Porches Of Newport Beach, CA

On the road van Finding these awesome porches of Newport Beach, California, was a real treat and one Mary and I are happy to share with you. Not only unique and beautiful, these front porches offer up lots of ideas you can use in designing, decorating, or landscaping your own porch.



We just happened upon this southern California neighborhood and were delighted with what we saw.

Newport Beach and harbor are well known for fun beach activities such as sail boating, fishing, rowing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and whale watching. Quaint shops and restaurants are all within walking distance.

In addition, the once popular TV show, The O.C. was based on the characters living in Newport Beach.

collage of Newport Beach porches
We had the privilege of visiting the porches of Newport Beach
Nightscape courtesy of Axion23 - Creative Commons
Mary and I discovered the porches of southern California have a look and feel all their own. In addition, we love the many different walkways and landscaping designs that can complement any home no matter its location.

appealing front porch with craftsman style porch columns in Newport Beach California
Cozy wicker chairs on this Newport Beach front porch

The Porches of Newport Beach California

Front Porch Door Appeal - California Style

Front porches always look better with a beautiful front door. These front door styles and front door colors add lots of appeal to the homes and porches.

newport beach california front door style in black
Black front door with window panes and light panel

exquisite wooden front door on porch in Newport Beach CA
Beautiful wooden front door with transom and light panels
Vivid front door paint colors can add lots of appeal to any front porch or home as seen here.

red front door on small front porch
Red front door with sunflower wreath adds big charm to this small porch
Note how this beautiful wooden front door highlights this small portico. The expansive trim work complements the size of the door.

beautiful oval wooden front door with stone trim
Oval wooden front door
Porch roofs come in a variety of styles and materials to match almost any architectural style. ee our entire porch roofing section for even more ideas.

Front Porch Landscaping Ideas From Newport Beach

Mary and I saw many beautifully landscaped yards for the porches of Newport Beach. We thought we'd share a few to give you ideas for your home as well.

This is a nice way to landscape a front yard with two levels. The gate on the upper level adds a bit of sophistication to the home.

oval stone front porch steps on open front porch
Brick front walkway, picket fence and gate
Whenever feasible, install curved walkways and landscape around them as shown below. Curved walkways add an appeal of their own as well.

colorful and exquisite front yard landscaping
Curb appealing curved walkway

colorful and exquisite front yard landscaping
Bright flowers mixed with trimmed shrubbery
Picket fences almost always add a little charm to a porch or home. Often times, they can dramatically change the appeal of small porches or porticos. We like the design of this particular fence.

picket fence and landscaping add extra appeal to this porch
Picket fences never go out of style
Front door colors can have a dramatic effect also. Note how the flowers complement the door - or vice versa.

blue front door with leaded glass
Note how the beautiful flowers accentuate this fine front door
We love color in the front yard.

nice use of colorful plants in front yard
Use color to accentuate your home and porch
So unique, we couldn't resist sharing. This may not be for everyone but it is amazing none the less.

beautiful stucco home in Newport Beach California
Beautiful stucco home in Newport Beach, California
Be sure to see our entire front porch landscaping ideas section.

Porches of Newport Beach - Design Ideas

Although not entirely unique, these porch designs offer a good perspective of using the right porch design to maximize your home's curb appeal.

This Romanesque style front porch adds both charm and appeal to the home. Note the additional trim used on the Romanesque panels.

Romanesque style porch on home in Newport Beach California
Romanesque style front porch
Craftsman style porches have their own unique look. This one, pictured below, features an open gable and exposed rafters.

open gable style porch roof in Newport Beach California
Open gable craftsman style front porch
Open gable roofs are quite popular and can be used in conjunction with other style roof designs. The one below features craftsman style porch pedestals and columns.

stone steps on front porch near Rancho Palos Verde
Gable roof over porch entrance
Normally, you want to match the architecture of your porch roof to that of your home. On the porch below, a large gable roof with stately porch columns is attached to small ranch home. We think it looks great; your thoughts?

gable porch roof on small home
Gable porch roof attached to small ranch home

Porches of Newport Beach -Front Porch Fence Gate Designs

We noted many homes have fences with gates or just gates as part of the entrance to their home. Here are just a few to give you something else to consider for your home.

porch ornamental iron gate entrance to home
Aesthetically pleasing ornamental iron gate

rectangular designed front porch gate on home in Newport Beach California
Contemporary front porch gate design

picket fence gate with arbor in front of home
Picket fence gate and arbor

We loved visiting Newport Beach California and finding wonderful porches. It is a fantastic place to vacation and while you are enjoying the sun and surf, be sure to explore its fine neighborhoods which are adorned with amazing front porches.

If you enjoyed our porches of Newport Beach, be sure to see the ones we found in Pacific Grove!

On the Road with Front Porch Ideas and More

On the road logo Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

If you'd like to know how we travel around to charming places like Newport Beach California and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.

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