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Backyard Patio Ideas for Inspiration

Create a Wonderful Outdoor Space

These backyard patio ideas are sure to inspire you to build a patio or enhance your existing one. They make a wonderful space for entertaining and relaxing as they bridge the gap between your home and yard.

You have a multitude of materials from which to create your outdoor space along with an almost unlimited amount of furniture, decorating, and backyard patio landscaping ideas.

backyard patio pin
Enjoy these backyard patio ideas we've gathered here

backyard patio made with pavers and hardscaping by The Porch Company
Patio pavers and stone hard scaping make excellent materials for creating outdoor living space
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company

backyard patio idea surrounded by flowers
Even small patios offer the opportunity to create beautiful outdoor spaces
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company

Backyard Patio Ideas and Designs to Ponder

Use this as a guide for your patio project; whether building a new one or renovating your existing one. First, decide what style of patio you'd like or would fit most fit your home's style or personal preferences.

Traditional homes are usually complemented by a stone-type patio. Whether it be pavers or perhaps more expensive stone options, stone patios offer lots of design options.

traditional patio design adjacent to screened porch
Cottage patio design with cottage-style landscaping
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company
Prefer a cottage appeal? Gravel walk ways and seating areas along with asymmetrical landscaping should fit the bill.

cottage patio design with bistro table and chairs
Cottage patio design with cottage-style landscaping
Whereas concrete and straight lines are more contemporary or refined looks. Here's a great example of combining both wood and hard scape materials to create a contemporary look. Note the straight lines.

contemporary patio design with faux wicker furniture
Small but inviting contemporary patio space
There are exceptions so don't limit yourself based solely on your home's architecture. You may prefer a Tuscan, tropical, or rustic designs to name a few.

Allocate the Right Amount of Space

If you have sufficient space, you may want to consider dividing into separate areas. For example, you may have room to create a grilling and eating area while allocating other space for friendly conversations and relaxing.

patio with massive fireplace and seatting area
Quiet conversations in front of a welcoming fire
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company
You can easily use your furniture as dividers along with potted foliage or even creating a different level on which to sit.

Patio Lights for Subtle Effect

Lighting can serve several purposes, not the least being ambiance. When designing your patio space, consider where your lighting will not only illuminate important areas but also how you can create just the right mood.

patio lighting and fan on pergola
Mood lighting and outdoor fans on pergola over patio
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company

Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights at Amazon.com
Lamp at 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights - (Amazon affiliate link)
You can find a wide array of patio lighting options at Amazon.com (affiliate link).

Patio Heater Options

An outdoor heater can make your time on the patio so much more enjoyable. Rather than run inside when it's chilly, you can cozy up on the patio.

Whether you get a wall mounted unit or one that stands alone, adding a bit of warmth can extend your outdoor time.

Most units are made from stainless steel or aluminum and are weatherproof of course. Many are infrared so as not to damage your skin. Infrared has been used for decades to treat injuries and even help people with the winter blues.

Our son and family have a patio propane heater like the one shown below and they enjoy the comfort it brings to their outdoor area.

Golden Flame 46,000 BTU patio heater
Golden Flame 46,000 BTU (XL-Series) Matte-Mocha Patio Heater with Wheels (affiliate link)
Wall mounted are a convenient option also and come in a wide range of BTUs to give you just the right amount of comfort.

Bromic Stainless Steel Cobalt Electric Patio Heater
Bromic Heating Stainless Steel Cobalt Electric Radiant Patio Heater (affiliate link)
You can find heaters like these on Amazon (affiliate link).

Backyard Patio Ideas for Built-Ins

Built-ins can make your patio comfortable and fun. Consider fireplaces, outside kitchens, fountains, and waterproof units for storage.

Also consider built-in seating areas which come in handy for parties and other large gatherings.

stone fireplance and comfortable seating
Stone fireplace for comfort and cooking

built-in fireplace in middle of seating
Conversational fireplace

formal patio with fountain
Patio fountain

Garden Patio Ideas

garden patio with wonderful foliage
Relaxing garden patio idea

garden patio with wonderful foliage
Garden patio with beautiful potted floral plants

wonderfully designed garden gazebo and patio area
Garden gazebo with wonderfully designed patio areas

Backyard Patio Deck Plan Ideas

A very popular idea is to use your deck as a patio; there really isn't that much difference. And, you can quickly and easily build a deck patio almost anywhere making it a wonderful DIY project.

Check out these backyard patio ideas.

deck patio idea with unbrella
Deck patio idea for your yard

deck patio combination
Deck patio combination

patio deck with hot tub
Nice deck patio with enticing hot tub

painted deck patio with colorful furniture
Painted deck patio idea with colorful furniture

amazing upper level deck and patio area with built in fire pit
Wonderfully designed upper level deck and patio combination

Backyard Patio Ideas - Material Options

You have many options for your patio, from gravel to tile and stone. Creating a patio space can be as simple as clearing a space in your backyard for a layer of gravel.

gravel backyard patio with bistro table and chairs
Gravel area for backyard patio
Or, how about taking a more natural approach and use plants intended for foot traffic yet need little maintenance. Moss is just one example.

moss between pavers for patio area
Moss between pavers for patio area
Concrete patios are probably the most common. You can choose from between standard concrete, aggregate (like shown below), and stained or painted.

aggregate concrete patio
Aggregate concrete patio area
Stone adds a level of sophistication to any patio. Stone comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, one of which will be perfect for your new patio.

beautiful stone patio with screened porch
Stone patio area adjacent to screened porch
Brick adds a whole new dimension and because of its versatility, can be laid to create some very intricate designs.

brick patio with luscious landscaping
Brick patio with designer landscaping
Here's an example of a patio area created with pavers. Pavers come in a variety of sizes so you can mix and match to create your own design.

paver patio with screened porch
Pavers offer lots of options

How About Converting Your Deck to Stone, Brick or Other Material?

Have a deck but want a backyard patio area?

Why not convert your existing deck boards to stone, pavers, bricks, or other hard scape materials. Whether your deck is a foot off the ground or 10 feet, you may have the option to create a beautiful and amazing patio area.

Have a slope that prevents you from having a nice patio? This may be the solution.

The Silca System® is ideal as you can build the foundation from wood as you would a deck and then use brick, stone, or other materials to form your patio area.

Silca System® deck with stone pavers
This could be your new patio (from your deck)

Silca System® deck with stone pavers

Dek Drain® water diversion system before and after
DEK Drain® System - finished elevated deck with beautiful ceiling below
Learn more about this fantastic option.

More Patio Options

Other materials you may have not considered for your patio include: outdoor porcelain or ceramic tiles, bluestone, flagstone, flat stone, artificial grass and rubber pavers.

Backyard Patio Ideas: Find Space

Here's something you may not have previously considered and something Mary and I think is a wonderful idea.

You may have space beneath your raised deck but find the area unusable due to water runoff. Usually these areas are turned into storage spaces and can be quite unsightly.

The Dek Drain® system installs under your decking to divert water to keep the area underneath dry and usable for outdoor living space.

Systems are designed for both new deck construction and for retrofitting your existing deck.

dek drain system installed under deck with patio below
Beautiful ceiling installed under deck using the Dek Drain System® under the deck
See how this system works.

a patio on gravel in corner of yard with fence and bisto table
Even a small nook in your yard can become a quaint little patio area to enjoy

small patio area with bistro table
Quaint but ideal for a cup of tea perhaps?
You have so many ways in which to design, landscape, and furnish your patio. Be sure to see more patio ideas! Don't forget to consider your furniture needs too, like this beautiful teak patio set. Relax in comfort on your new patio!

More Backyard Ideas? Yes...

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Maya has turned her backyard into a fragrant, beautiful and green oasis
Our friend Maya has a love of flowers that is reflected in her beautiful back yard

For the Love of Back Porches

Back porch decorating ideas from our friend Amy
Amy's lovely back porch 2017

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