Front Porch Steps
Functional Yet Beautiful

What if porch steps weren't taken for granted? Most steps are built for function rather than beauty. But it doesn't have to be that way.



What if your steps were designed to complement your home and add both interest and curb appeal?

Porch stairs can be built to make a statement, to make a small porch appear larger, and make accessibility easier and visually appealing.

porch steps lined with geraniums

There is beauty in porch stairs. The steps above are painted to match the porch and the geraniums add a nice punch of color!

brick porch steps lined with gorgeous flowers
Amy's brick porch steps are beautiful with these gorgeous plants

Mosaic Front Porch Steps
Photo courtesy of Dlgital Di
See how the beautiful tiles dress up the steps

decorative Front Porch Steps
Decorative front porch stairs

Porch Step Renovation

See how this small porch was transformed by a new sidewalk and curved steps!

Front Porch Steps Before

Front Porch Steps After
Photos courtesy of danomite
The addition of built in curved planters softens the look and adds a whole new dimension to the porch.

Steps don't have to be ordinary. Natural materials like slate not only look beautiful but last almost indefinitely without maintenance.



Step Options and Ideas

Slate is often made of clay and volcanic ash. It can be split into sheets and is often used as roofing material.

Because of its texture, it is slip resistant making it a very good step material too. The varied colors of slate make interesting patterns which makes it very appealing for exterior use.

Slate Front Porch Steps

Slate Front Porch Steps
Photo courtesy of Jason Hershey
These steps were made from slate with stucco risers.

Concrete, a popular material for stairs, can be either be painted to match or complement your porch flooring. Painting is easy to do and is probably one of the least expensive options.

red painted concrete porch steps and flooring
photo courtesy of taberandrew1
Because of its versatility, concrete can be stained, sprayed, or stamped. The stamped concrete steps shown below give the steps a luxurious look.

stained front porch concrete steps

concrete porch steps made from concrete
Concrete can add a touch of elegance as well

Here's a Bright Idea!

For your safety and a soft glow to your steps, we found these solar step lights for you.

Add a little evening glow to your porch steps with these solar lights
Solar-powered lights for your porch stairs

Incorporate Foliage to Soften the Look

Integrate landscaping into your step design. Although this needs to be maintained for safety reasons, the ivy adds a new dimension to a traditional otherwise staircase.

Front porch step risers covered with ivy
Photo courtesy of ivy-dawned

Dress Up Your Porch Stairs!

Numbered porch steps

How about numbering your steps? Linda painted her steps and then numbered them. See how she used porch floor paint and numbers to jazz her front steps.

porch steps with embellishments
Porch stair case embellishment, like this pretty stenciling, adds extra appeal

porch steps with nice embellishments
Either paint or cut out designs

porch steps with embellishments on Victorian porch
Porch stair embellishments add extra appeal

Use Tiles

No need to be subtle. Mosaic designs create a wonderful appeal and add a focal point to your home. This is Mary's favorite!

porch steps - mosaic
Photo courtesy of seattle-daily-photos
Fabulous mosaics!

Paint for Appeal

Steps can be painted or stained in colors to suit your own style and decor to add lots of curb appeal. Whether they are made wood, concrete, or similar materials, paint can add a whole new dimension.

This striking set of wooden porch stairs adds a touch of elegance to the home. Wood steps give you options as well.

black painted porch steps
Photo courtesy of Mary Moore

painted front porch steps
Painted porch stairs with white risers

painted front porch steps and risers
Painted steps and risers

Novelty Can Be Fun!

This staircase works well with the "unique" post and railing design. Imagine how different it would look if the risers were added.

front porch steps without risers
Photo courtesy of Ruth and Dave

Tips for Front Porch Stairs

Width Matters

Make them as wide as possible. It will make a small porch seem larger, a large porch more grand, and will so often enhance the look of any home. This porch would look quite differently with a standard straight staircase.

wide appealing front porch steps
Wide steps adds lots if appeal and makes your porch entrance appear larger

classy wide front porch steps
Make your porch more grand by constructing wide steps

flaired and wide front porch steps
Flairing your steps adds both increased functionality and appeal

wide woodenFront porch steps
Add a unique design feature as shown to enhance the look of your porch steps
Photo courtesy of joanna8555

Carpet May Be an Option Too

Outdoor carpeting may be another option you'd like to consider. We recommend using a high quality outdoor carpet though.

partially carpeted front porch steps

partially carpeted front porch steps on charming front porch
Outdoor carpets come in a wide variety of styles and colors too
Choose the step material to match your home. Many people opt for wooden steps due to costs, but if you can, consider other materials like concrete, stone, and slate.

Stone Steps

stone front porch-steps
Beautiful stone front steps

Front Porch Steps
Stone steps never go out of style

old stone porch steps and front porch
Stone steps are perfect for a cottage or garden look

Brick Steps

Front porch steps made out of brick
Can't beat the classic look of brick

brick front porch steps and patio area
The amazing look of brick steps

white-washed brick front porch steps
White-washed brick steps offer old world charm


Porch Stair Handrails for Safety and Appeal

Your steps will probably require hand rails that will meet your local building codes. Mary and I recommend you start by finding the right design in case you have to modify your porch steps to accommodate the railings.

porch stair hand rails and beautiful landscaping


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