Porch Flooring Installation - Part 5

Add an Access Panel and Project Finale

In Part 5 of Vintage Woodworks porch flooring installation video series, the remaining floor is installed and an access panel is constructed.



Although this project uses AZEK tongue and groove flooring and trim boards, the process is basically the same for any porch decking project. In this video, the porch floor installation is completed and baseboards are installed.

Be sure to revisit Porch Decking Videos 1-4 to see this project from the very beginning. Or visit our main flooring for porches page to see all of our related topics.

porch floor installation

Enjoy the Video

Video Summary

For those who cannot watch the video or who would prefer to read through it instead, we're providing a summary of the video here for you.

When they came to the corner of the house, they began cutting the flooring on an angle in order to meet the diagonal corner board. It appears that all cuts would be at 45 degrees; however, this isn't always the case. Some had to be adjusted slightly in order to fit appropriately.

porch flooring installation

If using a string line, it might be advisable to cut the angle first, fit the board against the diagonal, and let the board overhang the rim joist more than is necessary. After the boards are installed, run a chalk line and cut the ends off to the correct distance.

install the porch flooring

Working toward the center, move to the other end of the porch and begin installing boards. The first board will overhang the end the same distance as those on the other end of the porch.

Begin by installing the first board with the tongue toward the inside of the porch and fasten through the tongue.

how to install a porch floor

porch decking It is recommended that you rip (cut) the groove off the outside of this first board using a table saw.

For added strength, you should also face nail this board to the joists in addition to using screws through the tongue

AZEK porch decking materials

After the first board is installed, determine the squareness of this portion of the porch. Use the same methodology used in Part 3. For this project, the porch was only ½ inch out-of-square. It was fairly quick and easy to make the ½ inch using the spacers.

porch floor installation

Access Panel Construction

The original house had an access panel in the foundation wall at the front door. It was covered when the porch was added. For this project, a hatch will be added to the porch for access to the house foundation. Instead of cutting the hatch cover after the porch flooring was installed, it was built in place as the flooring was installed.

new porch floor

First, they added blocking to create a frame for the hatch. They then installed ledger boards along the joists that will support the hatch.

finish the porch floor

Cross pieces were installed on the hatches which will rest on the ledger boards. Fitting the hatches requires some precision. They must fit into the opening and must be level with the adjacent joists so that the hatch top is level with the porch floor.

completing the porch flooring project

tongue and groove porch flooring Dry fit the hatches in place and shim as necessary to ensure even spacing. You will have to remove the tongues of the last installed porch board and on the hatch so it will fit properly.

Once the hatch is in place, screw through the tongues and into the cross pieces. You will see that they attached ribbon as pulls which will later be replaced later with decorative pulls.

porch flooring - access panel

The remaining porch flooring is installed.

finished tongue and groove porch floor

The last step is installing baseboards. Instead of installing the old baseboards which were decaying, AZEK trim boards were used. Because they are made from cellular PVC, they resist insect and water damage and will last a very long time.

porch decking materials

Balustrades and trim will be added next to complete the porch.

finished porch deck

Vintage Woodworks installed a beautiful, almost maintenance free, and long lasting front porch they will enjoy for years to come.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only. Because every project is different and individual DIY skills vary, it's best to consult a licensed contractor about your specific project.

Want to add trim to your front porch? See our Porch Parts section for ideas to enhance the look of your porch using porch trim pieces.

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