Spring Porch Decorating with Forsythias

Spring porch decorating with forsythias - a fresh idea that was born from the love of yellow on our porch.



We wished we had forsythias growing in our yard, but we don't. Not yet anyhow.

So we did the next best thing - we created our own forsythia pillows and wall art for our porch. Very simple and easily noticed from the street. Nice curb appeal booster!

Our Springtime Porch

Our spring porch decorated with forsythias - a DIY project
Can you see the touches of forsythia in the pillows and wall art?
The idea of using forsythias as a decorating scheme for our spring porch happened when we noticed that yellow "pops" against the blue shutters on our home. And we hadn't used this idea before so it seemed like a fun and fresh way to kick off springtime.

After realizing it would be quite easy to paint forsythias, we were even more excited.

Video: Spring Porch Decorating with Forsythias

May you enjoy our spring porch overview!

Close-up of our spring porch using forsythias as our theme
The color yellow "pops" on our porch
See how nicely yellow just "pops" on our porch? I think it's the blue shutters and the shakes that complement the yellow so nicely. Do you agree?

Here you see our spring porch with the cute pillow toppers and just a hint of the forsythia wall art I made.

How I Painted the Forsythia Spring Pillow Toppers

forsythia branches painted onto fabric with acrylic paints
The first brush marks are the forsythia branches
I used acrylic craft paints and one or two paint brushes for this project and a swatch of blue fabric I had leftover from another project. (I know the fabric looks gray here - my lighting wasn't the best.) Begin by looking at a photo of forsythia or cut a sprig as a reference.
  • First, I protected the surface I was working on in case paint seeped through the fabric
  • Then I painted forsythia branches with brown paint (and added a few touches of related browns / oranges - which is optional)
  • This isn't a fussy project, so no need to fret over anything.

forsythia branches painted onto fabric with acrylic paints and then a few yellow blossoms added
Next paint a few yellow blossoms
To paint the forsythia blossoms:
  • I used two shades of yellow acrylic paint, one light and one a bit darker for interest
  • I simply made little marks on the fabric with a flat brush to mimic the blossoms
  • And then I filled in with more yellow blossoms

forsythia branches painted onto fabric with acrylic paints with most of the yellow blossoms added
Keep adding blossoms until you like it
I continued to paint more yellow blossoms until I was satisfied how it looked. Try not to over do! Simple is good.

Finished forsythia pillow topper for our spring porch
Finished forsythia spring pillow topper
This is the finished pillow topper and now you can tell it's blue fabric, not gray.
  • You can see I added some marks for green leaves
  • And I also put a dot of orange on some of the yellow flower blossoms. Just because the artist in me wanted to.
  • I also went back and added a few touches of white here and there - for sparkle value
Probably the quickest of the pillow toppers I've made!

Two of our finished forsythia pillow toppers

Showing you two of the pillows here. I really made three of them. The 3rd one went on the porch swing which is on the wraparound side of our porch.

Forsythia Wall Art

Close-up of forsythia wall art
Close-up of the forsythia art piece
This is a close-up of the forsythia art piece I made for the spot between the rocking chairs on our porch.

This is simply a fence slat that Dave cut down for me. A fence slat like this costs about $2.50 - and you could make about three of these from one slat. Ours measures 5.5" wide by 20", but you can make yours any size you like.

Notice how Dave put a wire across the bottom of it to keep it from blowing in the wind.

forsythia wall art for our spring porch
The background is painted first
I painted this wall art just like the pillows - with one big difference. First I painted the background with acrylic paints.
  • Rather than painting the background solid, I squirted a few different shades of paint directly onto the wood and just let the paint blend by lightly painting vertical strokes. I used blue, green, gray, white, and perhaps some purple. Use any colors you wish for the background but the forsythia blossoms will show up best on a dark background.
  • Let the background dry and then paint the branches and flowers the same as the pillows described above.

Close-up of forsythia wall art for our spring porch

Even more close-up so that you can see it's not all that artistic, it just has the illusion of artistry!

Our springtime porch decorated with a forsythia theme

And if you've read this far, thank you! Here you see how our spring porch decorating with forsythias came together. If we had a forsythia plant, you can bet we'd have some in a nice heavy crock on the front porch.

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