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August and School Has Begun Here

Issue #104 August 2019

Debbie's porch is perfect for relaxing and unwinding
Courtesy of our friend Debbie Perry McMurry
Debbie writes on her Facebook page something so lovely I thought we'd share. She writes, "What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it." Gives us pause. What is nicer than spending a bit of time on the porch?

Summer Vacation Is Winding Down

School bus

Our grandchildren who live here in Middle Tennessee are already back to school since August 1st. Never did we start school that early as kids, but here they have an extended school calendar - meaning it's more spread out through the year. Seems to work, but summer flies by for them indeed.

Our grandchildren in Virginia have a few weeks of summer bliss yet. So more days to swim, cross country camp to enjoy and fireflies to catch in a jar.

Inside This Edition...

  • Porches We Love
  • Porch Products Our Readers Love
  • Plants Soften the Lines of Your Porch
  • How's This for a Summer Porch
  • Look at This Gem in Our Garden
  • Summertime Fun with Grands
  • Thank You As Always
  • Relax with a Peaceful Mind on Your Porch

Porches We Love

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
How can you not love a sunny yellow home with a grand porch?

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
A porch brings back memories of good times and fun

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
Porches are for sharing stories and relaxing with cool drinks

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
The splendor of a wonderful home

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
Pretty landscaping and lovely touches make a home feel so welcome

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
Who doesn't love a fresh white fence?

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
Neighborhoods with porches are much treasured

Wonderful front porch neighborhood
A gently leading walkway to a most welcoming home

Porch Products Our Readers Enjoy

Imagine the Moments You Can Spend on Your Porch Swing?

The joy of a wonderful porch swing. This 5 ft. swing will look handsome on your porch - and gives you a place to enjoy the company of others while you chat and swing.

Dave and I have a small porch swing on our porch that our grandchildren love to use. They swing and imagine!

Consider the Safety You'll Have with Handrails for Your Stairs

We continue to be encouraged that a number of our readers purchase DIY handrails like the one shown here. Don't be fooled that you can't get hurt falling down only a step or two. Our porch has three steps and yes, we have a porch handrail that helps tremendously.

You may only have one, two, or three steps onto your porch, walkway, or garage and don't feel the need for a hand rail - but it only takes one stumble to fall. Anyone of any age can fall.

The good news is that installing a handrail is straightforward and holding onto one can prevent falls and broken bones. A small investment can save someone you may know from lots of pain and discomfort. All too often we neglect the simplest things that come back to bite us!

Here's a simple DIY solution Mary and I recommend even if you have only a few unprotected steps. You can purchase them based on the number of steps you have.

Installing a handrail, at your home or perhaps on your parent's or grandparents' steps can alleviate unnecessary pain and ER visits.

Look How Plants Soften the Lines of the Porch

front porch with absolutely beautiful porch landscaping
We absolutely love the walkway, the landscaping and the amazing porch!
whimsical landscaping around this porch increases the charm
This whimsical landscaping around the porch boosts the charm
hostas line the walkway and porch of this wonderful home
The hostas do a beautiful job of lining the walkway and porch
Now is a good time to assess your porch and yard landscaping. Just the other day, we noticed a lack of color in parts of our porch landscaping so we added a dozen pink and red zinnias Sometimes adding a few annuals will give a big boost of welcome color.

Take note of which plants worked well this year and which ones didn't. Depending on where you live, many plants and shrubs may be going on sale the in the next month or so. We are waiting on sales to purchase a few shrubs for our back yard.

We invite you to take a moment and see more porch landscaping ideas.

How's This for a Summer Porch?

Summery beach cushions and shells painted on pillows

Our beautiful porch landscaping

First year for a beach theme for us. I painted the pillow toppers and wall art - and that was super fun. Dave and I enjoy our flower garden nearly as much as our porch! We get visits from butterflies, hummingbirds and squirrels often.

We have many summer porch decorating ideas for you to enjoy.

Dave and I have enjoyed sitting on our porches this month even in spite of the humidity here. Here are blessed to have two porches and a side deck.

We enjoy our coffee on the side deck in the mornings as we watch the birds. And our front porch is perfect for watching the rain and thunderstorms roll across our area; we have had many this summer.

Look at This Gem in Our Garden

butterfly on yellow lantana
Look what we saw on our Lantana! A yellow swallowtail

Summertime Fun with Grands

We don't write often about our grandchildren though we are more proud of them than you can imagine. We had fun with them this summer and thought we'd share a few of our memories.

Grandson wanted to do survival camping

Our grandson Alex (in the middle) wanted Dave to take him and a couple of his friends to an island to do "survival camping". The trip turned out well except that Dave dropped his (nearly brand new) phone into the lake and there was no retrieving. But Alex and his friends had fun!

Grandson and a gigantic bubble

Our grandson Cole had a great time making these gigantic bubbles in our side yard. His sister got the bubble maker for her birthday and as we all know, bubbles transcend all ages.

Granddaughter got to race at Nationals in Greensboro NC

Our granddaughter Cait is an avid runner. She qualified for two races in the Nationals this summer in Greensboro NC. Her relay team broke their high school record. We were so happy to get to join her family and be a part of this event.

Dave took our grandson Henry fishing

Dave took our grandson Henry fishing. Although they didn't catch anything this time around (it was SO windy), they sure enjoyed their time together.

Jack and Nana had fun too

Mary got to spend time with our grandson Jack. We seven grandchildren in all, so we'll share a few pics of our other sweeties in another issue.

Check Out This Porch Swing Bed

Swing beds have become quite popular and this one from our friends and sponsor at The Porch Company is the ultimate in comfort. They have ingeniously solved the problem of the bed swing by making the back adjustable - perfect for a relaxing summer nap or for sitting and swinging the day away.

adjustable swing bed in a beautiful rustic style
Hand crafted for both quality and comfort

adjustable swing bed in a beautiful rustic style
Imagine this porch bed swing in YOUR home
Our sponsor, The Porch Company, designs and custom builds these porch swing beds - which has a major advantage - an adjustable back. See much more of these adjustable swing beds right here.

Sliding Screen Door Issues Solved!

Our sponsor, PCA Products, has designed and constructed a sliding screen door that will blow you away. We've never had a sliding screen door that we didn't have to fix; they can be a real pain. No more!

PCA Products has found a way to solve sliding screen door issues like bent frames, screen blow out, and derailing from the track. We hope you check them out and treat yourself to something wonderful in sliding patio doors.

Samson screen door by pca
Amazing sliding screen door by PCA Products
Do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic screen door today!

The Beauty of Handcrafted Vintage Porch Parts

Our sponsor, Vintage Woodworks, has been reproducing handcrafted solid wood porch parts since 1978. We love their family.

Take a look at this home - one of their customers - and notice how the Vintage Woodworks handcrafted products make such a lovely difference. The porch posts, brackets and gable decorations!

Beautiful Victorian home with Vintage Woodworks porch parts
The beauty of vintage trimowork
A customer sent in this photo of their beautiful home with handcrafted porch posts, brackets and a gable decoration from Vintage Woodworks. Love what you see? Then please stop by Vintage Woodworks's website for much more porch-related products!

Thank You As Always

fairytale entryway

Thank you for spending a few moments with us. You are a treasure to us - as a porch lover and as a loyal fan here. We appreciate you and wish you a nice porch in your life to savor the good moments.

Relax with a Peaceful Mind on Your Porch

sweet porch

Porches provide a respite for families and neighbors to join together and talk of nothingness. They are a stylish place in which to congregate and share a glass of iced tea.

We love that porches engage our senses. Between the flower that bloom, the butterflies that dance and the showers that gently fall - a porch can be your happy place.

May your porch be a space where you gravitate so spend some nothing time to just enjoy the little lovelies of life.

And even if you don't have a porch on your home, may you have a porch spirit in your heart and take times for the little things in life - that end up being the most important things. Thank you for joining us and we will talk to you next time.

We value our sponsors and the products and services they provide. They are like family to us!

You're invited to be part of our Facebook community. We share ideas with one another for decorating and using our porches. We are blessed with over 17,000 followers and would love to count you among them.

Mary and Dave Please enjoy browsing past issues of our newsletters right here. Take a few moments of chill time.

Happy porch sitting from your friends,

Mary and Dave

Life is short. Enjoy your porch.

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