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A porch is a place where warm memories are made....where a sense of family and neighbors is created...a place to relax and watch hurried walkers and children playing in the front yard. Whether you have a sweet little cottage or a classic colonial home, create an outdoor space that is useful and beautiful at the same time.

All covered entrances have space for a person to pause before entering or exiting the building. Size varies; however, from small porticos to large wrap arounds. Verandas, for example, are often quite expansive and may extend across the entire front as well as the sides of a home or building.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan is known for having the longest porch in the world at 660 feet in length.

beautiful iconic front porch

Ever notice how many porches are the backdrops for commercials and on so many movie sets? They remind us of home, family, and community.

They are places for celebrations, homecomings, and entertaining. Porches are places from which we wave our long-awaited hellos and sadly too, our goodbyes.

Porches are memory-makers.

Covered entrances vary by architectural style and many times just due to location and geography. If you haven't noticed already, porches are making a come-back among builders. People want covered entrances for many reasons, not the least of which is to create a warm and inviting appeal to their home.

beautiful front porch

Bring back charm to your home and get extra living space that is close to nature and open to fresh breezes and lovely light.

Like many other things, a covered entrance is more than just what meets the eye. It reflects the personality of your home and is the transition space from the outdoors to the inside. Therefore, each component of your entrance, from the foundation to the roof, is important.

Creating the Perfect Porch

Looking for front porch ideas? You have landed in the perfect place. You'll be surprised at how much information Mary and I have for you.

Whether building a new porch or remodeling your existing one, we offer hundreds of ideas to create a perfect little piece of heaven right at your front door. From designs and plans to columns and railings, you'll find a myriad of ideas to use. We also show you how to build, decorate, and landscape.


unique front porch roof design
Design Ideas for the Perfect Porch
Change the entire "feel" of your home by focusing on front entrance features like roofing, railings, and columns to start. Work with your home's architecture.
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beautifully decorated front porch
Decorating Your Porch
From the simple to the sophisticated, decorate for comfort and curb appeal. Whether you embrace privacy or parties, create the perfect outdoor space you always wanted.
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porch enclosure ideas
Enclose Your Porch, Patio or Deck
Enclosures are popular. Learn which options are just right for you - purchasing and installing an enclosure kit or tackling an economical DIY project.
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front porch construction and framing
See How To Build Your Porch
From foundation options to roofing materials, every porch consists of different components and construction methodologies. Get started on the right footing.
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custom screen porch with fireplace
Prolong Your Outdoor Time
Explore options for screening an existing covered entrance to building a custom designed screened porch.
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pictures of wonderful front porches
Front Porch Pictures
We have a myriad of front porch pictures to give you ideas for your porch. Be Inspired!
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front porch landscaping scheme
Landscape to Maximize Curb Appeal
Use landscaping as your color palette upon which to create a curb appealing array of beautiful foliage.
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Creating Privacy

front porch curtains for curb appeal and privacy
Porch Curtains
Outdoor curtains are not only beautiful blowing in the breeze but also functional. Porch curtains are just one way to create shade and privacy.
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Porch Furniture

outdoor rug on front porch
Relax in Comfort
Match your furniture to both your own decorating style and budget to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space.
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Outdoor Living

Westhaven Porchfest 2012
Entertaining Ideas for the Outdoors
Your porch is the perfect space for entertaining for graduations, porchfests, weddings, and holidays.
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wheelchair ramp design for front porch
Wheelchair Ramp Design Tips
Everyone should be able to access their porch or deck easily.
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Update Your Porch

Easy Porch Updates - Hometalk Curated Board
Easy Porch Updates
A collection of simple, affordable and fun porch updates.
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Porchology 101

screen shot of porchology videos
Porchology 101 Informational Videos
An array of short but informative videos on all types of porch subjects...
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Use Our Exclusive Front Porch Illustrator Tool

Have you seen our Front Porch Illustrator? Watch our video and then have fun using our porch design idea tool.

Historical Notes of Necessity, Decline, And Resurgence

The iconic front porch is yesteryear's family room. Where families gather today to play electronic games, play, and talk, those activities, in different forms, used to take place on porches. Before the advent of air conditioning, verandas provided shade and captured summer breezes.

Covered entrances were a much needed architectural feature. Not only did they provide shelter from the weather, they also aided in cooling the home during the hot summer months.

1889 A. W. Buck mansion The architecture of farmhouse porches moved from the country toward the cities. Families gathered in the evenings to talk about the day's events, greet neighbors as they walked by, and even conduct business.

This interaction with others also helped create a sense of community especially as Americans moved from an agrarian to an industrial lifestyle.

William Harding porch campaign Covered entrances were common on homes in the U.S. prior to the 1940's. Front porch campaigns were used by presidential candidates who remained close to home who would give speeches and greet supporters from their porch.

James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and William McKinley are perhaps the most well known "front porch campaigners".

Covered entrances became less prominent after that due to several reasons. The decline, I believe, can be attributed to the automobile, air conditioning, television, construction costs, and the popularity of back yard decks.

With the advent and subsequent popularity of the automobile, people began spending more time traveling than ever before. Whereas porch sitting was an essential part of the day, mobility gave people more flexibility as to how they spent their time.

Residential air conditioning and television were introduced in the 1920's and is usually associated with population expansion to the Sunbelt and gathering around the "tube" respectively. They also had an impact on front porches.

People no longer needed to sit outside under a porch roof to cool off. People began spending more time indoors watching TV in comfort and spending less time associating directly with their neighbors and communities as had previous generations.

advertisement for tract style homes Following WWII, builders began constructing tract-type homes for returning veterans. Porches began disappearing from homes in an effort to reduce costs.

In addition, back decks became popular further negating the need for front porches. Lastly, the popularity of decks and grills moved folks to their backyards.

That trend continued for decades; however, we are now seeing a resurgence of porches. Today, entire communities have been developed to replicate neighborhoods of years past. Sidewalks, street lighting, and of course porches are standard amenities.

Porches not only add immense curb appeal but also help cool your home in summer depending on the exposure. Porches can connect you with your family, the outdoors, and your community.

porch community
Porch Community

iconic American front porch
Iconic American Front Porch

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Shop for Porch Parts at Vintage Woodworks.
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