck
Silca System® installed on deck

Resurfacing an Existing Deck or Porch

I've built and resurfaced many decks over the years and believe this is a really neat way to convert an existing deck into a striking outdoor living space.

Simply remove the existing decking material. Follow the general process as outlined above.

You may have to add 2x4 supports to the existing floor joists to support the grates if you have insufficient threshold height (height from the top of your flooring to the bottom of your doorway) as depicted in the photo below.

Silca System® deck with stone pavers

We like the total versatility of this product. It isn't all or nothing. You can transform all or part of your deck or front porch with this unique structural underlayment.

Perfect for Deck and Porch Steps Too!

First impressions are important. Easily convert your traditional wooden steps to something your friends will envy. Your visitors will be amazed at the beauty of your deck whether it is elevated or not once they set foot on your new stone steps.

Silca System® used on deck steps
Silca System® being installed on deck steps

stones on deck steps
Traditional deck steps converted to stone

Watch This Short Instructional Video

Ready to transform your deck or porch? Learn more about Silca System® below!

Innovative Ideas for Wood to Stone Decks

Walkways, Bridges, and More

Mary and I are also excited to see how easy it is to use for other structures as well.

Because of their design it should be easier to use for a variety of projects. Walk ways, bridges, patios, and stairs come to mind along with creating platforms for planters, surrounds for mailboxes or other outdoor structures, a patio or work area around a shed, grill pads, and more.

Silca System® for walkways

Use Silca System® technology to create sophisticated and elegant outdoor structures like this garden bridge.

Silca System® bridge construction

completed bridge using Silca System®

We love this idea and it would have been perfect for us on a previous deck. Use Silca System® technology to create a space for an outdoor fireplace right on your deck. How cozy is that!

fireplace on deck

Important Planning Considerations for Wood to Stone Decks

We've determined there are several key planning considerations you must apply to your building or renovating porch or deck project.
  • Your deck's infrastructure must be of sufficient strength and free from rot or decay. If converting from a wood to stone, we recommend you remove the existing flooring material and have it inspected by a building inspector to ensure it complies with local building codes.
  • Carefully consider your stack height and you finished floor height. Include threshold heights in your calculations. If you have sufficient threshold height you will probably be able to attach the grates directly to the tops of your joists. Otherwise, you may have to attach treated 2x4s to the joists as depicted in the photo above.
  • Stack height refers to the total height of your grate plus the material you place on it. For example, the grate is 1 1/2 inches thick and if your brick is 3 inches thick your stack height is 4 1/2 inches. Use your stack height calculation to adjust the height of your flooring around obstacles like thresholds.

    diagram showing total stack height

  • Use landscaping fabric between the grates and your flooring if you are going to use Polymeric sand between your bricks or stones.
  • Comply with your local building codes. See below for a link to basic deck building codes courtesy of Silca System®

If you are contemplating building a new deck or porch or remodeling your existing structure Mary and I encourage you check out wood to stone deck conversion systems like Silca System®.

Porch Ideas Network Podcast Logo Be sure to listen to our audio program featuring Bart Stuchell, President of Silca Systems®, who shares ideas and tips for using this innovative product!

Silca System® logo Silca System's® manufacturing facility is headquartered in Alliance, Ohio, and their product is shipped all over the USA.

Their product, the Silca Grate™, makes it possible for DIY homeowners, deck architects and builders to be creative with decking options in outdoor living areas.

Silca Grate™ opens up new opportunities for resurfacing or remodeling your existing porch, patio, balcony, or deck with materials such as solid brick or natural stone. You will be surprised at what is possible with the Silca System®'s innovative and creative products.

Silca System® deck with stone pavers


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