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Issue #124 April 2022

welcome spring
Photo credit: icewall42 on
April has landed and spring officially has begun in our northern hemisphere.

No matter if your house is blanketed with snow or you are enjoying daffodils and crocuses already, we welcome you here. Thank you for being with us again this month. For the love of a porch!

This month we celebrate Easter and the beginnings of flower planting, sprucing up our porches and all things good!

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Inside This Edition...

  • The Yellow Doormat that So Many Love
  • April Showers
  • May You Enjoy These Spring Decorating Ideas
  • Imagine The Possibilities - Vinyl Lattice Panels
  • Porch Ideas Network - Porch Landscaping
  • Porch Entertainment - The History and Impact of McCann Erickson
  • Inspiration and Tidbits - The Silver Lining
  • We Appreciate Our Porch Sponsors
  • Thank You As Always

cheerful yellow door mat and gorgeous flowers for spring
What a cheerful spring entryway
Recently we were at our son and daughter-in-love's home and Rachel said, "Look what I got!" She had their front door decorated with this cheerful yellow doormat and pots of flowers. Such a welcome sight as spring unfolds.

Happy front doormat in yellow that says hello
The yellow and purple together are great
When we shared their front porch on our facebook page, it quickly became popular!

cartoonish fox walking with umbrella in rain Photo credit: JenDigitalArt on
April is the month when we start doing the things we wished for all winter. Digging in the dirt, planting flowers and cleaning up winter's left-behinds. Sometimes our time outdoors is limited by beautiful April showers, but we know that rain is gold for our lawns and gardens.

Do you rejoice upon getting outdoors after the winter months? The two of us enjoy our mild winter here in Tennessee, but we do cherish the arrival of spring's green buds and delicate pansies.

shopping for flowers in spring
Shopping for flowers for our porch garden
We are eager to plant our porch garden so here is hoping that the warmer temperatures are here to stay. We won't mind a few April showers. Will you?

Just Getting Started with Our Own Spring Porch

our spring porch decor
We are just beginning to get our porch ready for spring
More to come next month! In the meanwhile, we'll be planting our flowers around our porch.

our spring porch decor
We made this springtime fence with the cute yellow bird

A Few Smiles for You

smiley face "The coming of April heralds the time to plant seeds of magic and fill the heart and home with the joy of light and life." -Lotuswulf Satyrhorn

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." - Margaret Atwood

"Why are people so tired on April 1st?
Because they just finished a 31-day March." -unknown

One morning, a man sat on his porch wondering why the sun hadn't risen, but then it dawned on him.

More Ideas for Spring and Easter!

spring wreath on front door
Kimberly's beautiful spring wreath welcomes family and friends

beautiful blue robin eggs in nest
Nothing more springlike than a nest with robin eggs
Photo credit: sidlitke

Cutest bunny on porch - The Seasonal Home
Love this sweet bunny on Eileen's porch

Eileen's Easter porch is a combo between pastel and bright springy colors
Ah! What a festive porch for Easter
What gorgeous tulip planters at Eileen's front door and the bunnies are just darling! Eileen is the writer at The Seasonal Home and we are proud to feature her right here.

Eileen's decorates her porch bench with an Easter bunny and basket
Darling Easter bunny on the bench
Notice how Eileen includes spring vegetables in her Easter decor. Beautiful idea.

Want to see more of Eileen's decor? She is a talented home decorator. You can visit her blog here.

Consider using these very versatile panels for porch or deck balustrades (railings), skirting, added privacy, and even as window treatments. They come in a wide variety of patterns or can be custom made using your own design!

Want to update your porch or build a new one? Why not give your porch a very sophisticated appeal with porch railings like those shown below. These panels come in a wide variety of styles and are almost maintenance free - no more painting!

vinyl porch railings courtesy of The Porch Store
Vinyl porch railings in "Cathedral Scroll" style by The Porch Store

black lattice panels for porch or deck skirting
Black lattice panels for porch or deck skirting
Black lattice panels are an excellent choice for porch or deck skirting. We use them under our deck because they not only look great but do not deteriorate like wood nor have to be painted or stained.

vinyl lattice panels provide privacy
Black lattice panels for porch or deck skirting
Black lattice panels are versatile for privacy panels or simply to add a dose of decor to your porch or deck.

See lots more ideas for using vinyl lattice panels.

floral landscaping for front porch
Colorful front porch landscaping
J. Paul Moore, landscape photographer, with Dave and Mary of We interviewed Paul Moore, who is a renowned landscape photographer and very passionate man when it comes to nature and plants.

Paul shares his ideas for landscaping around a porch, front porch arrangements, and even ideas for innovative downspouts. Come join us on the porch!

J. Paul Moore, landscape photographer, speaks with Dave and Mary and Mary about landscaping around the porch. Paul is a self-proclaimed plant nerd and an awesome photographer. Listen to our entertaining discussion.

Listen to the full program here:

Need landscaping ideas? Check out our porch and yard landscaping section.

mccann erickson tracing the path

Have you seen any episodes of Mad Men?

Even if you haven't, you may still find it interesting that much of 20th Century history can be linked back to a man named McCann Erickson. It is quite the story of how much of the 20th Century is liked through this interesting individual.

Sit back and enjoy The Mad McCann Who Authored The 20th Century from Tracing the Path with Dan R Morris.

stones with the words dream inspire courage

Silver linings are for real. Often times we cannot see beyond the clouds, but if we pause and reflect, there's almost always a silver lining.

Just like rainy days that water our flowers, the rainy days in our life also come with blessings, if we look for them.

The first time I flew in an airplane, I realized that once the plane climbed through the clouds, the sun was always shining and full of promise. If we shed the heavy things that weigh us down, then we can fly and find the sunshine. We may need to take baby steps. That's ok.

May you get to spend time on your porch to renew your heart and refresh your spirit. Who knows what silver linings you may find there? Sending sunshine to you and thank you for being here.


Tornado season is once again fast approaching. Whether you live in a mobile or manufactured home, or in a home without a basement, a SafePorch may be just what you need.

The SafePorch can replace your existing steps or integrated into your deck or porch. When a tornado is imminent, simply walk out your door and drop down into a safe space that will protect you and your family.

a porch is the only remaining structure after this tornado
The only thing left standing may be the porch
SafePorch integrated into front porch
SafePorch Storm Shelter integrated into front porch

Mobile home with attractive SafePorch adjacent to back deck
SafePorch Storm Shelter attached to back deck

Visually appealing, the SafePorch doesn't even look like a typical storm shelter. It can also be a stand alone structure located conveniently for easy access. Learn more about SafePorch.

heart We value and appreciate our relationships with our sponsors. May sound corny, but it's true! Our sponsors are like family to us - very fine, good people and we are proud referring their services and products to you.

They each have amazing business ethics and at the top of their game in what they can provide to you. As we begin 2022 we wanted to make sure you were have access to these fine companies.

Vintage Woodworks porch decorations
Vintage Woodworks handcrafted products are beautifully planned
We love the details in their porch decorations

Porch Store blue swing bed
The Porch Store creates these wonderful porch swing beds
In addition to many other gorgeous products for your porch

Beautiful PCA sliding patio door called the Samson
PCA Product's sliding patio screen doors
Are durable, quality and beautiful

country porch
Nothing more satisfying than a country porch
The two of us appreciate you being in our porch family. You're always welcome to send us pictures of your porch at While we cannot promise it, we often feature your pictures in our newsletter and website and social media.

We thank you for stopping by and hope this finds you well this month. Wishing you warm, sunny skies, gentle breezes and flowers blooming on your porch steps. We are grateful for you!

see you next time!

We value our sponsors and the products and services they provide. They are like family to us!

You're invited to be part of our Facebook community. We share ideas with one another for decorating and using our porches. We are blessed with over 17,000 followers and would love to count you among them.

Mary and Dave Please enjoy browsing past issues of our newsletters right here. Take a few moments of chill time.

Happy porch sitting from your friends,

Mary and Dave

Life is short. Enjoy your porch.

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