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South Pasadena, CA

South Pasadena California Is
Home to Sunshine and Front Porches

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South Pasadena, California, is a front porch paradise. Tree-lined streets and sidewalks give way to some amazing front porch designs, many of which are Craftman-style porches which Mary and I love.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain and The Rialto Theatre, one of the last remaining single screen theaters in the Los Angeles area, are not only historical locations but also reflective of this quaint community in a huge metropolitan area.

Front porches help define a community and a neighborhood and the porches of South Pasadena, California, we found do just that.

beautiful stone balustrade on front porch in south pasadena californis

Exquisite stone balustrade on front porch

Classic Porches of South Pasadena

The following porches are just a small example of the many designs we found. We will point out specific characteristics and details to help you design your own perfect porch.

Many of the features, from roofs to foundations, can be used as seen or modified to fit your specific requirements.

We hope you enjoy the porches we've selected as we had a wonderful time photographing them for you.

Front Porch Roof Design Ideas

For those with a high gable on the front of your home, consider adding a gable roof for your porch as depicted below. In most cases it will provide sufficient space for a deeper front porch.

double gable home with front porch

Double gable home with front porch

Also note the color combination on the porch above. Complementary colors on the home were applied to the trim, porch columns, and balustrade (railings) as well. Color is an easy way to create lots of curb appeal.

Here's another example of a double gable Craftsman-style roof design (and one our favorite porches). Craftsman porches, by design, lend themselves to this roof design which is fairly typical.

Note the first photo is a "closed" gable while the latter is an open gable and how each style affects the overall appearance of the porch.

decorative planters enhance the look of this small porch

We found this closed gable roof design quite interesting and aethetically pleasing. We were pleasantly surprised at the many variations we found of closing a gable end, this being one of them. We also like the balustrade on this front porch.

interesting gable closed end
Closed Gable Feature

Mary and I thought this was an interesting roof design. We do not know if this was part of the original design or installed to support the porch roof due to other issues that may have occured later.

chains help to support porch roof
Chains Supporting Porch Roof

Here's another unique front porch roof design which we hadn't seen before. We could see this working on many ranch and cape cod homes. Additional depth might be obtained by extending such a roof design and supporting it with columns.

rounded front porch roof design
Unusual Rounded Front Porch Roof

We like the idea of extending a small porch by using a pergola over a patio area. This works really well for ranch and cape code style homes. See our patio porch section for more ideas for expanding your porch!

pergola roof over patio for porch extension
Pergola Roof Over Patio

Another option often overlooked for those without a porch roof is an awning. Awnings come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and can be an easy solution to protect you and your guests from the weather.

blue awning over front door on porch
Awning Porch Roof

Who wouldn't love this front porch for themselves? Wide and long, this front porch with the window in the gable, is truly beautiful. Love the stone balustrade.

classic craftsman porch with tapered stone pedestals

Porch Landscaping Ideas

Don't forget the landscaping. The landscaping around the porches is a great match in each photo above as is the use of planters and appropriate foilage in the following photo.

The planters add another dimension to this small front porch along with color and interest. When you don't have a yard for landscaping, use attractive planters as an alternative.

decorative planters enhance the look of this small porch
Planter landscaping

We are always on the lookout for front porch landscaping ideas to share. The right landscaping can really enhance the look of your porch. We thought this landscaping added a bit of charm to this front porch in South Pasadena, California.

nice front porch landscaping in south pasadena california
Front Porch Landscaping Ideas

Front Porch Column and Balustrade Ideas From South Pasadena

Perfect example of Craftsman-style porch columns which are indicative of large posts on stone pedestals. Also note the use of column brackets on both the sides and faces of the columns.

stylish craftsman porch columns and pedestals
Brackets on Porch Columns

Tapered stone columns and heavy wooden features are all classic components of Craftsman-style porches as is depicted below.

classic craftsman porch with tapered stone pedestals
Classic Craftsman Front Porch With Tapered Stone Pedestals

We like how they integrated the stone porch balustrade into the retaining wall for the landscaping. Stone balustrades are fairly common around South Pasadena, California - we really like them.

stone balustrade (railings) and stone planting retaining wall
Stone Plant Retaining Wall

Front Door Ideas

South Pasadena porches can also boast about front doors. We saw many attactive doors that definitely add appeal and beauty to their homes. Here are but a few:

exquisite front door with sidelights on porch
Beautiful Glass Work

Would love to relax on these nice wicker chairs beside this classic Craftsman style front door.

craftsman style wooden front door on porch
Classic Craftsman Style Front Door

Yellow may not work for everyone but this is quite attractive against the blue. The yellow window frame adds extra interest and is a neat idea to complement a window frame with the door's color if you have a similar setting on your porch.

yellow front door on porch
Yellow Front Door

For more front door ideas for your porch and home, be sure to check out our front porch door section.

South Pasadena California Home Styles

This airplane bungalow is a real beauty. Although it doesn't have the typical feature of a Craftsman home, it has a unique architectural style.

example of an airplane bungalow in south pasadena california
Airplane Bungalow

craftsman style front porch with wide tapered columns
Craftsman-style Front Porch with Wide Tapered Columns

aeshetically pleasing south pasadena california home and porch
One of Many Fantastic South Pasadena Homes

Visit South Pasadena California

Mary and I had a great time in California searching for porches. If you ever get the opportunity, please visit South Pasadena, California. This quaint community in the heart of the Los Angeles area is a place you don't want to miss, especially if you love porches!

map of south pasadena california

On the road logo

On the road with

Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

Be sure to check out Rancho Palos Verdes too, a picturesque southern California community loaded with fine front porches. Or, one of very favorites, Madison Indiana!

If you'd like to know how we travel around to charming places like South Pasadena, California, and get paid to look at beautiful porches, we're happy to share.

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