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Sausalito California - A Hideaway With
Unique Front Porch Ideas

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Sausalito California is a mecca for those seeking beauty and front porch ideas of course! Mary and I traveled to Sausalito CA and discovered some interesting facts as well as some great front porch designs just for you.



Sausalito is a most picturesque waterfront community across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

It is only 2.2 square miles but only 1.8 square miles can be traversed on land - the rest is under water!

Earlier in its history, they had planned to use fill to create additional land mass upon which to build - very similar to what was done in San Francisco.

So they officially named streets that hadn't been constructed because they were actually under water.

Relax as We Travel to Sausalito

Having just crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, we are driving into beautiful Sausalito

Sausalito California Harbor
Harbor and hillsides in Sausalito
Here is another tidbit: Musician Otis Redding wrote the song "Dock of the Bay" while residing on a houseboat in, you guessed it, Sausalito.

Musicians aside, let's see some front porch designs.

Lovely Porches in Sausalito

This front porch in Sausalito California caught our eye right away. Beautiful stone and tile steps, stucco balustrade, exquisite wooden front door (and garage doors), along with fine wrought iron railings and a pergola roof.

The vines on the pergola give shade and some protection from the weather. The staircase seems to flow up to the porch; definitely a beautifully designed front porch.

Front Porch Beauty in Sausalito California
Front porch beauty



Sausalito California homes are built into the surrounding hillsides. Land rises quickly from the bay so homes have to be ingeniously designed. They seem to "sit" on top of one another.

This residence sits atop one of the highest hills overlooking the bay, Sausalito and San Francisco - not a bad way to spend an afternoon indeed!

Hillside Sausalito Home and Porch
This palatial abode and front porch overlooks Sausalito
Sausalito California homes are built right next to each other so creating curb appeal is really important. Mary and I think this wrought iron gate gives this small porch a very dramatic look.

Dramatic Front Porch Entrance
We love the dramatic wrought iron gate
Beautiful front doors make all the difference for small porches. An attractive entryway is an easy way to create eye-catching appeal. Options range from the design of the door to the creative use of striking colors. We thought this door and the transom design above it works well together.

Small porch delightful front door
Delightful front door on a small porch
The railings on these steps add lots of interest and beauty to this home. Much more pleasing than simply a straight banister-style railing. They complement the design of this home nicely! We always recommend, however, that you check with your local codes to make sure that your design is in compliance.

Interesting porch steps
Unique Front Porch Steps

Front Porch Landscaping Sausalito Style

Because most homes are built on hillsides landscaping has to be creative. We thought the following photos represent some rather neat ideas you could use, too.

Incorporating lots of stone and native vegetation make this landscaping ideal for this geographical area. If nothing else, it makes the climb to the front porch much more interesting and fun!

Dramatic landscaping and walkway to front porch
Bold landscaping and walkway to front porch
This garden style landscaping, patio area, and meandering path to the front porch soften the overall look of the home and surrounding area making it an almost park-like setting.

Garden-type landscaping and walkway
Garden style landscaping and walkways
Often there isn't sufficient space for large landscaping arrays. That shouldn't stop you. Here is an example of using a small space near the front porch to create a pleasing rock garden. It's fun to landscape with rocks in your front yard.

Rock garden landscaping
Rock garden landscaping for small spaces
Incorporating outdoor wall art is not only easy but it is also a very creative way to add another dimension to your landscaping. This flag lends a sweet patriotic feeling, adds come vivid color to the green shrubbery and complements the color of this home.

Front Porch Wall Art
Front porch wall art
Mary and I think incorporating planters into a knee wall is a terrific idea. Although this wouldn't necessarily work well on wooden knee walls, it sure uses the space well. And the flowers add tons of charm appeal to this cute porch.

Knee wall planters
Knee wall planters

More Front Porch Ideas

We saw these vinyl windows on several front porches. They not only allow for maximum light but also protect folks from the wind and rain. They are unobtrusive and allow you more porch sitting time.

Vinyl Weather Shield on Porch in sausalito
Front porch with vinyl weather shield
This enclosed porch has an interesting entrance along with the vinyl window.

Enclosed Front Porch in sausalito california
Enclosed front porch
Pretty front door and a wonderful color combination - what's not to like!

Small Porch with lots of appeal
Small front porch appeal

Enjoy our Short Video of Boats in the Harbor

We Had Fun in Sausalito California

Eating breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe Mary and I had a great time in Sausalito, from eating breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe (a must do) to walking the downtown streets.

Lighthouse Cafe in Sausalito CA
Lighthouse Cafe Sausalito CA

Downtown shops in Sausalito CA
Downtown Sausalito
Meander through Venice Gourmet market in downtown Sausalito - fantastic wine selection and lots of other goodies.


Downtown shops
Venice Gourmet Market

Where Shall We Go Next?

Pacific Grove California front porch
Pacific Grove California is home to some of our favorite porches

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On the Road with Front Porch Ideas and More

If your town has attractive porches, then please let us know. You never know...we might stop by.

If you'd like to know how we travel around to charming places and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.

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