Install an Aluminum Screen Door

On Your Front Porch or Screen Porch Enclosure
For Durability and Curb Appeal

An attractive custom aluminum screen door adds appeal and value to any home - instantly.

But not all aluminum screen doors are the same so if you are looking for beauty and durability, Mary and I may have just the right metal screen door for you.



The design and engineering that goes into making a screen door from PCA Products is noteworthy.

Mary and I toured their manufacturing facility to see the entire production process.

Although we do not know specifically how other manufacturers construct their metal screen doors, we can attest to the quality and engineering that goes into a PCA Products screen door.

custom designed front aluminum screen door
Photos courtesy of PCA Products
You can make a statement with a beautiful exterior screen door like these from PCA Products. They are one of our fine sponsors.

PCA Products is one of our advertisers and we are proud to tell you about their aluminum door products. We have personally seen their products and appreciate the construction of their screen doors.

We like the fact their metal screen doors are designed to alleviate what most people find most annoying in a screen door.

Video: Craftsmanship of PCA's Aluminum Doors

Take a moment to listen to Steve Pfeffer, President of PCA Products, explain the features of his screen doors.

Avoid These Four Major Screen Door Annoyances

Annoyance #1: Sagging and Twisting Doors That Don't Shut Properly

Not all aluminum screen door frames (the most critical part) are the same. Ensure the frame is manufactured to the highest standards.

PCA Products corner key diagram As an example and for comparison purposes, PCA Products' doors are made with internal corner key systems as shown at right.

In addition, their screen door frames are .065 inches thick and have a continuous piano-type hinge extending the entire length of the door thereby creating a solid connection between the door and the door frame.

They also developed the Thru-Lock System™ which means no unsightly welds and stronger overall frames.

Together, these important construction factors eliminate door sag and twisting compared that with typical home supply store screen doors.

Annoyance #2: Screen Comes Loose

Unsightly, difficult to repair, and you can never seem to get the screen as tight as it was originally.

If I were to solve that problem I'd create a system whereby when you pushed on the screen it would actually tighten, not loosen. But I discovered I was too late with that idea.

PCA Products' screen doors are built to do just that. They use a flat locking spline system that keeps the screen tight; it won't come out.



Video: See How Much Weight a PCA Screen Door Can Hold

Seeing this family stand on a PCA screen door gives you some idea.

Now you won't have to struggle with tightening your screen while trying to push that round rubber spline back in place while hoping it holds.

Annoyance #3: Screen Tears

There's nothing more aggravating than having the screening on your screen door tear. Patching it with duct tape is not appealing.

If you have pets, children or grand children, chances are your screen needs to withstand some rough wear. So you need options.

PCA Products Super Screen logo Select from standard screening or if you prefer, their Super Screen. If you have pets choose their pet screening material.

You can even design your door with pet screen on the bottom and standard or Super Screen on top.

The heavier the screening material the less transparent it becomes. Pet screening is woven tightly to prevent tears and therefore is darker than standard screening.

By using pet screening on the bottom of your screen door and standard or Super Screen on top, you maximize the light and view while simultaneously protecting integrity of your screen.

You can even go a step further and have PCA Products incorporate a pet door in your screen door.

Annoyance #4: DIY Installation Issues

A quality aluminum screen door should be easy to install taking the guesswork out of how it is supposed to fit in your opening. What if it didn't matter whether you need a left-hand open out door or a right-hand open in screen door?

And how many times have contractors brought the wrong door only to have to reschedule the appointment?

Look for a door that gives you more options, opens either way, and even adjusts for height and width to make a perfect fit in your opening.

For the DIYer, I find these doors easy to install. Understanding that not all door frames are perfectly square, PCA's doors are adjustable to fit the space making it not only easier to install but also making it very attractive fit. You don't have to cut your new door to fit your opening as you would with vinyl or wood screen doors.

PCA Products logo

Let PCA Products Help You

We've only addressed a few of the issues most screen door owners have faced over the years. Mary and I know that an aluminum screen door from PCA Products is the answer for many. We encourage you to contact them today to see how you can acquire one of the best aluminum screen doors on the market.

They are just a "click" away!

More Aluminum Screen Door Ideas

Perfect for Front Porches,
Screened Porches and Screen Porch Kits

Stylish, curb appealing, and functional, an aluminum screen door is ideal in almost any location on your home.

Try to Match Your Home's Architectural Features

It is wise to maintain the architectural look of your home when adding any new exterior feature. Installing a custom designed aluminum screen door makes that easy to do.

In the photo below, note how the metal screen door insert mimics the architectural lines on this home, from the siding to the light panel to the right of the front door.

metal screen door with unique architectural features
Metal screen door architecturally compatible with home

custom designed front door aluminum screen door
Quality aluminum screen doors create curb appeal

custom designed front door aluminum screen door
Beautiful trim on this door really adds beauty to this porch

custom designed front door aluminum screen door
Who wouldn't love calling this home?

custom designed front door aluminum screen door with tropical insert
Custom metal doors offer many options

The owner of this home included a tropical insert from PCA Products on their screen door to complement the palm tree landscaping. Such an easy thing to do and it instantly increased the appeal of their front porch.

You may not find the right style option at your local home supply store among the few they may have on hand. But don't despair, PCA Products has many styles from which to choose.

Superb for Screen Porch Kits and Enclosures

The only moving part on a screened porch or porch enclosure is the screen door so it needs both durability and appeal. If you are building a new screen porch or erecting a screen porch kit, you need to learn more about PCA Products' doors.

They have teamed with ScreenEze® as a way for you to construct an amazing screen porch.

custom designed exterior screen door on porch enclosure
Photo courtesy of PCA Products
A good example of a PCA Products exterior screen door on screen porch kit

PCA Products exterior screen door on screened porch

Attractive aluminum screen door for porch enclosure
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

PCA Products exterior screen door on screened porch

Double exterior screen door enhances appeal if porch enclosure
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

highly popular double exterior screen door

Double aluminum screen doors without center post
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

PCA Products logo

Let PCA Products Help You Today!

Now that you know how many ways in which to use aluminum screens doors from PCA Products, find out how you can add appeal and functionality to your home today!

Watch Our PCA Products Video

Screen French Doors

PCA Products' innovative French Screen Doors give you options you never had. Prior to PCA's product, your only option was to install a bar between the screen doors or install screen door sliding systems.

Either of the traditional options often diminish your view which is why you have French doors - to take advantage of the view. Now you don't have to be limited to a bar or a sliding system.

french screen doors by PCA Products
Uniquely designed screened French doors

Advantages of Alleviating the Center Post

  • you get an unobstructed view
  • easier to navigate with large items or larger groups of friends
  • maintains the integrity of your French Doors
  • creates a more expansive space for fresh breezes coming in

decorative french screen doors by PCA Products
Decorative screen French doors

How PCA Products' French Doors Work and Why That's Important

French screen doors must be able to open fully to allow for the view but also close securely too.

PCA Products' French screen doors use an astragal system, essential for creating a good seal, privacy, and to minimize outside noise and light between the screen doors.

Two flush bolts allow for an unobstructed opening. Because they are flush at top and bottom, the "fixed" screen door can be opened or closed easily.

French Screen Door Porch Enclosure
Use screen doors to create a porch enclosure

Customized Aluminum Screen Door Design Tool

Mary and I had fun discovering PCA's options for designing your own screen door.

PCA Products offer an innovative screen door design tool where you can build your own customized entrance. It works for both single and double doors.

It's fun to see all the design combinations you can create.

Virtual Screen Enclosure Engine PCA Products
Virtual screen enclosure engine by PCA Products

An Exterior Screen Door: Beauty is More than Skin Deep

PCA Products employees making handcrafted aluminum screen doors
Handcrafted quality

The powder coating process is done by hand to the PCA aluminium screen doors
Richard powder coats an aluminum screen door frame
Dave and I had the privilege to visit the PCA Products facility, and their president, Steve Pfeffer, explained:

    "What really makes our products stand apart from others is that we powder coat each door by hand after fabrication.

    You get a much better finish. We're not using machines to do this. It's all being done by hand so you get a good visual and it makes for a nice long-lasting durable finish.

    One of the corners we could cut is that we could use painted profiles and just put up painted profiles, but you could end up with scratches from fabrication where [with the way we do] it you getting a great finish.

    Of course, this powder-coated finish is really designed for the harsh outdoor elements which translates to over 10 years of durability."

The two of us with Steve Pfeffer, President and Founder of PCA Products
The two of us with Steve Pfeffer
Dave and I recommend investing wisely in a high quality metal screen door to receive years of almost free maintenance, beauty, and durability.

Contact PCA Products

PCA logo PCA Products, Inc. a family-owned business located in Eastern Tennessee, has been making handcrafted aluminum screen doors and enclosure accessories for over 25 years.

They are located at
1729 Pittman Center Road,
Sevierville TN 38746.
Their phone number is 800-567-8897.

PCA develops a wide range of screen doors and screen door products to satisfy homeowners who want both style and durability.

PCA expanded its operations from not only manufacturing and selling directly to the public but also to wholesaling through a Partner network.

Mary and I encourage you to contact the good folks at PCA Products today. They can answer all of your questions and help you design a screen door to enhance the beauty of your home.

You will enjoy using their screen door design tool, too.

custom designed front aluminum screen door
Appealing aluminum screen door
(screen door and photo courtesy of PCA Products)

Listen to Our Podcast with Steve Pfeffer

Audio Program: Listen to our guest speak about his custom aluminum screen doors

Steve Pfeffer tells about his custom screen doors on our audio program. Listen here please.



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