Build a Screened Porch

Lots of Options, Your Choice

You can build a screened porch on an existing porch, deck, or patio or build one from the ground up. You can even make it a free-standing structure.



Screening a porch, deck, or patio adds instant value to your home, allows you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and provides protection from the weather and bugs.

custom built screened porch by The Porch Company
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company
Building a screened in porch can be a relatively easy and even an inexpensive project depending on the style and features you'd like to have. Or, if you prefer more outdoor luxury, a custom-designed screen porch may be your answer.

5 Options to Get You Started

We outline five options below to get you started. We're sure one of them will be just the screen porch project that's right for you:

Screen In Your Existing Covered Area

Install A Screen Porch Kit

Build a Screen Porch on Your Deck or Patio

Build a Screen Porch from the Ground Up

Hire a Contractor to Build Your Custom Screen Porch

Option 1: Build a Screen Porch on Your Existing Covered Area

Use a "Screen Walls Only" Porch Kit

Whether you have a covered porch, patio or deck, since you already have the roof in place this is a quick and easy way to install a screened porch to enhance our outdoor enjoyment.

back porch with walls only screen porch kit

open back porch without screens

This project involves cutting and installing extruded aluminum framing between your supporting columns and inserting screen panels. Depending on the size of your deck, patio, or porch, you could have a wonderful screened in area in a weekend.

Screen Walls Only Kit by screenhousesunlimited

You can also select from a variety of screening materials giving you even more options for creating a comfortable and durable screened porch the easy way.



You could even make your own screen panels to fit between your porch columns to screen in some or all of your existing porch.

Another option for screening your porch is using screen track systems like Screen Tight's "Fast Track System" (registered trademarks), a two-part design meant for easy installation.

Install Screen Porch Windows

Installing screen porch windows is another option (and one we really like). Screen porch windows give you the advantage of not only having a screened porch but also going one step further to potentially build a wonderful three-season porch!

screen porch windows by diy eze These screen porch windows are easy to install on your existing covered porch, deck, or patio.

They are custom made to fit almost any opening. The highly durable vinyl windows not only provide protection from the wind, rain, but also from pollen.

Walls Only and Screen Porch Windows are easy do-it-yourself projects if you've had experience with framing and other general construction projects.

You may or may not have to install additional wood framing on your existing porch, deck, or patio depending on the type of walls only kit you select. If you need help with some or all of the project, it shouldn't cost a lot as you have the major structural components, i.e., roof and columns, already in place.

Option 2: Erect a Screen Porch Kit on Your Deck

Three sided screen Kit by Screen Houses Unlimited
Three-sided screen enclosures by Screen Houses Unlimited

Three-Sided Screen Porch Kits

Kits come with everything you need to erect a screen porch on your existing deck or patio.

Kits come complete with extruded aluminum framing, a durable roof, and screen panels. We used one of these on a previous home and enjoyed it for years!

As a seasonal structure, enjoy the benefit of eating outdoor without bugs! They are easy to disassemble and store during the winter months.

Hard-Top Screen Porch Kits

For year-round comfort, choose a hard-top screen porch enclosure kit.

hard top screen porch kit by Screen Houses Unlimited

Kits come with everything your need to erect an all-year screen porch on your deck or patio.

Economical, they cost less than custom built screen porches yet offer the same functionality. Enjoy meals with family and friends without having to compete with insects.

Option 3 - Build Your Own Screened Porch on
Your Existing Deck or Patio

Screen porch addition built on deck surface
Photo courtesy of rdpaige
All you need are columns, roof and then framing to accommodate your screens.

Just make sure your deck or patio is (1) in good repair and (2) is substantial enough to support a roof with snow if that is applicable to your area.

In addition, you will may need excellent roof construction experience depending on the type of roof you will require; otherwise, see Option 6 - Hire a Contractor to Build A Screened Porch (below).

The screened porch addition you see above was built on top of an existing backyard deck. The gable ceiling gives ample visual space when entertaining or dining in comfort.

Normally you would extend the gable from the home's roof; however, on this porch it was not extended and thus made it easier to build.

Option 4: Build a Screened Porch New
from the Ground Up

Screen porch construction If you aren't an experienced remodeler then we recommend you see Option 6 - Hire a Contractor below.

Otherwise, given you have some very good framing, foundation, and roof construction experience, it's time to break out the power tools!

Start with your own design or use a screen porch plan that you can use as is or modify to suit your needs. Screened porch plan

We found a good variety of Plans for Screened In Porches like the one at right from which you can choose!

Building from a plan makes it easy and you can usually modify them to suit your individual needs.

Start with our Building a Porch section which outlines each facet of construction, from the foundation to the roof.

Once your porch is built, we show you how to screen it in!

Before you build, see our safety notes in our Build a Porch section. **z-inside-content.shtml***

Option 5: Hire A Contractor

custom designed and built screen porch addition
Photo courtesy of The Porch Company
The custom designed and built screened porch above is complete with fireplace, flat-screen TV, and surround sound.

Often times, and for many reasons, it just makes good sense to hire a professional contractor to build a screened porch.

We recommend you find a reputable contractor who specializes in screen porch design and construction if you want build a screened porch.

Contractor See our interviews about hiring a contractor and getting contractor estimates with Nancy Moore, owner of The Porch Company in Nashville Tennessee, who shares her own "insider" advice.

Finding a Local Contractor

Please remember these are do-it-yourself screen porch kits. However, you could hire a local contractor to assist you with your screen project.

Use our handy Find a Local Contractor Form if you need help.

The Mickel Family's Build a Screened Porch Project

Finished Screen Porch Combination

Our thanks to Charles Mickel and his family of the Texas Hill Country for sharing a three-part build a screened porch series from conception to completion, start here:

How to Build a Porch - Part 1



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