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Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

From Melanie, Jeanie and Tammy

We have the honor to bring you Melanie and Jeanie's Christmas porch decorating ideas. Also one of our kind readers, Tammy, shares her porch with usm too!

Melanie is the author of The Painted Chandelier, a blog she created for sharing her love of interior design.

Jeanie is the author of Create and Babble where she shares her passion for crafts and sewing.

Two Christmas Porches

We're delighted to share Jeanie and Melanie's porches with you! So let's go see how they decorated...

Jeanie's Christmas Porch

Create and Babble - red and white tablecloth re-purposed into pillow covers

Jeanie had a red and white tablecloth and re-purposed it to decorate her daughter's porch for Christmas. She made two very cute pillow covers. They have the look of a feed sack, don't they? A little vintage.

I like how she wrapped some presents with plain brown paper and red ribbon. Just simple and sweet. The red and white afghan is a nice accent, too.

Might you have a tablecloth, blanket or sheet that you could switch up to decorate your porch? What Jeanie did is fun!

Create and Babble - sweet rose wreath made from leftover tablecloth fabric

Jeanie used the rest of the tablecloth to make this sweet rose wreath. Hung from a red ribbon, the wreath is embellished with fabric roses that Jeanie made this by rolling the fabric and shaping it into rose buds. It's scrappy and fun.

Create and Babble - red and white Christmas porch

Another view of the cute pillow cover and cheerful afghan

Create and Babble - berry garland wrapped around porch columns

Jeanie is innovative. She made a red berry garland and wrapped it around the porch columns. A nice switch from evergreen garland.

She put the extra berries are in the cute red watering can.

This is a really cute Christmas porch. I bet her daughter and son-in-law are enjoying it!

About Jeanie - Create and Babble

Jeanie, author of Create and Babble Jeanie likes to share her love of sewing, crafts and making her home pretty! Please stop by Jeanie's blog, Create and Babble, to enjoy more of her Christmas porch pictures.

Let's Visit The Painted Chandelier

The Painted Chandelier - enchanting picture of Melanie's home decorated for Christmas

What an enchanting picture of Melanie's home all decorated for Christmas. She has a wonderful wraparound porch and Melanie says it's one of the favorite parts of her Georgia home. The evergreen wreaths and twinkly lights are truly charming.

The Painted Chandelier - close-up of Melanie's entranceway

A close-up of her front entryway. We like the color of her front door - it's neutral yet warm and rich. Changing the color of your front door and shutters is one of the easiest ways to update, freshen and change up the appeal of your home.

Melanie has a lot of attractive planters on her porch and the plants (like kale, dusty miller, and pansies) and greenery were still fresh and appealing. So for her Christmas decor she added pinecones, sparkly ornaments and glittery treasures.

If you live in a moderate climate like Melanie does, why not just embellish the beautiful planters you already have?

The Painted Chandelier - Melanie's inviting porch

Just another peek at Melanie's inviting and friendly front porch.

The Painted Chandelier - decorated with dining set, soft green cushions, wicker furniture and beautiful amenities

What is not to love about this part of Melanie's porch? She has soft green cushions on her dining table chairs and wicker furniture. I like her candle sconces tied with bright green ribbon and the metal wall art, too.

Melanie created an outdoor room here. Does this give you ideas for your own porch?

The Painted Chandelier - trio of attractive pots in corner of porch - filled with fresh plants and Christmas sparkle

Here is a trio of potted plants in the corner of her porch with just a touch of Christmas-y goodness tucked in them.

About Melanie - The Painted Chandelier

Melanie, author of The Painted Chandelier Melanie is the mom to 3 boys , wife and an Interior Designer. Please stop by Melanie's blog, The Painted Chandelier (she actually paints chandeliers!) and you will see many more pictures of her lovely Georgia home.

We hope you liked Jeanie and Melanie's Christmas porch ideas. Please share pictures of your Christmas decorations or other craft ideas for the holidays so we can share them here.

One of Our Readers Shares Her Christmas Porch

Tammy Hitt, one of our readers, shares her Christmas porch with us.

Tammy's Christmas porch all lit up

My Christmas porch

Tammy's Christmas porch from the street

Tammy's front door decorated for Christmas

Tammy's home is ready for Christmas

Here is what Tammy says about her outdoor Christmas decorations:
    My mail box is draped with garland, lights and a wreath around the mail box door. Also there is a Santa that I cut out and painted greeting folks as they ride by Merry Christmas!

    My shrubs are all draped with white lights and my lamp post wrapped with garland ribbon and lights. I try to change up my yard each year so there is always something different for folks to see and enjoy.
Tammy decorates beautifully inside and out. We thank her for sharing with us!


Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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