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Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can provide you with not only exceptional color on your porch but also create amazing curb appeal. Hanging flower baskets, placed strategically, can also create a sense of privacy.



There's nothing quite like the colorful look of beautiful hanging baskets on your porch. Whether you choose a myriad of color or simply use flowing ferns, baskets of foliage can do wonders for any size porch.

hanging basket of flowers and trailing vine - just lovely

Video: 10 Minute DIY Rope Plant Hangers

Watch Lindsay's tutorials. She explains it well.

Pictures of Hanging Flower Baskets

Purple flowers in lovely cut-out-work metal basket
Love the lacy look of this container. Perfectly lovely!

Hanging baskets at Chanda's home
Photo courtesy of Sweet Tea and Aprons
What a sweet difference these hanging flower baskets make to this charming porch



hanging fern on front porch in Cape May NJ
Ferns are a classic plant to place in hanging baskets

Basket of pink petunias Two pretty flower baskets

And remember, you don't have to hang the baskets from your eaves or beams, you can use either plant stands and place them where you'd like or hang them from your porch railings.

colorful hanging baskets
Beautiful colors in these hanging baskets!

green and yellow flowers in hanging basket
A focus on yellows and greens

beautiful wicker hanging baskets
The wicker baskets are the stars here

beautiful flower baskets on porch railings
Lovely flower baskets on the porch railings

lovely hanging basket at end of front porch
Pink and orange make a wonderful combination

showy basket of flowers make for a big ball of color
The flowers complement the porch curtains

hanging baskets of flowers
Flower baskets add to the whimsy

hanging flowers in Cape May NJ
Magnificent flower baskets on this Cape May Victorian porch

porch basket of flowers
Photo is courtesy of antsphoto
You can also use hanging baskets as gardens on your porch. Hanging baskets are perfect for growing garden herbs. Begin by planting your herbs in peat pellets first.

Then, add sand to your potting soil as they tend to grow better in arid or lower saturated nutrient soils. Growing herbs in planters helps avoid insect infestations and any insecticides or herbicides.

The simplicity and beauty of this single basket of petunias adds a charming burst of color to this attractive porch.

The basket of flowers is focal point of this porch
The perfect burst of color

Reaching Hanging Flower Baskets

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Ever try to reach your hanging basket with a watering can only to have the water spill all over you? It's awkward.

We found one solution to this little life challenge: retractable hanger hooks so that you can lower your plants to water them.

Plant Pulley Retractable Hanger Hooks - Hanging Plants Garden Baskets Pots Bird Houses
Amazon affiliate link

Building Hanging Flower Baskets

Video: How Many Plants Will You Need?

Laura from Garden Answer does a nice job of explaining how many plants to include

Select a Basket

Most hanging flower baskets are made of either wire or plastic are range in size from 8 to 24 inches. Liners for wire baskets come in plastic, pressed paperboard, coco fiber, or sphagnum moss.

If you use a paperboard liner, drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Place a few small to medium size rocks in the bottom so the holes don't get clogged with dirt and prevent drainage. You may want to purchase water absorbing mats to line your containers also. select the right basket Sphagnum moss and coco fiber are very porous so they have the tendency to dry out quickly. These materials allow you to poke holes around the perimeter of the planter.

Prepare the Soil

Pay a little more attention to this step and you'll have great flowering baskets. Fill the container with lightweight potting soil. You can either purchase this type soil or make it yourself. (You'd need equal parts of vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss).

vibrant hanging baskets across front porch

Look for packaged soils that contain fertilizers, preferably slow-release. This will save you time later as you wouldn't have to add water-soluble fertilizers. Fill your container to about an inch or two from the top to make it easier to water.

Time to Plant

Consider this in two parts. One, select the right plants and two, arrange them to maximize their beauty. Choosing a single kind of flower will give you the greatest impact; selecting a combination can be interesting. Just make sure your basket is large enough to accommodate a variety of flowers.

very colorful hanging basket

Plants arranged nicely Also, you'll want to make sure your combo plants range in size from tall to short so that they can all be seen. Place taller plants in the center and work outwards with smaller sizes.

Leave the smallest and/or trailing plants for the edges. Also, try to include plants that flower at different times. Pinch the tops of plants when they appear leggy. Photo courtesy of Akrabat

Time to Water

Water your soil really well after planting. (Dave and I like to water the plants before they go into the basket. We dip the roots into a bucket of water for just a moment.)

Due to the nature of planters, you may have to water daily when it's really hot. You can purchase a long-neck watering device to help you reach baskets high overhead.

One way to see if they need water is to lift them slightly.

If they seem light- they need water. Going on vacation? Make sure you have someone water your plants when you are away or consider using a automatic self-watering planter.


Amazing number of colorful baskets on this porch
Brooklyn NY Beauty- photo by puzzler4879

Flowers and Ferns

This porch is made memorable by the gorgeous flower baskets and ferns.

baskets on country style porch

hanging baskets of ferns are a classic choice - beautiful

Ferns are a favorite plant for hanging baskets on porches and decks. Boston ferns like humid locations that receive plenty of indirect sunlight.

Try to make similar conditions to the rain forest - warm (but not super hot) temps in the day time followed by nice cool temperatures in the night.

They must be protected from frost (i.e. taken indoors) if you wish them to survive the winter.

We also have tips on hanging flower baskets from a vinyl porch ceiling.


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