Halloween Decorating Outdoor Ideas

Download a Free Halloween Black Cat Template

What better way to find Halloween decorating outdoor ideas than from uniquely decorated front porches? We appreciate that site visitors like yourself continue to send us wonderful pictures of outdoor Halloween decorations for you to enjoy.

Halloween has become one of the most "outdoor decoration" seasons; it's a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors.

Autumn, Halloween,and decorations just go together. We know you'll find loads of Halloween decorating outdoor ideas and inspiration from our photo gallery.

halloween decorating using carved pumpkins

halloween black cat decoration Make this Halloween black cat with moon and flying bat - free template and instructions below.

A fun project for the whole family. It is easy to do and will add some Halloween fun to any front porch or yard.

You can also make this as an indoor Halloween decoration too.

Ten Easy Halloween Decorating Outdoor Ideas

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

Mary and I have gathered ten easy decorating ideas you can use on your porch, yard, or in your home. Most are very inexpensive and all are fun to do!

We've also included a few similar items you can purchase rather than make for your convenience if pushed for time. If you purchase an item through our links we may receive a commission.

1. Create a monster face for your home or garage door using foam sheets and a weather-resistant double stick tape that's safe for your home's exterior. Or, we found these neat cutouts already made. Easy and quick Halloween decor.

Monster face for your home or garage will amaze the kiddos
You can get them here - Amazon affiliate link

2. Dress skeletons in costumes - check with you local Goodwill or other thrift stores for inexpensive outfits. These two characters seem to having a great time fiddlin' on the porch.

skeletons playing banjos on the front porch

In need a skeleton? Here's what we found:

Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton - Amazon affiliate

3. Make spooky signs out of scrap pieces of wood or foam (which can be painted). Hang with rope or cord.

4. Create a coffin from heavy cardboard or plywood. Place a skeleton inside along with playing spooky music.

Check out this spooky coffin:

Gargoyle Coffin Box Monster Gothic Container - Amazon affiliate

5. Use black spray paint to cover branches. Place them in your graveyard or use them on your porch steps.

6. Make a maze of sheets (ghosts) on your porch. String lines across the top of the ceiling and hang sheets making it slightly difficult to navigate to the front door.

the scarecrow we built for our porch

7. Make and place scarecrows on your porch like the one you see above. Use them to line the sides of porch steps. You can often find overalls and flannel shirts at Goodwill.

8. Use bales of straw to create a maze for the little ones.

9. Fill a wheelbarrow with dirt (or straw) and bury fake bones for the little ones to find.

10. String a line across your porch ceiling and attach a skeleton so you can pull it across your porch.

...and one more Halloween decorating outdoor idea.

It's all about the lighting. No matter your outdoor decorations make sure you experiment to find just the right lighting angles to make your scene pop.

Make This Black Halloween Cat

black cat collage

We provide you the template.

Speaking of Halloween decorating outdoor ideas, here's an easy and fun project for kids of all ages. Make this Halloween black cat - perfect as a decorative item on your front porch or in your yard.

black cat for halloween
Our cat is 28 1/2 inches tall by 15 1/2 inches wide.

black cat for halloween
We put him on our autumn pumpkin fence and wow! So cool.
You could even make this out of construction paper or cardboard for an indoor Halloween decoration!

Download Our Free Template Here

Complements of the two of us at Front Porch Ideas and More

Although the template contains complete instructions, we've included them here also so you can see how easy it is to make.


  • A piece of plywood (18 inches by 32 inches minimum-(1/4 to 1/2 thick); or you could use a piece of masonite if protected from the weather
  • A jig saw and jig saw blade
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scotch tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Gloss black paint (satin optional) for cat and bat
  • White paint for the moon (you may want to add orange to make it a harvest moon)
  • Silver or gold glitter glue (optional)
  • Wooden circle for the moon (available at Michaels or other craft stores). You can cut it from the same piece of plywood or even use a plastic round lid.
  • Exterior wood glue


    black cat for halloween template
  • Download our free template. Tape the template papers together as shown at right.
  • Use the scissors to cut out the cat, moon, and bat.
  • Lay the cutout of the cat, moon (if applicable), and bat on the plywood and trace around them with the pencil.
  • tracing template onto plywood

  • Use the jigsaw to cut out the cat, moon (if applicable), and bat.

  • cut out cat with jigsaw

  • Sand the edges of all pieces
  • Paint the cat and bat with the black paint (may take more than one coat of paint)

  • painting cat

  • Paint the moon with the white paint (may take more than one coat of paint)
  • Once dry, glue the bat to the moon and the moon to the cat's tail as shown

  • glue bat to moon

  • Add eyes - optional: Apply silver or gold glitter glue for the cat's eyes. Let dry
  • NOTE: I recently updated our black cat. I drilled small holes in the eyes and inserted battery-operated lights behind them making the eyes light up at night!

    apply the eyes with glitter glue

  • Place on front porch and enjoy!

  • finished cat

Halloween porch candy holder

And then we found another fun place for our black cat: on our homemade Halloween candy holder for your porch

Don't run off just yet - we have so many more Halloween Decorating Outdoor Ideas for you!

Try This Halloween Owl Project

halloween owl decorations
Assembled Halloween owl decoration
See how easy it is to make this adorable owl display. Use it in your yard on a stake or hang on your porch.

This project takes no time at all and you can easily make this Halloween owl project from scraps. It is a fun and easy project to make with kids.

I began by cutting two circles from 3/8 inch plywood but you could just as easily use 1/4 to 3/4 inch if you prefer. Depending on where it will be placed when finished, you could make it from masonite as well.

I made one 20 inch diameter circle (for the sky) and a 10 inch diameter circle(for the moon), although you can change the dimensions to suit your own preferences.

plywood circles for halloween project

To make the circles, insert a nail in the plywood ensuring you have sufficient space for the diameters and attach a pencil with a 10 inch string for the 20 inch diameter circle and a 5 inch string for the 10 inch dimeter circle. Extend the string and keep it tight as you draw the circles on the plywood.

Use a jig saw or hand saw to cut out the circles; they don't have to be perfect. Sand edges as needed.

Download the owl template and trace it on plywood. Cut it out using a jig saw, band saw, or hand saw.

owl cut from plywood

Paint the pieces the appropriate colors. Ours is gray for the large circle (sky), yellow for the moon, and black for the owl. We used spray paint we had on hand.

sky,moon, and owl painted in applicble colors
Grey sky, yellow moon, and black owl painted and ready for final touches

painted clouds across the decoration
Clouds give it an eerie feel
We opted to give our decoration more depth using spacers that we painted black and placed under the moon and owl, but it is not necessary.

halloween owl decorations
Spacers to give depth to decoration
Assemble the pieces as shown. Attach the pieces to each other using small nails or screws. We attached ours using a nail gun.

Mary added clouds to make a bit more spooky! And we painted a branch with black paint to embellish the decoration but you could also cut them out of plywood if you prefer.

halloween owl decorations
We secured ours on a wooden post so the wind wouldn't blow it over
For special effect at night, we purchased an inexpensive solar spotlight to light up the owl at night!

halloween owl decorations
Ready for Halloween night!
Solar Spotlight Perfect for Illuminating Our Midnight Owl Decoration - Available at Amazon (our affiliate link)

Halloween Decorating Ideas in Pictures

Often times it can be just the simplest decoration that adds lots of appeal. A hint of Halloween can be just as much fun as an elaborate display.

carved halloween pumpkins

Carved pumpkins, decorating pumpkins, and pumpkin topiaries all make for a fun Halloween.

Check out this rather eerie spider web on this Halloween porch. Do you enjoy decorating for the trick or treaters? Do you like cute or spooky or frightening?

A spider web on the front porch for Hallowen

Pretty front porch decked out for Halloween. Carved pumpkins, corn stalks, scarecrows, and skeletons never seem to go out of holiday fashion.

cornstalks and scarecrows on front porch

carved pumpkins line front steps

owls and colorful planters

Pumpkin Totem-Pole Decoration

Looking for unique Halloween decorating outdoor ideas? Try this pumpkin totem-pole that Joetta shared with us! Let your imagination run wild and create one of your own. Take a good look to see what was used to create this masterpiece.

unique pumpkin totem pole

pumpkin decked out with fruit and veggies

zuchinni nose on pumpkin

extravagant hair piece on pumpkin totem pole

Halloween Decorating Outdoor-Ideas - A Family Affair

See how this family used their entire large porch to create a great Halloween experience. Use ideas from all or parts of this display on your own porch. Thanks to Donna of WV for sharing with us.

open porch decorated for halloween

scary halloween figures guard the front door

halloween and autumn decorations on front porch

spider on the wall

Halloween Front Porch Corner

The ideas from this classy Halloween decorated porch would work well on any size front porch. The decorated mirror on the wall adds a real special touch and will reflect any light at night to create an eerie display. Our thanks to Barbara Curran for sharing with us.

witch hat and broom on front porch

Halloween candelbra and mirror on porch

spider web and Halloween knick-knacs

mums complete the scene


Spooky Victorian Front Porch

This Victorian front porch makes a statement even in the daytime; imagine walking up on this porch at night! Gotta love those crows. Put some sound with this scene and it could be real spooky!

Thanks to Robin Martin for sharing this with us.

Victorian Halloween on the porch

suits of armor guard the porch

Halloween crows on bales of straw

bare branch and crows on front porch

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