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Walkway Ideas

Use Our Walkway Pictures to
Create Your Own Walkway Designs

Our walkway pictures and information will give you plenty of walkway ideas for your front porch and home.

Walkways are extensions of your porch and if you landscape a walkway properly, it will enhance the look of your front porch and add lots of warmth to your home.

Walkway ideas collage

Interesting and intriguing walkway designs - like a winding brick or flagstone path can be very charming.

The right material can soften the appearance of a symmetrical home or could make a Cape Cod appear more formal. Just like your front porch railings and columns, the materials you choose can also reflect personality or creativity. From stained or stamped concrete, pavers, flagstones, brick or mulch to recycled materials, you have a wide variety to choose from that will complement the style of pathway you build.

The walkway in the photos below are not only imaginative but also make a focal point for the landscaping to come. Walkways don't have to be boring!

circular addition to traditional walkway

Walkway with stone border

Walkways don't have to be straight either. A little jog makes them more interesting.

attactive cobblestone look to walkway leading to porch

sophisticated stone walkway

stone walkway and complementary landscaping

Watch Our Walkway Designs Video

Part IV in our series of what makes a great front porch design.

Watch Our Walkway Designs Video

Part IV in our series of what makes a great front porch design.

Beautifully stained concrete steps and walkway. Concrete stain comes in a wide variety of colors.

stained concrete walkway idea shines in the sun

wide walkways enlarge your home's appearance

stone steps and evergreen landscaping leading to porch

varied landscape colors create intrigue on this walkway

natural stepping stone walkway on grass

Front Porch Illustrator - Perfect for Walkways

Use our Front Porch Illustrator to see how walkways affect the overall appeal of the front porch and home. We show both a one-story and two-story home with over 30 different styles of front porches.

front porch illustrator walkway ideas

Roll Out the Red Carpet

For some a walkway is only a means to get from one end to the other. For most of us, however, it can be a lot more. Here are some basic walkway ideas:

  • Create intrigue - A curved walkway that disappears behind shrubbery or hedges, for even an instance, can lend itself to a little intrigue. What object or destination lies ahead?
  • Create direction - A straight path leading right to the porch unmistakably says "this way"!

  • colorfully landscaped brick and concrete combination walkway

  • Create pleasure - A walkway that meanders a bit and lined with flowers, a front-yard garden, or mulched beds tempts us to slow down a bit and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Create a mood - A walkway, even a straight one, can be embellished with a row of stones, bricks, or pavers on either side. Add some ground cover that spreads over the edges to give it a softer look. Don't forget lighting! Use a variety of landscape lighting to create just the right look.

  • Meandering walkway

  • Create formality or informality - Larger traditional homes tend to have more formal walkways. Hence, most walkways should complement the style of home.
  • A meandering walkway with pavers and ground covers would fit right in with a craftsman or cottage home whereas it probably would detract from a formal contemporary home. The latter requiring perhaps a straight brick-laid path surrounded with a meticulous yard.

  • Create color- The best way to tie your landscaping to your home is through color. Make your walkway color match the color of your home. This is easier than you would think. Most walkway materials come in all colors. You can stain concrete. If that isn't enough, don't forget plants and flowers - colors can be limitless.

More Walkway Ideas and Design Tips

No matter your porch design, your walkway to your porch should be like a red carpet to your visitors.
  • Use four feet as your guide; allows for two people to walk side by side. Wider walkways may be more complementary for larger homes or those with large yards. Wide walkways immediately tell guests which path leads to the front door.
  • Here's a great tip for small porches and yards: A straight walkway leading directly to the porch will focus your eyes on the front door! So create a pleasing walkway and use your front door as a focal point which will add interest to a small porch!
  • Straight walkways are usually the easiest and less expensive to build and are easier to maintain (less snow shoveling)

  • Curved walkway

  • Curving walkways are pleasing to the eye and add a little mystique. They also cause you to slow down a bit so focus on adjacent landscaping.
  • Start with the origin. Where do you and your guests park? Often times two walkways make more sense. One from the street and another from the drive way can satisfy both requirements. Another option may be to place an additional walkway beside the drive way to the street.

  • Meandering paver walkway

  • Use materials that provide a smooth surface for the main walkway. Bricks, poured concrete, and mortared pavers or tiles are good materials. Use loose materials for secondary paths.

    See Nicole's walkway ideas. She transformed her old walkway by installing brick walkway.
  • Consider the weather when selecting materials. Mary and I have aggregate walkways and they can be very slippery when wet and worse when icy. Besides that they aren't good to walk on in bare feet! We wished our homeowner's association were open to other types of walkway ideas than just aggregate.

  • Ever see a long set of steps leading to a porch? Sometimes it can be a real climb to the top. By breaking the spacing and creating an additional landing, you make it easier for everyone plus you add extra interest.

    This can be easily accomplished by curving or zigzagging the walkway to create multiple flat landings along the way. It also gives you more opportunities for additional landscaping features.

natural stone walkway

Photo courtesy of l-t-l

DIY Walkway Idea

Check out the walkway Mary and I constructed in our yard and around our front porch; we show you how. It is easy to do and it adds both functionality and appeal!

View of new front porch landscaping around the side of our home

another line

Walkway Ideas for Accessibility & Safety

When developing these walkway ideas, we knew that accessibility and safety should definitely be addressed. Accessibility and safety are key elements in the design and construction of walkways.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Rule of thumb is no more than eight (8) steps without a landing.
  • Change the direction of the walkway at the landing to add interest
  • Make sure walkways are well lit. Check out our porch landscaping ideas section.
  • Provide a bench or short wall at a landing as a resting spot
  • When building walkways on inclines, these are the best combinations to use: 4.5 inch rise with a 17 inch tread; a 5.5 inch rise with a 15 inch tread or a 6.5 inch rise with a 14 inch tread.
  • Avoid a single step for a grade change; it's too difficult to navigate
  • Change patterns to visually note elevation changes
  • Ramps can be integrated into the landscape. Stair step landscaping alongside the ramp and plant flowering shrubs along with ground covers to make it unobtrusive.

Basic Rules for Ramps
  • The basic rule of thumb for ramps is that they cannot exceed a slope of 1’ for every 12’ or 1’ for every 20’ of incline. Remember that the steeper the ramp the more dangerous it becomes!
  • Landings must be located at both the bottom and top of the ramp and each time the ramp changes direction. Each landing should have a minimum of 60" x 60" turning radius.
  • Ramps must have handrails on both sides and extend a minimum of 12” beyond the ramp. There must also be a 2” edging along the ramp floor.
  • Ramps must have non-slip surfaces.
  • Visit our section on designing for wheelchair ramps for information on designs, porch lifts, and how to build a wheelchair ramp.

We hope these walkway ideas help you plan your own walkways and pathways to your porch!

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