Autumn Decorating Ideas

To Make Fall Decorating Easier

Autumn decorating ideas should not only be fun but also inexpensive as well. There are so many ways to us your existing decorative items and ingenuity to create a curb appealing front porch.



Whether creating front door wreaths for fall, making decorative pumpkins, or dressing up your porch furniture, our fall decorating ideas will help you create what Mary and I like to call "autumn front porch envy"!

Simple Autumn Decorating Tips

bushel basket with mums and leaf garland on porch steps

Easily decorate your porch steps for autumn with a bushel basket, a leaf garland and a big beautiful mum. How easy is that. And it looks spectacular on these porch steps.

bushel basket with mums and leaf garland on porch steps

Frame your garden arbor with cornstalks and pumpkins. A pretty autumn scene - without a big investment or fussing. Just simple and beautiful! The summer flowers still add splashes of color.

painted wooden chair decorated with gourds
Photo courtesy of rapt_in_rose
You can easily turn an old chair into a decorative fall piece with paint as depicted in the above photo. Add a few gourds, pumpkins, or corn to give it autumn appeal. It really makes for a nice conversation piece too. Speaking of using color, check out Tress's autumn decorated porch project below.

Autumn Decorating Ideas from Tucker Hill

Tucker Hill is a community in McKinney TX, not far from Dallas. They are a porch loving community indeed. See how several of the residents decorated their porches for autumn.

autumn porch at Tucker Hill
The red door is perfect for autumn decor

autumn porch at Tucker Hill

The rockers are the best. Pumpkins, bales of hay, lanterns , pretty plants and a comfortable rug, too.

autumn porch at Tucker Hill

Leaf garland and crows. Simple and perfect for fall.

autumn porch at Tucker Hill

Corn stalks tied at the porch stair rails and then secured with a pretty sunflower. Simple autumn beauty.

autumn porch at Tucker Hill

This fair lady greets guests with an armful of sunflowers.



More Autumn Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

Here are a few more ideas you can easily use this year on your front porch.

After seeing these ideas, enjoy our other autumn links below. Grab a cup of spiced cider and enjoy!

It's All in the Little Details

traditional pumpkins and corn stalks on front porch
Photo courtesy of Generik11
Little details can make all the difference when decorating for fall. Notice the addition of leaves around the display in the above photo.

Although subtle, the leaves add lots of appeal to an otherwise typical autumn decorations. Also note the color and variety of pumpkins and gourds which makes this an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

No matter your fall arrangement, there is usually something extra you can add that brings it all together. We have a myriad of fall photos throughout our autumn decorating section, so take note of the "extras" you might see.

Deb G's autumn back porch has a fresh vintage look - shown on Front Porch Ideas and More
Photo courtesy of Deb Geary
Autumn decorating on Deb's back porch is fresh with a vintage simplicity. We love all the small touches: the crocks, thermos, red and white ticking fabric, candy apples and white pumpkins.

Must be a delight to relax on their back porch.

Deb tells us that she uses old tablecloths for her cushion covers. No sewing - she just safety pins them on the underside of the cushions and changes them out 5-6 times a year.

beautiful fall plants on front porch steps
photo courtesy of Vivian Bedoya

Decorate with Plants and Flowers

You can easily arrange your existing plants like in the photo above to create a most curb appealing approach to your front porch.

Intermingle gourds or pumpkins (remember the details we discussed above) to give it the autumn touch.

Don't forget you can paint the pots in fall colors too, for even more appeal!

cornstalks attached to front porch columns

Pumpkins corn stalks decorate front door to house.

Nothing gets us in the spirit like pumpkins and cornstalks to decorate your front door and porch. Cornstalks are relatively inexpensive to purchase and pumpkins are usually fairly abundant in the fall.

You don't have to encircle every porch column.

Experiment to see exactly what works best on your front porch. Often times, creating a display around just one column will work perfectly.

Mary and I like the idea of investing in faux pumpkins as a cost savings method.

Although initially more expensive, they will last for many years. Wished we would have remembered it this year. Ugh!

You can paint or decorate them over and over as well. (Purchase them at the end of the season to save even more).

Use Our Tutorial to Make
This Autumn Pumpkin Fence

Make this fun pumpkin picket fence for your front porch or yard. It is easy to do and you can transition it for other holidays as well. It's a perfect autumn decorating idea!

autumn craft collage
Make this autumn pumpkin fence project

Tress' Inexpensive and Fun
Autumn Porch Decorating Project

Tress absolutely loves autumn. Her autumn decorating ideas will get you in the mood to decorate your own porch for the season. Learn more about Tress below.

She loves decorating for fall and the beautiful autumn colors - especially "nutmeg colors infused with burgundy, primitive gold and brown".

She incorporates these warm, rustic colors in the cozy Parsonage where she, her husband and their daughter live.

autumn-decorated porch with wire fence backdrop

In preparation for decorating for the fall, Tress shops at bargain discount places and yard sales for autumn decorating ideas. This year when she pulled out her bins of decorations, she also decided to paint! While she likes sage green, she was ready for a change. autumn decorated chair with whimiscal folklore piece

Tress' Colors: Sage Green, Golds, Tans, Nutmeg

So Tress painted over the sage green walls in her home with beautiful shades of gold, tan and nutmegs. Tress and her husband love the results. She even carried these colors to her porch.

bathroom in gold tones She painted the top part of her front porch railings and the railing leading up to her porch steps the warm nutmeg color.

Enjoy these pictures of Tress' autumn-decorated porch all "done up in the autumn glow of toasty nutmegs and sugary maples".

porch railing with watering can attached

Here's a table on their porch that Tress dressed up for autumn with gourds, foliage, candles and a pretty linen.

autumn decorated table with gourds

Do you have some autumn decorating ideas for fall to share with us?

We'd love to hear and post them on our site for others to see! Please send them to:
info [at]
Replace [at] with @ please.

Enjoy the rest of Tress' charming pictures.


hanging basket with pumpkin

She even decorated the handsome shed in their back yard with pumpkins and mums.

Even Tress' Shed is Decorated

autumn decorated outdoor shed

autumn decorating stove

Meet Tress

Tress is married to a Pastor and enjoys primitive, country decorating. She's a stay-at-home Mom and authors a beautiful blog, Warmth and Comfort in the Home.

We thank Tress for inviting us to see the her wonderful autumn decorations. What an inviting porch and yard. Tress knows how to make a house a home!


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