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An Exterior Screen Door

Perfect Way to Add More Beauty to Your Porch

An exterior screen door adds immediate beauty and value to any home. Install a new door or upgrade your existing screen door and add more functionality, durability, and beauty.

Whether you choose a classic wooden screen door, a durable aluminum screen door, or a versatile vinyl screen door, Mary and I suggest you select one that enhances the overall curb appeal of your home.

Mary and I know from experience that having a well-built door is a must. Your door has to withstand not only wind and weather but also pedestrian traffic, pets, and the occasional foot or hand pushing on the screen itself.

colorful wooden screen door on front porch

A Very Charming Front Screen Door

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Aluminum Screen Doors

custom designed exterior screen door
PCA Products Exterior Screen Door
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

We extend our thanks to PCA Products for allowing us to feature their metal screen doors with you. Learn more about PCA Products below.

PCA Products exterior screen door on screened porch
Exterior Screen Door Enhances Curb Appeal
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

Video: See How Strong PCA Doors Are!

Video: See How Strong PCA Doors Are!

An Exterior Screen Door: Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Invest wisely in a high quality metal screen door and receive years of almost free maintenance, beauty, and durability. Here are a few factors you should use when selecting the right exterior screen door for your enclosure or porch.

Durability - No Sagging or Twisting

Not all aluminum screen door frames (the most critical part) are the same. Ensure the frame is manufactured to the highest standards.

PCA Products corner key diagram As an example and for comparison purposes, PCA Products's doors are made with internal corner key systems as shown at right.

In addition, their screen door frames are .065 inches thick and have a continuous piano-type hinge extending the entire length of the door. With a kick rail bar that is 1 3/16 inches wide along with a reinforced kick plate, the screen door is highly resistant to those common dents that suddenly appear.

Together, these important construction factors eliminate door sag and twisting, denting, and deterioration.

PCA Products decorative exterior screen door
Decorative Aluminum Screen Door
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

Right Handed or Left Handed

A quality aluminum screen door should be versatile. Don't necessarily settle for a strictly left-hand or right-hand opening door or one that can only open in or out. Look for a door that gives you more options, opens either way, and adjusts for height and width.

Styles to Admire

Mary and I would have loved a double door on our screen porch. We just didn't have that option at the time. Not so for you. If feasible, we recommend choosing a double door.

In addition, why settle for just a plain looking exterior screen door when you can design one yourself and in various colors.

PCA Products exterior screen door design tool PCA Products have a fun way to create your own screen door design and lets you select from over 60 screen door styles. We encourage you to build one to meet you own specific requirements. It's fun to use!

Screen Strength for Windy Areas

Live in a windy area? Ensure your screen door is capable of withstanding wind. PCA Products use a self-locking screen system with a locking spline to secure the screen - holds up to 525 pounds. After all, you don't want your door to blow away.

Watch Our PCA Products Video

Contact PCA Products

PCA logo PCA Products, Inc., a family-owned business and has been making handcrafted aluminum screen doors and enclosure accessories for over 25 years. Learn more about their aluminum screen doors along with their contact information.

Vinyl Screen Doors

Vinyl has advantages as an exterior screen door. It doesn't rot or fade and never needs painting. We prefer Screen Tight's vinyl screen doors because they meet some of the highest industry standards. We also like them because they come in a wide variety of styles and are available at Home Depot.

Watch this short video on installing a Screen Tight's vinyl door

Vinyl Screen Door Options

Here are just a few of your many Screen Tight's vinyl screen door options:

vinyl screen door by Screen Tight for front door

vinyl front screen door by Screen Tight

vinyl screen door with square pattern

pet screen door by Screen Tight

Vinyl French Doors

screen French doors by Screen Tight For larger openings choose screen French doors kits.

This option is perfect for those with existing French doors leading to a deck or patio.

They can also beautify a front French doors too.

Winterizing Acrylic Windbreaker Panels

acrylic wind panels by Screen Tight
Quickly extend your outdoor time by installing acrylic panels on your Screen Tight's doors!

Installed on the outside of your screen door, the panels block wind, rain, and snow.

You can find Screen Tight's screen doors at They offer a wide selection of styles and you can shop from home online to make it easy.

Looking for a push bar or screen door guard for your screen door? Look no futher.

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