Fantastic Autumn Decorating
Ideas for Your Porch

You know autumn decorating is just around the corner when the summer sun starts setting earlier in the evening.

When Mary and I think of decorating ideas for fall, we immediately envision plump pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, scarecrows and cornstalks.

Autumn decorating is tons of fun as it gives you the opportunity to use such beautiful and vibrant fall colors!

Our section on front porch decorating for fall contains a myriad of ideas you can use to create a beautiful autumn porch.

John and Susan's Splendid Fall Porch

beautiful autumn porch in Cape May NJ
Kind readers, John and Susan, shared their autumn porch with us
John's porch has those wonderful porch steps. Not too long ago they added the middle handrail, which makes it so much more comfortable to go up and down the steps with ease.

We love the colorful mums that adorn their New Jersey porch. Please enjoy more pictures of this wonderful porch on our handrails page.

Nature's Bounty is a Ready Supply of Autumn Beauty

harvest blessings from our friend Debbie
Remember how simply you can bring autumn to your doorstep
Just gather up nature's harvest and you will have something of great beauty for autumn decorating! With thanks to our reader, Debbie, for sharing this pic with us.

Jody's Gorgeous Autumn Porch

Jody's autumn porch is very refreshing in greens and cranberry

Jody, one of our Facebook friends, shared her autumn porch. Don't you just love the refreshing green and cranberry colors together?

The ferns and sweet pumpkin pillow are absolutely delightful! It gets me in the mood for autumn decorating.

Sylvia's Splendid Autumn Decorating

Autumn porch

One of our readers, Sylvia, shared her gorgeous autumn porch pictures with us. Such brilliant pops of autumn orange, gold and red make her porch very festive this time of the year. Joyful autumn decorating!

Autumn porch

Beautiful bird houses, bales of straw, bright orange pumpkins and autumn foliage make this autumn porch spectacular.

Autumn porch

We really like how Sylvia carried the autumn theme to her porch landscaping. Her decorations look so fresh and fun.

Autumn porch

The brick porch floor and deep red screen door are a perfect complement to Sylvia's fall decorations. We love it when our readers share their porches with us!

Watch Our Autumn Porch Video

Enjoy our relaxing video of beautiful autumn porches. Thank you for watching!

Sherry and Her Daughter Decorated for Autumn

Sherry and her daughter decorated the porch together

Sherry shared these pictures with us of her daughter's porch and home. They decorate together. Makes for perfect mother-daughter time together.

Look What We Found For Fall!

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

Mary and I discovered some wonderful decorations you can use for your porch and home this year. We were delighted to see not only whimsical and fun items but also many sophisticated items both adding immense curb appeal to your home. Here's one example that will welcome your fall guests:

Fall Front Door or Porch Column Banners - Amazon affiliate

We found lots of other fall ideas here (affiliate link) that we know you'll enjoy.

Autumn Magic on the Porch

Autumn porch

Such simple elegance - leaf garland trailing down the stair banister, beautiful mum and pumpkin on the porch steps

A beautiful country porch decorated for fall

Isn't this a wonderful country porch? Talk about welcoming for autumn. Denise of The Rusty Heart and her daughter, Audra, created this magical porch for fall.

If you like their autumn decor, then you will love Denise and Audra's elegant Christmas decor, too.

Denise's beautiful country porch ready for fall

Another view so you can see their bountiful decorations.

The changing of the weather, as it cools down, is like a breath of fresh air that starts with your front porch and goes all through your home.

Make your front porch radiate an inviting and cozy feeling that you want friends and family to experience as they come to visit during the holidays.

Debbie's Autumn Porch

Debbie has a delightful townhouse porch decorated for fall

We are delighted to show you how Debbie decorates her townhouse porch for autumn. She is proof positive that town home porches can be every bit as inviting and pretty as single home porches.

With colorful fall garlands, welcoming autumn banners, Debbie's handmade wreaths and seasonal mums, Debbie's porch is as welcoming as it is eye-catching.

Debbie's blog, Debbie-Dabble, reflects her love of life and family. She has been a registered nurse for many years and loves to decorate her town home with a Victorian flair. We thank you, Debbie, for sharing your autumn porch decorating with us.

Video: We Visited This Gorgeous Porch in Savannah

Magnolia Hall - Guest house for the
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

More Pictures of Porches Decorated for Autumn

Use the photos we have collected of autumn decorating ideas; they are sure to inspire you. Try these ideas to fit you own decorating style.

Charlene's country porch decorated for autumn

Charlene shares her autumn decorating style with us, too. This is a photo she submitted in last year's autumn photo fest. We enjoy her country farmhouse porch and her cute little dog.

mums and pumpkins on front porch
Photo courtesy of A Memory Lane
We love the simplicity of these autumn decorations on the porch steps and front door.

traditional cornstalks, mums, and pumpkins on porch
Photo courtesy of Jan Barlow
I bet this home is decorated for autumn throughout. Very fanciful and inviting front porch.

Beautiful Autumn decorated porch with whimiscal scarecrow
Photo by House of Boyds
Replicating this fall decorating scene on your porch would be fun for the entire family. Experiment with the placement of the scarecrow to achieve different effects.

porch decorated for fall with pumpkins and mums
Photo by Teeny Tiny Cabin
Dress up your existing mum's pots with gourds and pumpkins to add a bit more "autumn" to your plants.

autumn decorated porch with picket fence and pumpkins

Traci of Cottage with The Red Door, added autumn "simplicity" to create a dynamic look for a small porch! The section of fence and sign make for an interesting backdrop to the mums below. You could also tie cornstalks to the column for added effect.

Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas eBook cover 200x156 Love Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas? We may have just what you need!

We've collaborated with 40 top bloggers who love to decorate for fall to bring you a myriad of ideas, projects, and even a few recipes too.

Order your copy today!

Autumn Decorations Video

Watch our compilation of autumn and Halloween decorating ideas

Don't Limit Yourself to Pumpkins

When decorating your front porch for autumn, you need not be limited to the use of traditional pumpkins. Be creative when coming up with decorating ideas for fall.
  • Visit your local department and craft stores to look for awesome autumn decorating schemes. You will find samples and ideas that are sure to get your outdoor fall decorating juices flowing. The possibilities are endless!
  • black cat and straw bale on porch
  • You might want to attach some corn stalks to the columns or pillars on your porch and accent them with a colorful bow and a small pumpkin or scarecrow. This helps add dimension to the setting.
  • Bales of hay also add a nice touch. They are very versatile as they provide a stable base on which to place pumpkins and gourds or to arrange potted plants such as mums.

    As your autumn decorating progresses, add a little flurry of color by weaving some fall leaf garland around the hay bale.
  • Use colorful wreaths on your door or window. Wreaths come in so many amazing styles, shapes and colors. They are not all round!

    If you are even a little creative, you can make your own with just a few materials.
Photo to the right is courtesy of fishpickdivers
Would you like to make the black cat in the photo above right to add to your autumn decorating? Unique items like this make delightful outside fall decorations. We made a similar one for our porch. Download our free pattern and instructions to make your own!

Fall wreath on front door

Another of our tips for fall decorating is to take a walk in the woods. You will find all kinds of natural things to use on your front porch.

Our daughter-in-law and granddaughter made a really neat sign from twigs and other natural materials. Find instructions on our autumn decorating ideas page.

You can add pine cones and branches to any design. They will make your display more interesting as they add different textures and heights. Don't limit your efforts to your porch; let your fall decorating spill out into your yard.

The use of a Shepherd's hooks with a pretty fall banner is also a great outdoor fall decorating idea. Finish it off with a few pumpkins and flowers around the base and you will have created a beautiful look.

We are always on the lookout for neat autumn decorating ideas. Here are a few of our favorites we recently discovered and thought you might like them, too!

Beautiful Japanese lantern wreath

Beautiful Japanese lantern wreath - delicate yet porch worthy for fall!

autumn decoration of branches with berries and colorful leaves

Purchase or make yourself. The colorful autumn leaves around the base makes this very appealing; would look fantastic at the top of your porch steps.

two adorable pine cone owls for autumn

Couldn't resist. These two pine cone owls could adorn a table on your porch or perhaps perch on the porch railings.

Our thanks to the good folks at Color in Nashville, Tennessee, for allowing us to share a few of their unique and wonderful products with you. We can't guarantee product availability but encourage you to visit their website.

typical decorated fall porch with leaves on straw bale
Photo by A Fleming
Sometimes it is the little details that count. Notice the autumn leaves on the bale of straw? It would look a lot different without the added touch.

Beautiful Autumn porch with pumpkins
Photo by izzy 311
Think "arrangements" when decorating for autumn. Unless you have a large singular-type fall piece, placing both large and small items together makes for a more pleasing look as in the photo above.

sophisticatedly decorated front porch for fall
Photo by Eclectically Vintage
Kelly adds a touch of elegance to her porch with her beautiful pumpkin topiaries at the top of her steps. Her floral arrangement leads you to the front door, adorned with a rake with a twig of berries.

photo of Kelly at Electically Vintage Kelly, wife and mother of twins, and a self-proclaimed eclectic junkie and dumpster-diver, loves decorating her 100+ year-old home with vintage pieces.

We know you will enjoy visiting Kelly's blog, "Eclectically Vintage".

There are some fantastic autumn decoration ideas for your porch that are very inexpensive but yet beautiful and versatile. Take your time and look around at all the ideas for fall decorating before you decide which avenue to travel.

Once you have figured out what you like, have fun being creative and sit back and enjoy the results! That's exactly what Rose of Sharon did for her autumn decorated porch.

Rose of Sharon's Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas

Rose of Sharon's autumn porch

A little bit country and a whole lot appealing, Sharon's autumn decorated porch is fun to explore. We love this screen door too.

an autumn wheelbarrow display

Always fun to use, a wheelbarrow display works really well on almost any porch. Versatile, you use it to hold mums and other colorful fall plants, pumpkins and gourds, or a combination of both.

scarecrow and floating candle fall arrangement

What a neat arrangement. The tub with floating candles adds lots of interest along with the whimsical scarecrow.

old crates decorated for fall

Stack old crates, or new ones, to make a fun autumn display. Fill the crates or use them as shelves as Sharon has done.

screen window wreath display

Mary and I like this. An old window frame with chicken wire makes for a nifty hanging piece of fall artwork. Adorn has Sharon has or add other autumn elements as well. Kids would have fun I'm sure, decorating the wire with branches, leaves, nuts, and other items. You could also turn this into a Christmas holiday art piece too.

Our special thanks to Sharon, author of blog Rose of Sharon for allowing us to show you her autumn porch. Sharon loves life and family and you will enjoy her blog.


Last But Not Least

An exquisitely decorated front porch for fall
Photo courtesy of Just JoLynn

We can't wait till you see some of our other fun fall decorating ideas. We know you will thoroughly enjoy finding that special decorative look for your front porch.

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