Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Your Porch

Use Pumpkins to Create Autumn Curb Appeal

Mary and I have pumpkin decorating ideas to decorate your porch and to decorate your pumpkins, too.

Create a curb appealing autumn porch and get some tips here for preserving your pumpkins, too.

After you have seen the ideas on this page, we have plenty more in our autumn decorating section. Pumpkins are perhaps the most popular form for fall decorating outside your home.

We like simple and easy ways to dress up the front porch with pumpkins.

easy autumn decorating by stacking pumpkins in a pot

This sure looks easy to do. Stop by a Farmer's Market and pickup stackable pumpkins of varying sizes and colors. Place them in a clay pot with a little greenery or straw to add whimsy. Stunning and simple.

We saw this idea at a restaurant.

108 Pumpkins at Priscilla's

Priscilla has 108 pumpkins in her autumn yard - so festive!

We are blessed to share with you some pumpkin decorating ideas from Priscilla. She has over 100 colorful pumpkins in her yard. Isn't her assortment spectacular? What a gorgeous fall display they make.

Priscilla made the scarecrows and galvanized buckets

Priscilla is a very creative gal. She made these adorable scarecrows - probably the cutest we've ever seen. I like how she tucked in gourds, pumpkins and the galvanized bucket in this autumn display.

She also made the attractive welcome sign. We like how it runs vertically rather than horizontally. So much whimsy going on at Priscilla's porch.

This is the sunflower wreath that Priscilla made

And lastly, we wanted to show you the wreath that Priscilla made of sunflowers. She brought sprays of sunflowers and removed the flower heads.

Then she glued them to her wreath. It's very striking with the checked ribbon. We are so happy that Priscilla shared these pictures with us. Please visit Priscilla's blog for all kinds of crafty and creative ideas.

Centsational Girl's Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Let's begin with Centsational Girl's pumpkin decorated porch. We thank Kate for sharing her ideas with us! If you are in the mood for an autumn craft and you love decorating pumpkins (or want to learn how), then this is for you. Kate's pictures are a treat all by themselves!

And when you are done here, hop on over to see more of Kate's fall decor ideas, too. She has an autumn leaf catcher project that's fun!

mult-colored pumpkin stack Kate is decorating pumpkins for her front porch for the autumn. These are no ordinary pumpkins! I never dreamed you could do so much with pumpkins. Her ideas are so fun and beautiful, easy and affordable, too.

Makes me want to go fill the car with pumpkins this weekend.

Glazing Cinderella Pumpkins - Ooh La La

metallic glaze for pumpkins Kate found an awesome bargain on beautiful Cinderellas at her local Whole Foods - dirt cheap like 6 bucks a piece.

She also picked up a few other pumpkin varieties at her nearby pumpkin patch. She got out her bronze metallic glaze and adorned the Cinderella pumpkins.

brushing on metallic glaze To glaze the pumpkins, Kate dipped her paint brush in the metallic glaze, wiping most of it off until the brush was about dry.

Then she glazed the edges of the pumpkins with her dry brush. Beautiful! She said it just took a few minutes!

white pumpkin glazed She completely glazed the beautiful orange Cinderella pumpkin. That's sensational.

That white pumpkin is really neat, wow! Kate says she is going to turn it into soup in November.

pumpkin decorating ideas - stack the glazed pumpkins Kate stacked the pumpkins on top of each other and placed them in an empty urn. See added some gorgeous copper ribbon for grace and sparkle.

If we ever need more pumpkin decorating ideas, we know who to ask.

gourd display as pumpkin decorating ideas She arranged other assorted pumpkins on the benches of her porch.

pumpkin adorned with ties Have you ever seen decorated pumpkins like these? Kate really dressed them up beautifully. Can we live at your house?

small white pumpkin decorated with ribbons Look at that cute little baby pumpkin sitting on the mama pumpkin.

plum-toned grasses under pumpkins Instead of using a bale of hay or straw, Kate used some classy plum-toned grasses to nestle her pumpkins in.

autumn craft ideas - pumpkin with decorations What a cute little guy we see here.

colorful rug with pumpkins To complete her autumn porch decorating, Kate found this patterned rug at Pier One.

It adds a lot of zing to her porch-scape. It reflects the autumn-y pumpkin patterns, don't you think?

colorful autumn wreath Kate added a pretty leaf garland to last year's autumn wreath to give it fresh appeal.

That's a great idea!

use plum colored vines for autumn craft ideas Various shades of purple and plums; very attractive we say.

arrangement of basil and plants Kate planted seasonal mums, kale and purple basil in pots. Isn't that basil really unique?

Kate says it's called "dark opal basil". What a bounty!

Gorgeous for the garden and delicious on your plate.

assortment of gourds and squashes A basket filled with a wonderful combination of squash and corn.

strawberry corn Kate found this strawberry corn. Hmmm. Very pretty and interesting, too.

She said it even pops! I wonder if it's pink when it pops!

And now you can see how Kate pulled it all together. Could we be neighbors? It's just wonderful, Kate. Thank you so much for sharing your autumn front porch and fabulous pumpkin decorating ideas with us here.

autumn entryway

Kate from Centsationalgirl We are so glad to have found Kate's pumpkin decorating ideas on her crafty blog Centsational Girl. Kate, you're amazing!

Please stop by her blog to see more of her thoughtful ideas.

And don't forget about her other autumn decorating ideas, too.

Wonderful Fall Decorating Ideas

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

Dave and I discovered quite an easy way to decorate your porch and home with pumpkins and other autumn-style decorations like this array below. You can use them in a wide variety of ways throughout your home and on your porch - and they are economical to boot!

110 Pcs Artificial Autumn Gourds, Mini Pumpkins, Pine Cones, Leaves, Acorns and Berries Fall Decorating Kit - Amazon affiliate

We found many other autumn decorations here that we know you'll enjoy.

More Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from Pictures

autumn decoration of large pumpkin and leaves in basket
photo courtesy of andrea_r
Creating curb appeal can be as simple as placing a pumpkin in a basket along with colorful fall leaves.

In the photo above, note how the leaves cover almost all of the basket and pumpkin. Try different configurations to see what works best for your porch.

The sunflower is a sweet touch and provides a big pop of color.

pumpkins mixed with sculptures on front porch
Photo courtesy of Dawn Pietzsch
Intermix pumpkins and other autumn decorations on your front porch (as in the photo above) among your existing sculptures, artwork, and folklore.

It can be a nice cost savings method of decorating as well because you won't need to purchase a lot make a colorful autumn display.

uniquely carved pumpkins on front porch

Often times your pumpkins can stand alone as a decorative feature as on the porch as in the photo above. Although these are uniquely carved and provide a whimsical appeal, stacked pumpkins, especially if of different sizes and colors, could be just as appealing.

unique combination of pumpking decorating ideas and various grasses
Photo courtesy of Deborah of Dirt Simple
For a more elaborate autumn display use one of Deborah's pumpkin decorating ideas from the photo above.

She uniquely combines pumpkins of various shapes with gatherings of tall grasses. Intermingled among them are a few Halloween decorative items making a nice transition between fall and Halloween.

Even More Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

front porch steps decorated with pumpkins
Photo courtesy of Mr. Ducke
Beautiful array of assorted pumpkins and mums line the front porch steps.
As in the photo above, be sure the size of your pumpkin display complements the area in which they are placed. Smaller pumpkins would not have the same effect in this arrangement, although you could mix in a few for extra interest.

Mums and pumpkins make for a beautiful autumn porch - shared by one of our kind readers!
Photo courtesy of Laura Levi, another of our kind readers


Try These Pumpkin Decorating Tips

  • Use Stencils: We are not artistic painters, so stencils can be a good alternative. You can find stencils in all style and combinations. You could use them to paint the entire pumpkin, add your house number to one and place at the top of your steps, or create either a fall or Halloween scene or object.

    You could also paint the logo of your favorite team or use several pumpkins side-by-side and spell out a word or phrase.
  • Decals Work, Too: Don't want to fuss with paint? You can find all kinds of decals to adorn your pumpkins as well and achieve similar results as using stencils.
  • Paint: Pumpkins do not have to be orange. You could go for a totally different look by painting them in different colors. Or, you could choose two colors like red and green, black and white or even gold and silver. Possibilities are endless.
  • Carve Designs: You don't have to carve out holes in your pumpkin (unless you are lighting them from the inside). Can't say I'm real good at carving either but you could use stencils to outline a pattern or picture and just remove the outer skin.
  • Mod Podge: Mod podge can be used to attach lace or other materials to your pumpkins to create some awesome designs.
  • Punch Holes: Instead of carving the entire pumpkin just punch holes into it to create designs or pictures when lit from inside.

Be sure to see more of our pumpkin decorating ideas along with a myriad of other fall and Halloween decorating treats below.

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