Exterior Front Doors

Make A Statement On Your Front Porch

It's hard not to notice beautiful exterior front doors. Whether solid hardwood or painted a vibrant color, front doors make a statement on your porch.



Want instant curb appeal - paint your front door a vibrant color! Or, select an exquisite wood door with light panels.

bright blue exterior front door on front porch
This Door Speaks Cottage!
photo courtesy of szczel
No matter your preference, the front door is something everyone sees. If choosing a wood door ensure it is protected somewhat from the weather and are very popular for porches with extended roofs.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, can be used no matter your weather conditions.

Mary and I've selected various front door styles, colors, and options from around the country to share with you. In addition to providing you must-know exterior front door information, we also wanted you to see some fabulous front door options you might not have otherwise considered.

exquisitely painted exterior front door
Beautifully painted Victorian style front door
Enjoy viewing the exterior front doors we have in our gallery and envision what one of these doors would look like on your porch. Then check out our front door information that follows.

wooden front door with light panels and transom on front porch
12 Glass panel wooden door with complimentary light panels and matching transom
The light panels allow for additional light especially if you have a solid exterior front door. Nice place to display stained glass art also!

Painting Is a Great Option

Painting your front door can quickly change the overall appeal of your home. Whether you like subtle colors or ones that stand out to make a statement, choose the right front door paint.

Beautiful red exterior front door
A vibrant red definitely catches your eye

radiant red front door and rocking chairs
Radiant steel front door and matching rocking chairs

turquoise front door on front porch
Beautiful turquoise steel front door
We discovered an amazing front door paint by Modern Masters - take a look for yourself!

front door painted blue with Modern Masters paint
Listen to our podcast to discover your options

Front Door Elegance

Elegant front doors withstand the elements of time and showcase your home.

double wooden exterior front doors
Love wood? magnificent double wooden doors with teardrop style windows
Note the exquisite pilasters too!

white front door and transom
Front entrance in white

steel door with sophisticated light panels

This is a sophisticated steel front door with leaded glass and light panels and transom. Use this exterior front door design for an elegant appeal; it works well on more lavish contemporary homes.

Glass Front Doors

Not only do you gain more light but also timeless beauty.

front door with rounded glass
Love the leaded glass look

beautiful green front door flanked by pots of flowers

double doors with windows at top

front door with side lights and transom above

front door with many windows with grids, side light, transom

wooden exterior front doors with curved tops and pot of geraniums to the side

wooden exterior front doors with curved tops and pot of geraniums to the side

blue exterior front door- Herndon, VA
Exterior blue front door with contrasting red cushions

Dutch Door Options

Often called stable or half doors, Dutch doors are constructed so you can open the top half open while simultaneously allowing light and breezes to flow through the top half.

leaded glass dutch front door by Real Carriage Doors.com
Beautiful leaded glass Dutch door by Real Carriage Doors.com
Originally designed to keep animals out of farm homes or to keep children indoors, Dutch doors are still popular today. They come in a wide variety of styles. There are also Dutch doors for which you can add screens making them even more attractive.

Exterior Door Materials

Wooden: You can't beat the natural warmth and rich appearance of a solid wood door. As a woodworker, wood doors are my favorite choice.

You can find wood doors made from mahogany, hemlock, pine, walnut,oak, alder, cherry and even juniper. The only drawback is that wood doors need regular maintenance.

Fiberglass: Virtually maintenance-free and ideal for almost any climate, fiberglass exterior doors will not warp, rot, or split. They can be painted or stained and usually have wood grain finishes so refined that you can't tell it's a fiberglass door.

Steel: Extremely low-maintenance, steel doors are made from heavy gauge galvanized steel. They have the best fire ratings (up to 90 minutes or more) and are designed to meet hurricane-prone area code requirements. They too, can be painted or stained to look like wood doors.

Composites: The core of composite doors will not rot, warp, or twist when subjected to high levels of humidity because manufacturers blend different materials to form a strong door. The core is then wrapped with real wood. Composite exterior doors offer the beauty of wood, but without the problems of warping or splitting.

Screen Doors:
Wood Screen Door: There's nothing quite like the sound of a wooden screen door slamming shut in summer. A beautiful wood screen door will instantly add charm to any home.

Easy & Instant Screen Door: When you want to enjoy the outdoors and catch the breeze but can't have a standard screen door installed, consider using an instant screen door.

Aluminum Screen Door: Not only are they almost maintenance free, but also add curb appeal as they can be custom designed. And, they will last a very long time.

Push Bars: Mary and I like to protect our screen doors by using push bars - can save both repairs and money!

Your porch's front door needs to be strong to withstand the weather, secure to repel intruders, stylish to make a great first impression, and last but not least, fit your budget.

Your front door can also add immense curb appeal and value to your home. Exterior front doors make a first and lasting impression!

red exterior front door
photo courtesy of Michael's photos

Exterior Front Door Style Tips

Match your front door with your home's architecture:

Queen Anne: The Victorian-era doors have either a single pane or leaded glass in their tops and elaborate carvings and moldings below.

Queen Anne style exterior front door on front porch with purple furniture

Craftsman: Craftsman doors have wider stiles and bottom rails along with flat panels. Craftsman era inspired glass designs and windows may have elaborate leaded-glass. Craftsman style doors are solid and built for functionality over formality.

typical Arts and Crafts Exterior Front Door

Contemporary: Authentic choice for homes with modern architecture; their visual warmth makes them suitable for traditional homes too.

Ranch: Contemporary doors match an exterior that has clean horizontal lines.

Tudor Revival: Adapted from the English Renaissance, Tudors have board-and-batten doors, often with arched or pointed tops.

Cape Cod: The doors of this post World War II style usually have raised panels and are complemented with upper windows or transoms.

Colonial Revival: Raised-panel doors have a symmetrical style and are accented with a fanlight and flanking sidelights.

brightly colored exterior front door

Select your front door based not only on its beauty, but also on what weather conditions it must endure. Our guide and photos below will help you select the perfect door for your porch.

And don't forget to add door decorations to complement your porch to have a winning combination. A colorful wreath can make an ordinary door extraordinary quickly.

colorful exterior door

We have more exterior front door photos you must see!


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